5 Ways to Include Deceased Loved Ones in Your Celebrations

Keep Their Memory Alive

Our deceased loved ones never truly leave our hearts. We feel their presence when we see someone who reminds us of them, hear a certain song or look at photos. Yet, their absence is usually most often felt during special gatherings and celebrations—weddings, birthdays, holidays, and other occasions—leaving us feeling the weight of our loss over and over again. In a big room of people you love, it’s easy to focus on who is missing.

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Even though your grief may always be there, you can find ways to ease it, especially during those festivities when your deceased loved ones are most missed. The following five ideas will inspire you to keep including your deceased family members and friends so their memories can live on.

1. Leave a Chair Open
This symbolic gesture, seen mainly at weddings, allows you to include your passed-on loved one by keeping a chair open for them. Just leave the seat empty, or place a placard explaining why the chair is empty. You can also put their photo in a frame at their seat. These activities allow everyone attending the celebration to see, remember, and feel their loved one’s presence too.

2. Mention Their Names
If your celebration includes a prayer or toast, include the names of those who can’t be with you and perhaps share your favorite memories about them. This is particularly powerful during holiday meals, especially when younger generations (who may not have met your deceased loved ones) are in attendance. In this way, your family and friends will live on through the stories you share.

3. Incorporate a Recipe
Perhaps your grandma made a mean mashed potato dish or your best friend used to bake you chocolate chip cookies for your birthday. Even though they aren’t here to whip up their fabulous culinary creations, you can remember them by taking up the torch. Try it during holiday meals, on their birthdays or anniversaries, or even at a wedding. Food brings people together and this idea allows you to bridge the gap between the present world and the spirit one.

4. Keep a Tradition Going
If they weren’t much of a cook, you could continue one of their traditions. Did they request a certain song at every wedding? You could certainly do that for them. Did they organize a flag football game after the Thanksgiving meal? Get one going! Whatever it is, you can honor them by being the one to keep the tradition going. This allows everyone who knew him or her to take a moment to remember the wonderful contributions they made to your family or friend group.

5. Carry a Piece of Them With You
Particularly for weddings, some people may choose to wear a piece of jewelry from a deceased loved one or incorporate a piece of their grandmother’s wedding gown into their own. Holding or using a token or object during a celebration can be a potent, tangible way to have this person with you. Plus, doing so creates an heirloom that can be given to future generations too.

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Include Deceased Loved Ones in Your Celebrations

  1. LJ

    What a lovely article. It’s so important to honor our family and friends who meant so much to us in life, and who are obviously still with us in spirit. To include them is to honor them; it fills them with joy and also makes what can be a painful separation in life seem more like a new chapter rather than the inevitable ending of a relationship – our connections are infinite.

  2. Sandra Munshower

    Thank you
    I know my mom is near by,
    But i have never had the actual feeling of her being there like I did when my dad past away. It really bothers me that I don’t see and feel her… we were so close in life and I miss her and my dad terribly. She was my best friend, I am so lost without her….


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