Your Weekend Forecast for March 16-18, 2012

Mercury Retrograde Isn’t All That Bad, Is it?

Keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde from March 12 – April 4. This is not a bad thing, yet, it can be harder to move forward, and in general a time of introspective thinking.

The sweet watery, Sun sign Pisces is slipping away, leaving this the last weekend with the Pisces Sun shining on us. There is a balance, however, with the earthy energy of the Capricorn Moon on Friday and part of Saturday. The Moon will move into Aquarius on Saturday afternoon and will be there all day Sunday. Oh, the drama, keeping it real, let’s see what’s happening for the weekend in your sign.

Aries: This weekend is not about you, but the people you love and what they need from you. Perhaps you will help with a move or a shopping day that you do not feel much like doing. Consider your energy level so you do not over extend yourself.

Taurus: Perfect time to quiet your mind with some deep meditation. You have your fair share of responsibility to tend to, and if you are not prepared, you will find it hard to move forward. Sunday will be a good day to get in some fun activity to balance your mind, body and spirit.

Gemini: You seem to be dragging your feet at the beginning of the weekend. As it develops so, you will desire to have good conversations. Sunday will be a very exciting day where you get to show off something new that you learned.

Cancer: All the earthy energy has you so comfortable that you are not going to leave the house for any reason whatsoever. Sunday changes a bit with a very neutral vibration, making it so you can be embraced for one of your better moods that everyone around you will enjoy.

Leo: Even for you, the fun loving lion this weekend seems ho hum. Emotionally, you are finding a new sense of yourself, and sharing it with someone you love would make the weekend one to cherish in the end.

Virgo: Doing some straightening out around the house will be easy as the vibration of organization lends itself to your nature. You will accomplish some chores that really need your attention; by Sunday night, you will feel very good about the way you used your time.

Libra: Being the mother, yin yang or yoga of the zodiac, you will find more responsibility put on you than usual. With the energy being more intellectual for you throughout the weekend, people come to you for solutions. You are highly motivated to help, and will be appreciated.

Scorpio: Stagnation sets in, and you wonder if you are ever going to get out of the house this weekend. If you feel like relaxing, but are not in the mood to be alone, invite some friends over for some low-key activity. Sunday you are feeling your energy, which will lead to a fun ending to the weekend.

Sagittarius: Friday and Saturday are just not very exciting, yet they are two good days to do the things you have been putting off. Sunday will be a great day, and a surprise guest is going to show up that will put a smile on your face for the whole week ahead.

Capricorn: If need to get some sleep, this is the weekend to do it. You can catch up on your rest without missing a thing. You will find that resting and relaxing is easy; organize your thinking instead of the closets. There is a very balanced energy on Sunday giving you exactly what you need to bring in the upcoming workweek.

Aquarius: Daydreaming and thinking of you… there is no doubt that you will be missing a loved one that could not make it to see you. The thoughts, however, are almost as good as seeing your lover, and you find it fun to reminisce about the good times you had in the past, knowing that next weekend you will be together.

Pisces: Soak up the vibrations of your Sun sign, and enjoy the peaceful, quite and interesting activities that come on your path. Mellow is your mantra for the weekend, which translates to a great dinner you prepare for loved ones; keeping it all simple, yet tasty.

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    HI Emilio Goussen March 16, 2012 at 6:29 am YOU WROTE
    I have a legal issue on march 30th,2012,would you be able to give me any insight on that day.Thank You so much for your time

    I can tell you that the moon will be in Leo – giving your emotionas a way to really be heard. i will keep you in my prayers for a positive outcome.
    with metta,

  2. Emilio Goussen

    I have a legal issue on march 30th,2012,would you be able to give me any insight on that day.Thank You so much for your time


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