Your Weekly Career Forecast for May 7-13, 2012

Your Career Horoscope

During this year of dynamic, game-changing events for each of us, the week of May 7-13 is about nurturing those amazing new ideas and projects you’re working on developing. While this is a week of forward motion, it is also a week to make certain that you are reaching others with your ideas. “Bounce off” coworkers without giving away your plan. Once they start showing interest it will be time to present the idea to the decision-makers.

This month unfolds to more spectacular surprises for all signs. In the mean time, this week is perfect for building your future and learning more about supporting others through emotional ups and downs while maintaining your own equilibrium – perfect for making you a better leader or independent operator.


About that idea you have on Monday the 7th that seems so brilliant to you – well, it is that brilliant! But before you demand a meeting with the boss, take a little time to observe your environment. There are heavy-duty passions and power-plays taking place that you may not be aware of. Once emotions die down it will be time to take action.

“Astrology identifies our energy that we will follow, unless we are made aware of it we will make mistakes which could have been consciously avoided and not expanded more on the exciting opportunities that await each of us.” – Psychic Alison ext. 9885


This is a great week to show the genuine heart and compassion your personal style has and your devotion to the company. Best of all, have heart and compassion for yourself and all you have given if others are too busy to notice. They’ll come around, probably on Wednesday the 9th when someone will commend you on how creative you’ve been.


Network, network, network! There is a lot going on with people emotionally, and you might even find yourself feeling a little disillusioned by your boss or someone you admire. Everybody has bad days, even you – so this will be an opportunity to make someone feel better.


Surprises at work and in partnerships are probably becoming almost commonplace to you. Since you can “feel” what’s going on in the room, you can actually take advantage of the situation. Just be prepared for some jealousy projected onto you in the middle of the week and use your gentle nature to diffuse the situation.


You begin the week with a burst of energy and insight. While you might think things aren’t moving quickly enough, you will likely have a leadership role. That team-leading position, if you approach it with generosity and compassion, could really establish you.


You are powerfully creative at this time and, while you are enjoying this productivity, your usual precision occasionally eludes you no matter how hard you try. Don’t worry about this. Your usual boundaries are being adjusted for opportunities in the future.


While your career hasn’t quite been going as planned for the last year or so, the key to a great future is education and considering international markets. You’ll see real benefits from these areas.


While there hasn’t been a dull moment in the workplace, you’ll see some relief from the chaos in the near future. Focus on creative pursuits and they will bring fruition. A creative partnership could be beneficial as well.


The week starts with high energy, high passion and high emotion. Be certain to consider that someone in the workplace will be prone to mood swings, even feeling “wounded” at some point. Be sure to include them in your good humor and positive attitude.


People have been amazed at your powerful self-expression lately, along with your truly creative ideas. While the responsibility load has been heavy, you have been up to it. Midweek brings the intensity and surprises with positive changes in the end.

“An astrologer can see from several aspects in a chart, short and long term compatibility between friends, family members, business partners, as well as love and marriage partners.” – Psychic Faith ext. 9608


Partners in projects have been anxious, quite likely about money. On the other hand, an alliance at work, along with your usual masterful networking could serve you well, especially early in the week.


This week will begin with your feeling a bit unsettled and the dramas at work aren’t comfortable for your particularly sensitive state. Your intuition is overwhelming you, yet what you are projecting to others is totally intriguing. Use it to your advantage.

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