Zodiac Sun Signs and Romantic Connections

Astrology and Love

When it comes to romance, what do you know about zodiac Sun signs? Do you know your partner’s Sun sign? It’s a great item to have in your relationship toolkit because it can help you understand them better—how they think and how they feel. Their Sun sign can help you reach into their soul! That’s because each sign has its great qualities but also its “shadow side” or the qualities it needs to work on.

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Remember, you picked your partner for a reason and they reflect how you balance your strengths and weaknesses. What do they offer you? What do you offer them and what do you love about each other? Astrology is one of the keys to any successful relationship, so look up your partner’s Sun sign below and discover how to connect with them using zodiac Sun signs


Your Aries is one of the passionate zodiac Sun signs!  This is the sign of desire, and keeping up with your partner can be a challenge. If you fear that you aren’t as high energy as your lover, don’t worry. Most people aren’t! Notice what they want in you, how they respond to everything about you, and just be you. Remember, your Aries has chosen you too!


Ah, the lush beauty and luxury of your Taurus! They love their gardens, even if it’s a vase of flowers in a high-rise. Remember that if you get into a disagreement, you have to at least allow them to think they won. Have patience. Your bull/gentle cow hears you but they also have to stand their ground.


You’ll never be bored by your Gemini. They are one of the zodiac Sun signs that have so many exciting ideas. You’ll have to sift through them and pick the best, most workable ones. In the end, if they don’t let you make the decision, they’ll at least want your input on the final choice. They are charming lovers, but be ready to go with the flow.


Listen carefully to your Cancer. Their feelings run deep and they don’t always tell you what they’re feeling nor are they always clear about their response to something you’ve said. Pause when they’re acting mysteriously. Then consider everything you’ve said and ask them what they’re feeling about that. They are loyal, often amazing cooks, deeply warm, and worth the effort.


Your Leo will never be dull, and they won’t be fading into the background. Realize that behind the bravado, comedy or drama, they’re sensitive souls and they want to be honored for who they are what they have achieved. At the same time, set your boundaries very clearly; your needs matter. As long as your Leo gets that, you’ll work well together.


Your Virgo really wants a sense of order and control, and they constantly fear they haven’t done enough—about something/anything. Be their calming influence, and you’ll have the most loving, devoted person. They truly want to be connected to the earth and to you.


Your lovely Libra will see your best qualities and tell you how much they adore you for them. With someone that gracious in your life, you’ll have to keep reminding yourself to tell them how special they are. Their loving focus is outward, so keep reminding them to take care of themselves and they’ll be a content, wonderful partner.


Your Scorpio is a fascinating partner. They are also a mystery. While that’s appealing, make sure you find your grounding with them as you enjoy their depths. They are sexy and always reaching deeper into their souls—and yours. Be open, no matter how uncomfortable that might be. You’ll both benefit.


Your Sag is one of those zodiac Sun signs that simply can’t be bored. They may not need constant travel (either international or local) to experience whatever is new but they will want constant mental stimulation. Whether it’s a new idea or experience, your Sag will be excited. They want to talk and play with you and the sex can be fun.


You’re Capricorn has a plan, and it’s nothing short of their dream. Once you’re with them, it’s clear they consider you a worthy partner for an amazing life. Therefore, you should listen to their plans and support their work. They have a step-by-step plan and they’ll probably succeed. Helping them with their vision turns them on.


Be ready for whatever your Aquarian wants to do. While they’re stronger than they appear, they also like a little direction or they can get too scattered. It’s a feeling they hate, especially after they’ve considered their options. They pick you because you don’t bore them and you appeal to them so enjoy their brilliance and help guide its direction.


Your Pisces is so romantic, creative, and idealistic. They’re a joy—as long as you act as their anchor. That isn’t always a comfortable position, however, but you’re up for it. The magical, deeply loving life you create together is worth the effort. Just realize that they’re so sensitive they’re like a sponge, so be sure to get them out of negative situations.

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