Three Levels of Heaven

There is a really good chance your deceased loved one is exactly where he or she wants to be. For fifty years as a Psychic Medium I have been given the privilege of being able to communicate with spirits who have left their earthly bodies.

Many of them have been your loved ones. For many years, I have written and kept Journals on what it is like in Heaven.

I converse, while in deep meditation with the Angels, about many spiritual truths which I will share with you as time allows. One truth that has been conveyed to me is that it is a quite liberating and a pain free experience to be shed of the body. Even though they miss communication with you, they are near you as well as experiencing a new and beautiful place called The Heavens. In every reading session, or meditation I have done, I have seen a most beautiful environment.

It is always earth like, from my perspective, and also tailored to the specific spiritual needs of your loved one. I have seen, earth, water, lakes and oceans waterfalls, green grass, flower gardens, winding paths, all types of tree’s, animals, birds, deep blue sky, and Mountains. These scenes are found in the two most common Heavens, which appear to be at the outer edge of the core.

There is no doubt in my mind that there are three Heavens. I have seen them. Neither is there any doubt that they are perfectly suited to your loved ones needs. It is the inner spiritual condition of a man or a woman that determines which Heaven they will go to. There are three spiritual levels in all of us, I am told.

Most of the people I bring through are on the first and second level of the Heavens. The third level is inhabited by Angels of all classes, Saints, and guides who will no longer return to a body. There I see streets of gold and Grand Halls, Crystalline temples, and rainbow cities encircled with bright rays of light. You can rest easy that your loved ones are experiencing a higher level of happiness than they could achieve on this plane. Our inner spiritual level does have an effect on our afterlife experience. Seek enlightenment.

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  1. karen

    would like to no more about the 3 levels my son killed himself 9 months ago having a hard time leaning more about the 3 levels well help me

  2. karen

    just like to more about the levels to get a better under standing my son killed him self 9 months ago maybe knowing more about the 3 levels

  3. Sherri

    Iws very comforted by your article. My Dad passed away a few years ago from cancer. He was sick for 9 years with it and he really fought it but in the end Dad knew it was time he laid in is bed at home and spokr to each of my sisters (3)and 1 bother and also myself,each of us alone. then that same evening he passed away.We were all there with him andjust before he passed he opened up his eyes very wide and looked right at m mom,and then he was gone I knew Dad was in heaven and we would all be with him again when our time comes.My Mom got sick about 2 years after my Dad died and she stayed wirh us fou about 6 months then one dat we knew it was her time it was my Dads birthday and we were all ther with her too. She was in her bed layingon Dads side of the bed and she was listening ro the song by Josh Grobin “One breath away” The night befire i slept with her to watch her and in the morning when I woke up I saw her looking at me and then she smiled and touched my check ,I will always remenber that because rhat was the day she died.While she was sick she always sad she missed Dad,I truly believe her missing Dad is what killed her. but he died omhis birthday and all of us told her it was o.k. to go and just before Mom died )we wee all around her bed also) Mom squinted her eyes like to block out a bright light so we knew she was now with Dad ans happy again and niether of them were in pain any more. So thank you so very much for your article on three levels of heaven. I believe they are together and happy. They are in alot of my dreams but I have never expierenced them being around me,I wish I could. Do you think I willl ever hear from them in some way? I had a stroke after they died and I thought I might feel thier precencemore do you think I might some day or have they been here with me and my sisters and brother and we just have not felt it yet?

  4. francie

    Hello everyone. I read your blogs after logging on this page for the first time. I find it very interesting how people relate to a loved ones passing. I lost my Father Sept 17,2010. It was a hard passing as I hadn’t spoken to Dad for 15 yrs as he walked out of our lives when Mom finally left him. He was a horribly abusive man and we (sister and brother) grew up terrified all the time. I went to stay with him when he was very ill and looked after him for 6 mths. One year after he passed, I had a dream where I was in a soft blackness and Dad was standing by the (wall?). He held a pointer toward this wall and drew in bright glowing green a sign with three open walls and a line going through something like a doorway. I told him I didn’t understand so he smiled, nodded and drew it again. I told him I still didn’t understand what he was trying to tell me. He was about 20 yrs younger in that dream. I had another dream about 4 mths later where he was standing in front of a hedge with a lake and birch trees behind him. He smiled and waved at me all the while getting younger and younger. The scene slowly faded into a bright white light with Dad fading with it and smiling and waving goodbye. We made our peace in his last days. Did I really see him go over?

