Medium Insight: A True Love Story

What Happens When You Embrace Your Gift as a Medium

My mom had fallen and broken her hip. She had surgery and was in a rehab for a while. I remember her saying that all she wanted was to return to her home but would come stay with me after rehab until she was on her feet. About a week into her stay I heard her calling to me around 2:30 a.m.. I called for an ambulance and followed her in my car to the hospital. The ER doctor told me that my mom had suffered a major heart attack, lost 70% of her heart and would die that night. He also told me no measures would be taken and that I should compose myself and call family in to say their goodbyes, which I did. But her death did not come that night. Instead, she rallied much to the surprise of the doctor. But her rallying was only putting off the inevitable.

Over the next six weeks my mother bounced between hospitals and nursing homes until I spoke with a hospice worker. We transported my mom to a hospice three days after her birthday and one day after the eclipse. I knew her time had come. She arrived at the hospice on a Friday and I brought with me a book I had used to guide another family member over. The following Monday we were informed that my mothers was in “imminent” status—death would occur within 24 – 72 hours. Her body was present but she was starting her transition. Our large Italian family was all around her but she did not make a sound apart from what I had come to realize was the “death rattle.” I had heard my mom speak of the “death rattle,” but I didn’t know what it actually sounded like until the day she passed away. My 16-year-old daughter was present, along with the rest of the family. I had intended to stay with her until the end, doing healing.

All of a sudden I heard my daughter scream “Get him out of here!” I quickly removed her from the room and brought her into the lobby where I asked her who she was talking about. She looked at me and said “Grandpa.” I, a medium, did not see him, nor had I seen him at all since his passing 16 years before. Lauren was an infant when he passed and never knew him. While we were sitting in the lobby she once again said he should leave. I asked where she saw him now and she pointed up to a skylight. I looked up and she said that she saw a bright white light and knew it was him.

We made our way back to the room and as I sat down in a chair. Lauren said, “He is here right next to you.” I told her that her grandpa would never hurt anyone and that he was a wonderful man in life and beyond. She looked at me and told me that he was smiling at me. While I was studying for all those years most mediums would see my dad around me, and he would wear this navy blue, pin-striped suit. My dad designed men’s clothing. I then asked Lauren what my dad was wearing and she looked me straight in my eyes and said a navy blue, pinned-striped suit. My dad, ever the gentleman, came to take his love home. Early in the morning after her bath, my mom left this life with her true love.

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  1. stan

    i have no clue why i had look at this site shortly here it is my 16 year old son was shot to death at school just a bit over a year my abopt son drown in my pool after my x-wife put him in there and fell asleep in the house for the last 17 years i have just hurt so bad pain inside is well if it wasn,t for my other children i wouldn,t be here i did go see a mediums if fact two of them 200 miles apart from each other and it is weired my oldest son if fact my oldest children would talk about how the future would be teck type stuff and both of the mediums at the end both told me that my son told them tell my dad he was right about the future it had to do with tranportation and i know no one could have guess it but two different people in the exact same words and both the same way but because of my pain still i have a hard time believeing it plus i use to pray to god please protect my children what a let down not once but twice needless to say i have no faith in god anymore i should have died before my children

  2. Adina

    Hello All,

    I’ve enjoyed reading all of your posts. I was told at about how those who have died come to family members when they die. Days before my mother in law died I saw an image on a curtain. I asked to see a family photo album and immediately recognized the person. It was my husbands maternal grandfather. It was nice to know things were going the way they were supposed to go.


  3. shelly

    my mom passed Aug. 31, I miss her so much. I feel like she has not crossed over I want to know why. I need a sign to know she is ok.

  4. Debra Reeves

    I lost my one and only Daughter May 3rd 2013 I want so bad to know she can hear me when I cry for her I am so sad without her. she was so young I wish I could see her and touch her again I miss her hugs and the words of I love you Mom, I pray everyday for God to give me a sign that she is with him. she was the only child I had and I am so lost without her she was so loved and I hope she knew this. please help me to have closer and feel her love u pond me each and every day of the life I have left on this earth. a Daughter I love and miss forever!

  5. Sandra

    I awoke at 2:30 am with miles between my son and I, he passed at that time. The next morning at that time he came to me and said, Mom I did not do this to hurt you. I moved and the summer at my new place there were newly created things that came to visit me on my new patio. The tiniest praying mantis I ever saw, I put a dime next to it on the door jam and took a picture. There was a hummingbird that I initially thought was a bee, so tiny, a tiny frog and all of my flowers grew so beautiful that summer. These little creatures visited for a few times as I watched them grow as well.
    Living in a city I thought this was amazing and could only be sent from my Son. I used to live in the country and never saw tiny creatures like these.
    I hear my son’s voice when I drive my car telling me to stay in the moment, Mom. He said this to me while he was here physically too. This has helped me drive safely.
    I was on the phone with my oldest son when the our conversation went blank to me as a shield seemed to cover me from the top of my head and down my back. Both of my sons were talking to me, and I did not hear a word from either one of them. I could only speculate as to the meaning of this.
    I don’t know who reads these comments, but if you are a professional and have some insight for me, I welcome you to share them with me.

