3 Ways to Make Space for New Beginnings

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Do you feel like you keep waiting for a new beginning that never begins? Opportunity doesn’t always come knocking by landing in your lap. So, there’s no better time than mid-year to reevaluate yourself and where you want to be. Shake things up now, so that you get where you want to be when the New Year comes around again. If you feel you are often waiting for new beginnings to come your way, consider trying my proactive tips. You might find out that you’re doing or avoiding things that are inadvertently prohibiting change. Stop blocking change and start changing your patterns!

1. Start Saying “No” to Others
Are you always saying “yes” to invites? Do you say “yes” to everyone who asks for a favor? If you are always saying “yes,” then you might be too agreeable for your own good. Do not sacrifice your chances for new beginnings by taking on others’ responsibilities. Without enough personal time it becomes extremely hard to focus on your own goals. Try not to take on every project your boss brings to you. Miss a party on occasion. Make boundaries that give you individuality and focus on putting your wants first. Saying “no” to others is sometimes the only way to say “yes” to yourself!

2. Start Saying “Yes” to Yourself
Do you turn down every invite? Are you never meeting new people? Why not make new acquaintances to expand your social network. Start saying “yes” to some invites you would normally turn down. Accept some actual “friends of friends” adds on Facebook. You never know who you might meet and how they could change your life. If you tend to have your guard up and aren’t quick to trust people… don’t worry! Not every relationship has to be ride or die. Why not just meet some new people to hang out with and keep it light. Increasing your circle by just saying “yes” is very helpful.

Also, try saying “yes” to advice! Does your life seem stagnant? Do you find yourself turning down every suggestion? Instead of pointing out all the ways a new idea will never work, why not give it a go? Try out a few recommendations from friends and see if those tips alter your trajectory. There have been times where I felt turned off by every change suggested to me. I either thought I already followed some advice and saw it fail, or I thought the suggestion seemed impossible to achieve. The more I realized I was saying “no” to every new idea, the more I realized I was keeping myself in a situation that would never change.

3. Get More Sleep for Your New Self
Does “get more sleep” sound like the advice you hear for everything? Well, that’s because it treats so many ailments. We perceive our whole lives solely through our own lens, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve realized I was only bringing myself down because I was overtired. You need to be your best self to bring about change. How can you really start fresh and bring about new beginnings if you are never catching up on your sleep? If you aren’t sleeping enough, it’s like you are constantly living in the past. You put yourself on a course to repeat the same patterns if you don’t get enough rest to refresh your brain.

Make Actions Your Decisions
Attempt saying “no,” saying “yes,” and definitely getting enough sleep in between. Then you can start to make new decisions with a well-rested mind. Sometimes adjusting small ways of handling your days will give you newfound freedom for the bigger changes to come. Why get in your own way, when you can start to get your own way!

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