  5. RN

    One of my baby family members died last year, and since then, I feel her around me. I felt a deep connection, like I know if I ask her something, she’ll respond and know exactly what is good for me. I feel right now, she doesn’t love the fact that me and her mother have seperated and have cut cords between us a couple of months after her death. I can feel it, I know she doesn’t like it. I was with the child almost every day of her life, including the day she died. I want to connect with her mother again, because I do not know what I did that was so wrong to make her so angry at me and cut the connection off between us. Plus, I miss the babie’s mother, and she was like my sister. I can feel the baby telling me that it is not a good thing we are not connected the way we used to be when she was still alive. Is that weird that I am feeling this?

  6. Carolyn

    Darcy, my mom passed away almost 12 years ago. I am 22 now. Will she be reincarnated before I die? Also, I was told by my regular psychic that the man that I am in love with and I were lovers in past lives, resulting in the feelings that I have for him and the heart-to-heart connection that we share. He is 8 years older than me. How does the soul mate thing work? Also, my father died about 7 1/2 years ago. I have felt his presence, and my friend saw him. He is a bad spirit who is very angry with me. Where is he at?

  7. Sally Matthew

    My Father passed away on October 27th 1987. I wanted to know if he is ok and with my Mother who passed in July of 1995. My Birthday happens to be on October the 27th. Why did he wait until that day to leave? Was there something he was telling me?
    This has puzzeled me for years and it is a sad day for me because of my Father’s dying on the same date as my birthday.

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  9. sandra

    after reading a part of the article:
    Most of the people I bring through are on the first and second level of the Heavens.
    The third level is inhabited by Angels of all classes, Saints, and guides who will no longer return to a body. There I see streets of gold and Grand Halls, Crystalline temples, and rainbow cities encircled with bright rays of light. You can rest easy that your loved ones are experiencing a higher level of happiness than they could achieve on this plane. Our inner spiritual level does have an effect on our afterlife experience. Seek enlightenment.

    are you saying that there are spirits who do return to a body? if so, is it in the bible that states this, what seems to be reincarnation?

  10. shovia

    Gina, I have never died but I know. When my children came into this world I took note of eveything that happen… i found my mom when she passed on to the next level and this experience confimred my beliefs…what do you think?

  11. Shovia

    I am confused…do you really want to see him or do you feel that eveything is complete and you are ok and accepting that your dad has gone on to the next level? If you want to see him as God to allow him to come to you…

  12. Shovia

    Gette, did they all have the same belief in life after death? If so then defintly yes. If not they may eventually will meet up.

  13. Shovia

    It is becase you have to forgive yourself. Once you forgive your self and do it in prayer with God, then ask God to allow your parents to come to you in a form that will not scare you… maybe in your dreams. Get something that belong to your parents that was dear to them when in this life and pray and ask God to allow them to ease your heart and open your mind so that you can receive them when they arrive rather in your dreams or in ghostley form.

  14. Shovia

    Anythis is possbile. What you believe you achieve…The mind is very powerful. Remember, we do not use all of our brain but sometimes we do. I personally believe that when you pass on to the next life, you will go where your mind has imagined what heaven is. Just like you define your existence in this life, you will on the next level. If you choose to communicate with your parents–God will allow you too if it is safe. Your heart is in the right place.

  15. Shovia

    It takes on a form to co-exist. notice how the body becomes very cold when the blood stops circulating…it becomes heavey.. it is the soul that has moved out and takes form so that it can co-exist in its new state and atomosphere

  16. Pearl

    Darcy, I once got the greatest frustration, shame, failure, pain in my life. I could not
    open up to anyone so I went to the beach and
    there I talked to the waves and the sea: “Mama Papa I’m so lonely, i am so pained, so pained, i miss you very much… i feel so alone!”
    I did not know why I did that, but later that week
    there seemed to be a miracle, the reasons for my
    loneliness and pain seemed insignificant, something told me I just had to go on with my duties…
    Is it possible that my parents who had passed away
    more than five years ago heard me?

  17. Debbie

    That is pretty much my beleif! Different levels for how high you have grown spiritually in all your past lifes and such!

  18. Diane

    I lost my mom 4 years ago and my dad 3 years ago. My son visited a spiritual reader and he talked to them through her. Mom said she is working her up to the different levels in Heaven. From what I gathered from my son’s talk, the spirits have a choice of staying on lower levels if they want to. Knowing my mom she would want to achieve the highest level. That was the kind of person she was.
    I don’t feel mom or dad around me at all. Can you tell me why?
    I am having a rough time in my life at this time and I feel all alone.
    Thank you for your time, I appreciate it so much.

  19. kmotley

    Darcy, thank you so much for your article. I lost my husband of 32 years in 2008. I miss him so very much every day and your article about heaven was so comforting. I just seem to wonder now, where do I go from here. God bless you for sharing on Heaven. It’s good to know that all is well and peaceful where he is.
    I would love to hear from you.

