New Year, New Career?

New Year, New Career?

Are You Ready for a New Career?

2014 is almost out the door and we’re about to welcome 2015 in with open arms. Are you thinking about a new job? Ask yourself, “Do I have passion for my current job or am I just settling and collecting a paycheck?” Are you stuck in a rut? Many people stay at the same job because the stability makes them comfortable. But, they are also experiencing lower pay, are looked over for promotions, they’re feeling stressed, they’re having conflicts with coworkers and are not getting the support they deserve from their managers. Are you one of these people? Perhaps you fear change, the unknown and failure.

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Your Dream Job

What’s your dream job? What are the risks and obstacles involved? Many of us have the courage to go out on a job interview, but get discouraged if we are rejected. Remember, when one door closes, another opens! Why stop looking after your first rejection? This is your dream job we’re talking about! Failure is inevitable on the road to your new career, so welcome it. Embrace it! It has lessons to teach you, so learn them and then pick yourself up.

You Should Do What You Enjoy

Your dream job brings your inner peace, less stress, a lot of fun, more success and great passion. Your love life improves too. If your new career makes your happy, you’ll be more passionate about your partner. If you are happy with yourself, you and your partner will become closer. Life is short. You should enjoy what you do for a living.

Here are my tips for starting your new career search:

1. Consult a career psychic.
2. Research the companies you’d like to work for.
3. Make sure your resume focuses on the skills your dream job requires.
4. Pursue your dream job on the side, as a hobby, until you get the job you want.
5. When you get the interview, make sure you ask excellent questions.
6. Use your intuition and feel the energy of the interviewer. Use it to assess the company.
7. If you feel like this is the job for you, don’t be shy about asking for it.

Get a New Career Reading

If you’re not sure about what your dream job is or if it’s a good time to pursue it, talk to a psychic advisor, like me, who specializes in career readings. Psychics can guide you on your best career path. They can take the struggle and confusion out of your search and make sure you aren’t headed down the wrong path.

I love being a psychic. I love helping my clients make the most important career decisions of their lives. Being a psychic is my dream job, and I want to help others feel as happy, enthusiastic and fulfilled as I do every day.

I hope you have the courage to take on a new career, the career of your dreams, and I’d be happy to guide and support you along the way. Happy New Year!

Psychic Valouria ext. 6220

16 thoughts on “New Year, New Career?

  1. Kelly Hammond

    I have been ill for a few months and my previous career has been a PSW. However my client died at the age of 82 years old and that’s when I got sic.

    I’m starting to feel better after 4 months a and need some advice. What should I do?

  2. Tchiwa kaligande

    This sis a very interesting ponts of view on the matters. But tis only works on a normal situation! What to do in a abnormal situations? Thats the question.

  3. Richard

    Lost my Business over ten years ago due to horrible circumstances.
    I’m stuck in a horrible mental state and have no idea what to do or where to go…
    Lost everything after having a very successful Company for 20 years..
    Any help available?

    Thank You,
    Richard Laurie

  4. maria hinojosa

    I had an interview on dec 9, but everthing was ok but the schedule was not ok beacuse i am old in it was 7 on and 7 off at night shift. I would like to find something like this but day shift


  5. Lee King

    I started having dreams when I was 5-years-old that were telling me that my family would break up. By the time I was six, my mother divorced my father, much to my sadness. From my life then on, I tried to learn what they meant. As an adult, I’d learned a lot about my own dreams, as well as helping others learn about their own. Hence, I studied many analysts, such as Carl Jung, finally opening a business in my home as a dream analyst – and loved doing it.
    Many years later, living in another state, I still have such strange dreams from loved ones I knew in my earlier years, but have now passed on. They are trying to get me to help people to raise their sacred level; possibly, because I have a college Minor in Psychology & a Major in Library Science.
    It came to me recently to write a book about how I overcame many of the trials I had to deal with in both my younger and later life. Would it help others understand what they might do, even if their’s was somewhat different? What is your take on that? Any advice?

  6. Tajah

    Excellent points, if you do what you love to you’ll never work a day in your life! I love to serve people and give them hope. We are blessed to be able to help and guide so many. I don’t call it work it’s an exercise in expressing love for humanity!

  7. Ida Snow

    I am 72 Are you sure I can have a career, haha. I think of writing. or being some sort of supporter I am often helping others with English. I just do not have the means to travel to night school to get my English ESL.. have bad foot. I had grade 8 in 1956. then went to work. I have had dozens of jobs worked 48 years raised two children been to hell and back and heaven a few times. met angels and devils. now live alone with my cat Riley. What do you think? <3


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