10 Co-Workers to Avoid

When you have to work for a living, it helps to have friends and it’s nice when everyone gets along. However, there are some types of co-workers you would be better off avoiding, unless you want their foibles and reputations to rub off on you. If you want your reviews to shine, think twice before befriending those who don’t have your interests at heart.

1. The company hater. This employee wears a sunny face, but in the break room, washroom, or out of the boss’s sight, she tears down everything from the president to the doorman. You don’t want to be linked to this attitude terrorist!

2. The equipment/supply borrower. He thinks five-finger discounts are fringe benefits and his entitlement. He takes home anything not nailed down, from paperclips to laptops. He might have a booming online auction business, too.

3. The whiner. Don’t spend time listening to this one drone on about her world, her husbands, her girlfriend, or anything else. You won’t get your work done and the consequences won’t be fun.

4. The man (or woman) collector. They abound at cocktail parties, little league games, even at church, and they’re rampant in the workplace. This person wants a date. They don’t care with whom, and they’ll go to any length to nail their target.

5. The person in love with the boss. He or she wants to be on the fast track to moving up in the world or is seeking security. They want the boss, no matter what it takes, and will stomp on anyone who gets in their way.

6. The busybody. Red-letter poison – stay away. If a co-worker sounds like he knows everything about everyone, run for your cubicle and hide. Their info is usually inaccurate, always caustic, and sometimes downright slanderous. A friendship here is the fast road to unemployment.

7. The laziest worker in the department. She’s overworked and underpaid, she says, but is so busy haunting the water cooler that she hasn’t finished a task in months. And who will she hand work off to? YOU.

8. The amorous boss. Never fall for it. No matter how good-looking, personable, or charming the boss is, the workplace is a bad place for romantic games or sexy teasing. Flirting is for after hours, away from the workplace. You have the right to report sexual harassment.

9. The guy (or girl) who knows it all and is eager to teach you. If that co-worker is assigned to help or train you, great. If not, his info isn’t what you’re supposed to learn, and your time could be better spent.

10. The climber. This person is desperate for a promotion, but has no gumption to earn her way to the top. She’s a combination of several types, and is absolutely lethal to your career. If she makes it up the ladder by devious means, she won’t remember you. If she doesn’t make it, she’ll turn on you. Keep clear.
What are the types of co-workers you recommend people avoid?
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3 thoughts on “10 Co-Workers to Avoid

  1. Venesa Winegardner

    we have most of these where i work, but you talk to your boss about these, especially the lazy worker, and she comes up with every excuse not to have to deal with any of it. our boss is the queen of excuses. so your left to have to deal with these people, to no avail. you know, back in the day, it use to be that you took pride in your work. if you didn’t do your work after so many times of being warned, you were fired. now adays, they’d rather keep the lazy worker, and make the good worker go behind the lazy worker to do what they don’t do, just to keep the lazy worker. and if you complain, you get told, well just consider it job security. what happened to america? this is kinda backwards. isn’t it?

  2. misskrystalmisskrystal

    this is a wonderful article and these tips are heaven sent….please save a copy for future reference or, to show a dear friend or family member-you will be glad you saved these….So much value in these..
    excellent, Taryn! Miss Krystal

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I’ve done readings for 45 years…my psychic career was always dominant…..

    But, I’ve done other things as well….back in the 80’s , I managed a company where I was the first female in a all male company & and male dominated field, the company handled top secret classified military patents & contracts for the government….. and I was the youngest to ever climb the ladder so high or fast……I ranked third highest in the company per title and power, right under the President and Vice-President ( co-founders ) of the company.

    And I must say…..that these are VERY good tips for the workplace.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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