  20. Raindancer

    Hi Darcy,
    Lost my mother ,
    on Mother’s day 07,
    I need to know she is OK, how can
    I tell?
    I speak to her, but do
    not feel she can hear me?
    I miss her,
    and just
    want to know
    if she is OK.

  21. Damice Johnson

    I really agree to this article because we are apart of the land of life. Alot of people wonder why we are here, also there are signs of karma what goes around comes around. There are signs of evil spirits in the land of life. Just pay attention we are in this lil ball. We are controlled by spirits on the land of life. You can do RIGHT or do WRONG in the land of life and you also will be judged by the rules thats inside the land of life and also be judge by thy heavenly father. Everyday I struggle and strive and pray to thy God and he always answers me.
    Thank you Darcy!
    God Bless!

  22. Gette

    I have a question about three specific very important people too me…My Grandparents Jean and George and my ex true love Bobby.
    I need to know if they are all doing ok, in the place they’ve all dreamed about and if they are all together?

  23. sheriandnoel

    if there are three heaven’s. how do we know that we will see our loved ones when we die? because i was brought up that there is only one heaven and we will see our loved ones when we get there. but if there are three heaven’s what are the chance’s of that? and could you please tell me how my grandma Lucille bandkowski is doing she was like a mother to me she passed away many years ago and i think about her everyday. i miss her soooo much. tell her i love her.

  24. MARIA

    Hi DARCY,

  25. andrew

    Hi how are you i am and probably still am confused will i ever see my Dad again to me he was my reason for becoming the person i am today

  26. Gona

    My father passed away 3 years ago. It felt like I had lost my right side. We are soulmates and have been for ages. I miss him terribly. I know he is always with me in spirit, and will stay with me until my times comes to go to the other side. I know he will take me there. I see him in in my dreams. He is always laughing and smiling, and so I know he is happy and in a better place. Is it possible to see him with my earthly sight? How do I do that?

  27. karen

    Thank you Darcy, your response was well received and understood. You got the message very clearly. You have given me comfort in your response. I will be in touch with you for that communication in the near future.
    God Bless you.

  28. pab3813

    Darcy I lost my Mother on Feb 22, 09 I have 3 other sisiters. We are totally lost with out her she was our very best friend. I am having Thanksgiving on the 21 of Nov at my house it would be so good to have Mom join us so we know she is there. Is there anyway she can be told to her so she may be there.

  29. karen

    Dear Darcy,
    Thank you so much for that article, I lost my Mother in Oct. of 08. She was Ill for some time, but I didnt expect her to go really at the time that she did. I cared for her every day for the last three yrs of her life and I was very close to her my whole life. I was the youngest child of four, and her closest friend as well. I read some of a book by another very famous psychic, and it very closely described what you just described in your article.
    I began reading it very shortly before my mother passed, and continued after she passed. It carried me through, gave me comfort to know that my Mother was going to such a beautiful place.
    I had a very vivid dream of her where she sent me a very positive message a few months ago, it was so real that I am convinced that she visited me. The thing I remember most about the dream was the intense feeling of love that was all around me as she spoke to me and told me, that my family loved me and to go to them. She wanted to express to me that I was not alone. I had been feeling very alone and disconnected from the rest of my family for months at the time she came to me in my dream. I will carry it with me forever. I wanted to know what your take on the dream is, if you have time to share with me, I would be eternally grateful, as I am still having great difficulty with not being able to talk with her and be with her anymore. I want to thank you and all of those psychics out there who are communicating and writing about what happens after death. I believe it may be the very thing that can carry some grieving people through the hardest time of their life. Just like it did for me.
    God bless your souls.

  30. RG

    Thank you so much for this article, its really hit home for me. I have lost my aunt in January of this year and its been pretty rocky since her departure. To see someone pass away before your eyes leaves a void in you thats never to be filled. Reliving that moment of when she took her last breath is something I’ll never be able to forget, and something I wish NO ONE has to ever go through.
    She was the pillar of the family and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. She’s deeply missed and I wish I had a moment with her to tell her how much she really meant. Your article has brought me so much peace and happiness to know that she should be fine, pain free and happy somewhere. Thanks for enlightening me with this information and would love to learn more.
    Keep Smiling

  31. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Darcy,
    Your article is true….I know, I’ve died and crossed twice. Not a bad place to be….I have no real fear of death or crossing because of my prior experiences with death. Death is just another transition.
    ” Heaven ” is generally what we, as the individual, perceive that it will be.
    There are many , many levels in heaven though ….more than three, but your article rings very true. The angelic realm alone is made up of many levels.
    Your article, Darcy, gives comfort to many whose loved ones have crossed. Great job.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  32. Fran

    Hi Darcy,
    Not only did I find your article to be informative, but it was so interesting and fascinating! I would love to hear more from you about the three different levels of Heaven. I hope you’ll get a chance to write another article soon.


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