Actualize Your Goals

More than the ancient Chinese art of harnessing energies, Feng Shui isabout making conscious, deliberate choices for change. It’s abouttaking control of your environment, and adapting it to reflect whoyou’d like to be – and what you’d like to achieve.

It can be intricate and involved, or it might serve as a guiding principle. If you’re looking for career success and wondering what to do to bring about that long-awaited promotion, take a look at the space in which you’re working, and make sure it is helping you to realize your goals.

Eliminate clutter
Clutter is a negative influence on the way we see ourselves and our work, and on the way others see us. It makes us less effective, and it breeds feelings of confusion, hopelessness and impotence. Clutter breeds more clutter, and leads to a permissive attitude about disorganization in other parts of our lives. First, your books arrange themselves haphazardly on the shelf – then papers begin to accumulate on your desk, your bookshelves, and eventually even the floor. You know it’s something you need to address, but you move on to other more pressing tasks, and soon the many half-finished projects in your mind look much like the disheveled office around you.

When you eliminate clutter in your space, you are also clearing your mind for a new direction. It’s easier to arrange your priorities – and you feel more at ease, and in control. Pay special attention to which areas in your office tend to gather clutter, and compare these to the Feng Shui areas of that room. You may be surprised to find the corresponding area of your life is exactly what needed clarification.

Think direction
Whenever possible, arrange your desk so it is facing the door at a diagonal. If you share an office with a co-worker, try to make sure you are facing the same direction, so as not to create any symbolic tension or conflict.

According to Feng Shui, there are two primary areas of your office where you would focus to actualize a promotion. If you’re facing into your office from the door, “wealth and prosperity” are represented in the far left corner. Adorn this corner with symbols of money. This corner of your desk is also ideal for thoughtfully chosen power symbols. Career is the middle of the front wall – the wall closest to you.

Wealth and career are clear target areas, but there are other, possibly unexpected areas of your life that contribute to the advancement of your career. For instance, “people and travel” (the helpful kind) are represented in the front right corner, and maybe someone recommended you for the promotion. Maybe the promotion (or new career) that would bring the most prosperity is high-profile, and “fame and reputation,” in the center of the back wall, will become your most notable influence. Think about the kind of change you would like to bring into your life, and concentrate on making the corresponding areas bright, uncluttered – and symbolic of your upcoming success.

Power symbols
Once you’ve determined which areas are essential to your career goals, you are ready to empower those spaces with strategic symbols. Plants are known to represent wealth, and can also improve your mood and reduce stress, which may very well leave you more productive and put clients or executives at ease when they visit your office. Crystals are said to be great organizers, and metal coins attract additional income. There are many other items that traditionally represent wealth or power – dragons, horses, ships, birds, bells and water are much-loved harbingers of prosperity.

It is important to understand, however, that symbols are just that. It’s not crucial that you adorn your door with a bell fashioned out of seven metals – just that you are surrounded by reminders of your personal power, your intentions, and the promise you’ve made to welcome certain energies into your life. These symbols may take the form of reminders of your specific goals, such as a picture of the new home you’d like to buy, children whose college educations you are planning, or a painting of a beach where you plan to take a vacation.

Often, the symbols that will work best for you are those that are personally appealing. If you place an item in your office in a spot where it makes you feel organized, efficient, powerful or simply relaxed, you are adorning your workplace with positive Feng Shui, and inviting prosperity into that space.

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