Conquer Fear to Develop Psychic Abilities

Ranjana from Bangalore, India asks:

Big ideas were always a part of my life, but I feel I’m not doing enough to work it out, because I’m afraid. Be it my business or love life or the many things I want to do in life. Is it fear, procrastination or just that the time is not right? I feel the need for somebody to push me. How do I overcome my fears to become spiritually aligned?

Psychic Marin ext. 5113 responds:

Sounds like you are in need of arousing your intuition, but not sure where to begin!

Perhaps you already possess psychic gifts, but need some fine tuning in order to master the ability to turn your gift on and off as easily as a light switch. Or does the thought of psychic exploration immediately send you to a place of reservation or fear?

Each of us possesses varying levels of innate abilities. Much of the ease or difficulty of utilizing your gift is relative to the conditioning and walls of fear that began forming immediately upon birth. Fear is the first obstacle that hinders many from developing their abilities.

As a budding psychic, it is essential to understand the role of fear in our lives. Fear either paralyzes us or stirs anxiety, neither of which is productive in terms of psychic development. Often, your first psychic experiences or paranormal encounters are reflections of your fears. This is an important concept. Your psychic gifts unconsciously respond as a way of protecting you. However, if you are afraid, you will block your intuition, rather than recognize the natural and beneficial response.

Just as gradually as these walls of fear were built, we can tear them down and reveal the knowledge that grants us access to the other side. The first exercise in developing your psychic gift is overcoming the unique fears that bind you.

1) Recognize any fears you hold

It is possible that your fears are instantly recognized, or awareness may have slowly come to the surface in meditations or hypnosis.

Fears can also appear as a distant echo in your thoughts. Is it time to finally bring them to the surface?

2) Identify where or why the fears originated

Are they your fears, or fears from another person that you internalized?

Most often, fears are perpetuated through myths, superstitions, religious doctrine, and fictional movies. Perhaps you begin to hear the faint voice of your Grandmother forbidding your spiritual expansion and curiosity due to religious doctrine. Do images of a horror movie begin to play in your head where someone was cursed?

3) Name the fears and detach

After recognizing your fears, it is essential that you detach yourself from them through the process of confronting them. Rather than allowing fear to reside within you, take a look at the fear from a different perspective: Straight on.

Give a name to the fear, and write it on a note card, placing it in an obvious location where your eyes can scan it several times throughout the day. When your fear has a name, an identity of its own, it is no longer an unknown. It is also no longer a part of you, and therefore will not block you.

4) Release the fears by putting them into motion

Try these exercises:

a. Choose to pray for the removal of these fears

b. Light a candle to abolish the fears

c. Reveal your fears aloud to the universe and directly to your higher powers. When you can speak of your fears with a feeling of confidence and determination, and maybe even a little laughter, you have removed your walls of fear.

Your guides are waiting for you to remove fears in your life that undermine the same wisdom they strive to share. After successful completion of this exercise and releasing of your fears, you will be able to deepen your spiritual connectedness and explore several areas of psychic development.

Have no fear.

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2 thoughts on “Conquer Fear to Develop Psychic Abilities

  1. Dorothy Robinson

    It is true Iam my fathers child and because of what took place with hm people loves to assume my mind is not clear about the things i want for me in life Yes been kicked down like a dog when it comes to man and my love I’m always overed and tends be really lowed I dont like talk in to a lot of you I want to know why i dont have and find someone to love and beloved im almost cnfused ok thanks again

  2. devyn5303devyn5303

    Mariin, This is a great article! I really like the idea of writing the fear down to release it. Having somone you trust to help you overcome your fears can help with speeding up the process.


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