7 Things to Do at Work to Make You Less Grumpy

Are You the Office Grump?

Going to work is probably not your most favorite thing to do. You’d rather lounge by the pool with a tropical drink, or see the sights in Europe. Alas, we all have to earn a living, and it’s a heck of a lot easier to do it when we aren’t grumpy at the office. Here are some tips to try if you’re the office grump:

1. Be grateful you have a job. Remember that there are thousands of unemployed people who would be happy to take your place. Research has shown that appreciating what you have improves both physical and mental health. It’s impossible to feel both blessed and grumpy at the same time, so start focusing on what you have to be thankful for.

2. Arrive at work well rested and nourished. Getting an adequate night’s rest and eating a breakfast packed with vitamins and tryptophan, such as oatmeal with bananas, can help you feel calmer and happier within a week, according to researchers at UCLA.

3. Get physical. If you have a job where you must sit at a computer for hours, make sure you get up and walk around a bit, every hour. While walking (preferably outside), stretch the muscles in your arms, hands, shoulders, and neck.

4. Create a peaceful environment. How you do this depends on the type of work you do. If you’re in a noisy, hectic place, take a few seconds—even if it’s in the restroom—to imagine a calm, beautiful place in your mind. Or recall a memory of a time that you felt happy and loved. You can also decorate your work space with plants, photos of family and friends, and colors that induce calm. For many people, blue slows down their heart rate. But if green or pink or any other color works better than blue for you, then go with that instead.

5. Have some fun. Psychic Jesse ext. 9027 carries small bottles of bubbles with her. She says, “Whenever I see some people who are appearing sad or tense, I take out one of these little bottles and begin to blow a few bubbles their direction. It is wonderful to watch these very tense ‘grown ups’ become children in just one moment.” Enjoying such simple pleasures during your lunch break helps you unwind before getting back to the second half of your day. Also, blowing bubbles is a fun way to do some deep breathing.

6. Resist the desire to be right all the time. In a work environment, many people have different opinions about how things should be done. There will be times when you think your way is the best way, but your boss or coworkers see otherwise. Rather than argue or brood, go with the flow and allow others their turn at contributing to the team.

7. Accept change as a fact of life, especially in the workplace. With such a strained economy, businesses are scrambling to stay in the black. Decisions can come down any day that will change something about your job. Be patient. The good thing about change is that if you wait a while, things will change yet again. However, if the cycle of change is unbearable, rather than be grumpy in your current job, consider the possibility of finding another job. “This is when getting a psychic reading is so beneficial; it allows one to become clear on whether or not leaving would be the correct move or not,” suggests Psychic Jacqueline ext. 9472.

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