Your Weekend Horoscope: Shocking Things

By Any Means Necessary

Intense Communications

Chatty Mercury and probing Pluto joined in Capricorn bring big-time intensity to communication. Superficial conversation will not suffice. Under this influence, people push to get to the heart of the matter. With unpredictable Uranus in the mix, shocking things will be heard and said. Proceed with caution. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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There is no filter between your brain and your mouth. This could prompt you to say something shocking to a boss, parent, or another authority figure. Or you could ask questions that are really none of your business. Keep a lid on it if you want to keep the peace.


Mercury and Pluto joined in your house of higher learning allow you to dive deep in your pursuit of knowledge. Whether your path is academic or spiritual, you can access the wisdom that you seek. Something that you discover could challenge your worldview, but isn’t that the point of learning new things?


Mercury aligned with intense Pluto could take pillow talk from enticing to indelicate. Beware of other people’s boundaries and back down from conversations that make your listener uncomfortable. Similarly, discussions about other people’s money might be both rude and unwelcome. It pays to mind your manners.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that this is a great time to get to the bottom of a matter between you and your mate. You are prepared to ask probing questions that will reveal the answers that you seek. Just beware that something you learn might cast him or her in an unusual light.


Once you have your mind set on completing a task there is not much that will stand in your way. However, unusual instructions or an advanced technique could possibly throw you for a loop. It might be best to put things on hold until you understand how to get the job done.


Mercury aligned with potent Pluto makes you super determined to emerge victorious in a romantic matter. You won’t back down until you have convinced the object of your affection to give in to what you want. Behaving like a stalker is not sexy. Know when to back off.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that something in your domestic life needs fixing. Whether you are repairing a broken faucet or a family relationship, you are determined to set things right. However, not everyone is prepared to go along with the program. An upset could be in store.


Clever Mercury aligned with Pluto can make you incredibly persuasive. You speak with the voice of authority and this commands the attention of the people around you. Just beware that you could trip yourself up when you attempt to put your so called know-how into action.


Clever Mercury aligned with powerful Pluto prompts you to do your homework on a financial matter. It pays to become better informed. However, you shouldn’t allow a little knowledge to compel you to take a big risk. There is more to the story. Give time for things to unfold before you make a move.


Inquisitive Mercury and potent Pluto enhance your innate sense of authority and can even make you come across as something of a superhero. However, a childish outburst could reveal your more human traits. You are only as strong as your ability to maintain your composure when things get crazy.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that your obsession with a particular thought or idea might be driving you nuts. However, just because you believe something it doesn’t necessarily make it true. It will all be okay provided your thoughts don’t push you to say something crazy.


Mercury and Pluto energizing your social sector could make you relentless when it comes to getting a friend to reveal information or persuading him or her to do something you want. Ultimately, you may discover that the two of you are just not on the same page.

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