How to Find Your Life Path

Some Lesser Known or Understood Spiritual Aspects of Life

Over the years of doing psychic work, the Universe, my guides, my spiritual team and even some earth based teachers have exposed me to many unusual and unexpected aspects about both our human life and the full spectrum of our spiritual facets. Many of us have heard about our past lives, but in my psychic experiences I have also encountered both parallel and future lives, as well.

Past Lives, Parallel Lives and Future Lives

Most of us realize that we have a vast number of past lives on the planet Earth, having lived in a wide range of historical periods and having experienced a wide spectrum of human experiences. Sometimes by accessing these lives we can shift patterns, blocks and traumas that have bled over to this current incarnation. Additionally, there are a whole slew of other lifetimes as well, including past lives not lived on the earth plane, but in other realms, other dimensions, and even other planets. There are also parallel lives. These are lives we live congruently in the present moment that share our soul; sometimes you’ll hear someone say, “I swear I met your twin.” Sometimes these parallel lives are in earth form and other times in spiritual form. While looking for past lives I sometimes stumble on future lives. In fact, some of us have come back from the future to this moment in time to assist. This may help explain a bit how psychics and seers can receive information about the future. The idea is that for our future options we often have more than one course, therefore we may have several possible outcomes; we may jump tracks and move in an entirely surprising direction, or we are even susceptible to complete changes in life path or destiny.

Past, Present, Future: An Illusion?

Some metaphysicians and even physicists agree that time is not a lateral line through the past, present and future, but more a spiral where past, present and future are only illusions and actually occur at the same time. The present moment – right here, in this lifetime – is where our most pressing lessons and challenges reign. Some may have heard about the Akashic Record. This is a spiritual archive or library which holds all our life records – past, present, future – and these events can shift and be changed. Our life path is a mysterious dance between our intent and magical abilities, our destiny, our fate, free will and many mystical components not yet fully understood. We have extraordinary power, and ideally the current cosmic conditions may open the way for our beginning to actually tap more of our capacities and abilities in the fulfillment of our respective destinies.

Our Spiritual Team or Guides

Many of us know we have a spiritual team that helps guide us on our path. The more we are on our true path, the more the Universe provides support and helps makes things happen. This is often referred to as synchronicity. Good questions to ask yourself are: Are you living the life you truly desire? Are you fulfilling your potential? Are you engaged and interested in your life?

Our guides are always trying to get through to us with the choices that are most in alignment with our True Path through recurrent thoughts, signs, dreams, messages or even through a psychic session. Remember, if you need spiritual guidance, support or assistance, you need only ask – but you do need to ask!

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14 thoughts on “How to Find Your Life Path

  1. Katrina

    Dear Althea,

    Yes, 3’s will always resonate with you……as for numbers let yourself be guided……

    They can be sacred messengers in many ways…..

    My magic #s are 108 and 188 and they appear everywhere when I am on the right path!

    I love to License Plate watch + digital clocks are the best for Angelic Number Messages!

    Blessings and enjoy the Triangular Path,

  2. Katrina

    Dear All,

    Numerology can be a great source for understaning our life path. In addition to our Soul #, we have a personal #, a destiny # and a career #…..

    A wonderful source for figuring out our Sacred Numbers and their meanings is Numerology and the Divind Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker. There’s a wonderful book The Spiritual Warrior which delves into our Sacred Numerology.

    Also the Nodes in our Astrology Chart give us great insight into our paths.

    Also sitting quietly and asking questions of our team and using the technique of Automatic Writing to ask and seek clarity about our Path.

    Often events, occurences and recurring thoughts pave the way showing us our direction and often we have an inner knowing about our immediate future and Larger Destinies and Missions!

    How glorious to have a large Mission but don’t forget every one of us has a special purpose to fulfill – some behind the scenes, some in ways that people barely notice….
    how beautiful! Some fo these egoless sacrifices where no one ever knows change the world in such a miraculous way like a pebble generating circles of reverberation on a still lake.

    Sending Love to All with Big Flashing Missions and Small Delicate Ones – we are all essential for this moment in time!


  3. Katrina

    Yes Tracy,
    Divine intervention brought you there with your wonderful husband to fulfil Your Angelic Mission of Service and Loving Care.

    How beautiful!

    Love to you,

  4. Katrina

    Hi Maria,
    What an awesome question and what a mystery this all is. Some psychics believe past, present, future is really a spiral with no linear time line.

    When I went looking for Past Lives I stumbled upon Parrallel Lives, Lives lived on Other Planets, Other Realms and Dimensions AND also Future Lives. Some of us are even from the Future and have come back to help!

    You’ve got to see the French Short Le Jette (The Jetty) one of the most exceptional films I’ve ever seen about the role of the future to our survival. It is done in all stills except for one moment of motion. It will knock your socks off.

    Maria you are a very spiritually gifted being of Large Angelic Angel of Light with access to all realms and dimensions….The future too is also available to you but you are tenuous about it – uncertain – fearful……..

    You are so gifted……Approach the future with baby steps and let your Awesome Powerful Team teach you just what you are made of!

    Can’t wait to hear about the next steps in your development!

    You’re amazing!

    Enjoy the present! Don’t worry…..and allow – your access will emerge naturally, easily, gracefully and you may work through Dreams as well.

