How’s My Job Stability?

In the current crazy and unstable job market, career and employment questions are becoming the topics of more and more readings, our psychics reveal. Right up there with love and relationships, stability in the workplace tops the list of crucial questions asked by callers.

Some clients may be undaunted by these tough economic times yet they are still looking to change jobs or careers, move to another city, take some risky moves right up the career ladder or outdo their competition in a business-as-usual state of mind. In these cases, callers are looking to their psychic, cubicle coach or career Clairvoyant, to give them the guidance to make good business decisions.

Just what can psychics see in a reading about the future of how you make a living? They can help with everything from employment opportunities and job security, where to look for work, how to handle a difficult boss, issues with co-workers and possibilities for advancement, they say.

With the general mood in business being one of caution and delays, psychics get calls from executives who want to double-check their options before they make decisions. People who are deeply involved in their career generally have a clear sense of their path and a reading can help them move forward with less speculation. Our psychics tell us that they enjoy working with callers on the development of their own intuition as they work toward their ultimate career goals.

Clients also call to create career strategies. They are already successful in their fields and have a vision and plan for their future. They don’t want things to just happen… they call because they want to do things to make them happen the way they envision them. They may ask about the best way to handle issues at work, find out about the underlying motives of executive higher-ups and future consequences.

And obviously, there are callers who are stressed, stretched or burned out on the job, unhappy with their employer, or worried about their position. Our psychics report that revealing all possibilities helps to reduce their stress.

“For callers who are employed but desperately looking for another job, I use my Clairvoyance to check out every possibility and provide time frames. If they want to know if they are on a current layoff list, I check current as well as future lists.” Maryanne ext. 9146 explains.

Job seekers are often worried that there isn’t enough work to go around. It may take a longer harder look to find a job, but callers are finding them, our psychics report. One intuitive looks at astrological charts to find challenges and upcoming opportunities, then backs up her information with the energy she gets from the Tarot. “It allows me to see favorable aspects that are coming, so my client can grab them and make the most of them.”

Venus ext. 9463 prepares clients for all the possibilities a layoff might bring. She is able to tell clients what she sees and hears from their voice vibrations. “If they are going to be unemployed for a time, I try to get them to prepare for that. I might see time frames, moves or lesser salaries for a new job. I want my callers to feel that whatever lies ahead, they are better prepared when the reading has ended.”

The current job market does not have to affect careers, Clairvoyant Anya Dawn ext. 9179 sees. Callers who understand this just want to know when the promotion or raise will occur, or when better business opportunities will present themselves. “I advise them on ways to best proceed successfully along their career path with a constant flow of information from my spiritual guides.”

Our psychics are full of practical career advice as well. From their many callers they understand the importance of an up-to-date resume and keeping business referrals and references in order. For the time being, don’t leave one job unless you have another, they advise. Keep networking and extend a helping hand if you can to a friend who is looking for a job. Leads, introductions and referrals, when appropriate, are good deeds that will surely come back to you.

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