  6. dorothy

    my mother in law passed 2 mos ago. every so often I hear her call my name\
    and already saw a rainbow that feels she made it safely home.
    but one confusing visit I have on a rainy day a strong odor of fish is in the air, we’d taken him to the beach and knew he was home, so it must be he is telling me he is home?

  7. RUSacrifice4Eden

    My brother and I have one of those very comedic/dry/ loving relationships.

    He passed in his early 30’s in an auto accident.

    Later on, I was in my grieving process; it was dark, I was in my car (you know when we

    “think” were all alone..) A song came on the radio, that reminded me of him. I was just

    “letting it out: to the world, the abyss, my Guides, God, Space, my Brother, the mosquito on

    on the window,lol”. I was crying, “I don’t know how I can live with out (my brother)

    you!!!” The very next thing in my head, that crowded else all out; including my

    breviement, was my Brother John’s voice, resoundinding with laughter,” But, Katy,(only

    he called me this) I dont know how you lived with me!!

    I went in a split second from greiving out to anything or one in the universe, in one of

    “The Bottoms of my Life”, to Hysterically laughing! I know that there are many reasons

    in the professsional community (that IS sent as our angels, at time.”) For explnations;

    I know, my pain was immediately withdrawn, replaced with laughter, happiness, faith, & a

    piece of relief, in my heart, that I carry to this day.

    THAT WAS MY BROTHER JOHN.. (& whomever accompiedaed him 🙂 Who bestowed one of

    the greatest gifts in my life.. Laughing was THE LAST THING ON MY MIND, in that

    darkness of dispair; it seems we all travel through at sometime in our lives..

    There were moments of his sister (me) chasing him around a coffee table with a broom,

    never occured to me to reach OVER the table! He was quick! My life has changed for him

    being in it. How could it NOT! The fact that I can even write about John, without crying,

    every time, 🙂 Is healing. I am grateful beyond description, for the honor, the gift,

    bestowed on me, in my moment of pain, that allowed me to feel so much joy.

    I’m not saying what the “Rules, or Dieties are, etc”. I am simply stating my truth.

    My Brother changed my life, continues to do so. I knew it would hurt, if someone

    I know died; I had no idea how much. I also had no idea how much Joy came too; at

    the very hardest time in my life.

    Again; what I’m saying is: their Love is there, they are there, ALWAYS.

    For now believe that I believe. I promise you..

  8. minnie

    The night my son passed he came to me in a dream. He was on a river bank fishing with my dad, who he never met, my stepfather, his PaPa, and his beloved Uncle Muff.The four of them smiled and waved at me as I floated by on a raft. Then they faded out of view. I was woke up the next morning by a police captain and deputy coroner inform me of his death, which had occurred about 3 am. I know these family members came to greet and escort my son, Cherokee, home.

  9. stephanie

    wow! great story my granpa died he had a massive stroke when he was onlt 35, after losing his son. well the older he got. he had to wear a brace on this left leg. i come from a hugh latino family, so all family were there to say there respects. well he died in his bed. all our family die at home, if we can help it. my aunt and grandma heard in the middle of the night my granpa’s leg brace walking down the hall. so may family members had died at my grandma’s house. she used to tell us all kinds of stories. like being watched. she also belives in humming birds. when someone close to you dies if you see a humming bird that is them. my grandma died less than two years ago r.i.p. one day i was in my backyard and i seen a humming bird fly right by would not leave. so i know in my heart it was her.

  10. Aisha x5865

    Great article Judianne. It is so reassuring to know when our loved ones are transitioning to the other realms that there are loved ones there to greet and escort them, isn’t it? Being a medium and working as a hospice volunteer was such a blessing. To sit with others as they were passing and give comfort to families. We are all able to connect with this other world, as your daughter has proven even when we did not necessarily know the person in the physical world!!! Spirit is always there to connect with us, encourage us, console us and to greet us and our loved ones on our journeys home. Beautiful story, thanks so much for sharing it with us all Judianne.

  11. Sherry

    Isn’t it wonderful that as mediums who live between two worlds, we have the ability to see our family, friends, and our own lives within a larger reality. As our loved ones take on invisibility, the memories and essence of who they are remains with us always. A constant reminder that life is continuing and eternal, and that love lives on.
    Beautiful story Judianne—and your daughter–WOW

  12. Chrissi

    it is not the first time I have heard of a loved one coming to fetch someone else who is in the process of passing on – my Mum’s brother came for her, and she’d seen him waiting, and my mother in law had seen her brother outside her hospice room, but was collected by her husband who had passed on many years before her


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