    Sending love!

  5. Katrina

    Hi Marc,
    I’m also a big believer in spiritual practice and believe we are all here to master life lessons and change karmic patterns. I happen to be a practicing Buddhist and chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (Nam Meo-ho Wren-Gay Keo) repeated over and over with your intent, desires, dreams and goals in mind – both big and small. This is considered to be the law or vibration of the Universe and it is a powerful and magical tool for manifestation, turbo charging your life force as well as shifting the deep patterns that can be so painful that we are here on the soul level to shift and lighten.

    I also use healing/clearing techniques and am always happy to make an appointment for a healing/clearing to shift patterns, curses, contracts, vows, oaths and more on this lifetime, as well as past, present and future and other realms and dimensions.

    A wonderful healing program that I love is the work of Robert Detzler called SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) – an exceptional tool for shifting patterns. Also I love NAET for physical issues, allergies, auto immune challenges and emotional patterns.

    The Universe is here to support our journey of transformation and if we put it out there sincerely -asking our Angels, Guides and Team for the Support, Guidance and Tools – they will become available to us.

    One fun technique is to walk into a book store and let yourself be guided to a section, then be guided to a book then be guided to a page or a passage – and let that be your fortune cookie for that day – the synchronistic pearl – just for you with

    Love from the Universe


    p.s. It’s fun to use the radio this way as well for musical secret messages……custom made for YOU!

  6. Maria

    Hi katrina,
    Wonderful article. I’m on my spiritual path and am questionning just about everything. I want to understand more about our future lives. Can you elaborate a little more on that? How can we have already lived a life after this one? Or does it mean that we lived in a future time period?

  7. Tracy Dinardi

    Dear Katrina X,

    I have been trying to figure out my life path for a while. I have always felt like I had a special purpose in life, I just never knew what. I wasn’t having much luck figuring it out where I lived. I kept bouncing from one job to another getting laid off each time. My older brother lived in another state and wanted me to move there. He said there were jobs there, so my husband and I packed up our clothes and our dog and moved down with my brother. Two weeks after we got there my brother had a terrible accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. I am now taking care of him around the clock with the help of my wonderful husband. I believe my special purpose is to take care of others. I also believe that I was meant to be there to take care of him. With the grace of God maybe he will walk again someday. My birthdate is 1/27/1967 which would mean my life path number would be 6 right?

  8. alethea

    Since 3 is my life path number, is this the number I should always use when I am playing games eg lottery, pick and cash poy?

  9. Katrina

    Dear Ahmad,

    Thanks so much for checking in!

    Some great tools to get on your life path or learn more about it:

    1) The Celestine Prophecy – a great primer for how to look for Universal signs. A best selling book that I bet is published in your language.

    2) Watching for Universal signs or congruencies……

    3) Spiritual practice

    4) Automatic Writing – asking questions of your guides and High Self and writing the answers as you receive them.

    5) Keeping a Dream Journal and noting patterns, feelings, insights.

    6) Having your Chart done with special attention to Saturn, Jupiter, South and North Nodes

    7) Of course having a psychic reading – in your native tongue!

    Hope some of these may be helpful to you, Ahmad and thanks for taking the time to write!

    That was very kind!

    Katrina x

  10. Katrina

    Yes Theresa,
    These powerful synchronicities definitely begin to line up as we get onto our path – like a cosmic high five encouraging us to keep going.

    Very cool example!

    Thanks for this!

    Katrina x

  11. Theresa

    For me, it has been a journey to become aware of these things, and I am only beginning. A funny thing about synchronicity, it is almost like it gains momentum. A personal example of mine is a Reiki healer I’ve been to twice. Her name is Pam and my last appointment was this past Thursday. Last night, I was watching a mainstream TV show and someone had what she called a “personal healer.” The healer’s name was Pam. At first I just thought, hum thats cool. To understand more about Reiki, I’ve been trying to read-up on the internet, and I also ordered a book offline. It came today. I’m not sure why I didn’t notice it before, but the authors name… Pam.

  12. Katrina


    Appreciate your taking the time to take some of these spiritual concepts in……

    Regarding tools to alter our life paths, I worked as an energy healer clearing patterns, programs, traumas and beliefs from other realms, dimensions, past lives etc.. that often promote major shifts. I also use a technique I’ve developed call The Chakra Lube job which is for the more right sided analytical types using the Tarot. I also chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (Nam Meo-Ho Wren-Gay Keo – pronunciation) – heard of it which is a wonderful Buddhist practice to overcome karmic patterns, increase positive life condition, manifest dreams, wishes and intent and shift inner habits that are blocking progress.

    I am a huge believer in spiritual practice, manifestational tools, healing/clearing modalties and receiving energy work to help shift patterns, allergies and any lines of thought or life patterns that are impeding our potential!

    I’d be interested at other Psychics takes on this as well. Love that your from the UK. I’m something of an anglophile – have been there more than 10 times and lived there twice working on projects.

    Thanks for taking the time, Marc and great to hear from you!

    Warmest wishes,
    Katrina x

  13. Marc from the UK

    Fascinating article, had to read it a few times to get my head around it, but it does seem to make sense. Do other Psychics relate to this? How do we understand the tools required to alter our life paths?


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