Zing Into Spring!

There is a fleeting moment in nature when the forces of darkness and light, of winter and spring, of death and life are held in exact balance. This time, the equinoxes, has historically been believed to hold a great deal of power. March 20th is the date of the Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring. It’s also the day that the sun enters Aries, a fire sign and the first planet of zodiac. Aries symbolizes beginnings, the initiation of all actions, the daredevil and the little bit of devil-may-care in each of us. In ancient cultures the Vernal Equinox was marked with festivals honoring the forces of nature. Young women and men performed lively dancing in rounds, as this was the socially approved time for courtship (which is why the traditional time for weddings is two months later, in June). Young men leapt over bonfires to display strength and courage, to win the eyes and favors of the women. Feasting, drinking and celebrating wore on into the night as young lovers would drift from the crowds and disappear into the fields. Their lovemaking in furrowed, crop rows of earth was thought to energetically encourage and honor the fertility of the land. We may not find ourselves dancing ’round the village fires per say, but even in our overly busy, rushed and pressured lives we still feel an unexplainable lift or quickening as the season changes to Spring. It’s commonly referred to as Spring Fever, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t catch it! No matter what our beliefs or situation, this potent time is a great opportunity to look at the balance of energies and activities, or lack thereof in our lives. And it is a great time to make necessary changes. Here’s a great way to start: On March 20th, the day of the Vernal Equinox, buy yourself some flowers (they needn’t be expensive) and honor the coming of spring – around you and in your life. Place them somewhere you can admire them and get a pen and paper. Make sure you have at least fifteen or twenty minutes (whether it’s getting up early or taking time on your lunch break – you may even want to take a little more), and ask yourself these questions. Be sure to write down your answers.

  1. Where do you honor your personal ‘fertility’ in your love life and creativity?
  2. Where have you let the heaviness and deadening of ‘winter’ set in?
  3. What would a balanced life look like to you? Be specific. Use examples from your life. How would YOUR life look if things were in order?
  4. Considering this, where are you out of balance now? What facets of your life need more time or energy? What needs to be included in your life that has been forsaken altogether?
  5. How can you make adjustments? How can you honor your dreams and passions by including them in your life?

Now look at your answers. What you wrote offers you the opportunity to re-think where you are in your life, and what steps you can take to achieve a healthier, happier balance. This is your time to make a plan. If you’re overwhelmed at first (let’s face it, some of our adjustment lists are pretty long!), start with the top three things you want to change. Write down three practical ways you can change them. For instance: Problem: I need more energy and vigor. Solution: I will get up 15 minutes earlier and do 10 minutes meditation before anyone else gets up. Problem: I keep putting things off for down the road when something changes (for instance, when I get a better job, or when I meet someone). Solution: I will buy a book or take an online class on buying a home/learning Spanish/Renaissance Art (whatever you’ve always been interested in but haven’t pursued). I have no time for myself – everything is on everyone else’s schedule! I will schedule one day a month for myself, where no obligations apply and I can do as I choose with my time. The first of these days is this Saturday (of course whatever day you choose is up to you, but make it sooner, rather than later – say within this week).

Keep this list where you can glance at it daily to help you maintain your momentum. At the time of the Vernal Equinox, all the forces of nature are aligned with new beginnings and renewals. If you work with the natural and astrological energies you’ll more naturally achieve flow and movement in your life. Let the changes borne by springtime be reflected by the positive changes you make for yourself! It’s a wonderful time to deepen your enjoyment of this life and remember that you create your own reality – and it’s never too late to be reborn!

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