Your Vernal Equinox Horoscope: Driving Towards Opportunities

Trekking Around the Western Zodiac

It’s the Vernal Equinox and that mean the sun is beginning its annual trek around the Western zodiac. 2016 brings great opportunities to pursue your biggest dreams and ideals. At the same time you need to establish the necessary boundaries for your well-being. Drive forward with your cleverest, most innovative ideas, but be sure they include an expression of your most loving nature. You’ll be confronting life’s challenges, but being awake to the amazing opportunities they bring will open doors for each sun sign.

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You’re actually feeling the power of this day to the point that you want to rise up and declare what you feel and know. Your gut is in tune with what’s needed and wanted in the world. Just be patient and get the right advice, whether you need a patent lawyer or a wise older friend with good ideas about new, exciting passions and lovers.


Your friends and lovers are magical today. They’re downright intuitive about your upcoming year. They sense the passion for what you deeply desire in life. Even if you don’t agree with what they say, just take it in philosophically. Watch how being open to these new thoughts unfolds in your life.


You’re wired into your environment today, yet you’re not entirely comfortable with what you see on the horizon. It’s pretty, but you’re not certain how real it all is. Don’t worry. You’re agile enough to sort through it all. Sit back and enjoy the energy of your partner. That can be channeled into really successful efforts, probably evolving next autumn.


It’s funny. You have a sense of uncertainty about your life at this time, but you know that your heart is in the right place. You also know that your life is moving in the perfect direction. It’s just hard to feel as if you’ve found your footing. After a few months, you’ll have clarity and be ready to go full-speed.


Your heart is feeling driven, yet cautious. What do you do with such powerful feelings? It’s tough to know what action to take in love and in life. Enjoy the passions. You’re fine. You express yourself in a unique style that serves you. As long as you’re patient, the needed words and action will come at the right time.


Your secrets want to come out, but you’ve always been careful with these things. Part of you wants to just “spill your guts” and take the action needed to fit your plans. That’s not an altogether bad idea. Mix that enthusiasm with a bit of your normal restraint, and you’ll enjoy some real forward motion in life.


This is the time of year when you’re focused on partners rather than yourself. It can be extreme now. As long as you give the needed attention to your health and work situation, go ahead and indulge your adoration for someone new and special. No doubt it will be delicious as long as you also take care to love yourself.


You want to focus on financial obligations, but at the same time your love life and creative life are enchanting you to the point that you’re absolutely driven in those directions. If you tend to everyday needs in the midst of your inspired work, you’ll see yourself coming up a winner in it all.


You’ve been surprised at your own second thoughts recently. Your usually positive approach is combined with some caution this year. But today, you really want to push ahead. Those new creative ideas, or that new potential romance (or both!) is exciting. Balance the fun with real care and feedback, and you’ll thrive.


Everyone is surprised by your passion and enthusiasm today, and that includes you. As always, you’re driven toward your goals, but you’ve been discovering a new you that is making this all much more fun. Mixing in a little romance makes you and your partner happy.


If only you could get your vision across to others. It’s so clear to you. The good news is that this could be the month! Many around you will be feeling frustrated and you have some excellent ideas that can create a breakthrough. Be sensitive to their ego needs and you’ll succeed with them.


The sun leaves your sign today but the romance doesn’t. Your creative ideas can bring in cash and fun. Watch for the communication signals on the lunar eclipse on March 23 and see what you learn. From there you can open yourself to the sexiest of relationships, or some real creative success in your life.

2 thoughts on “Your Vernal Equinox Horoscope: Driving Towards Opportunities

  1. Rose

    Hi! Debbie thank u for your message. I do not have a partner to enjoy the energy (Gemini). But, god is the only energy I will ever
    need in my life to guide me in my journey. That also combined with the Angels, spirit guides, ascending masters etc. all shall be

  2. umeano Arinze

    am glad to know who my partner is,God is my partner & he want me to serve him forever,so through all my life travel channel,i discover my purpose on earth which is to serve God with all my heart,so pls love’s ones out there help back me up in prayer let God annointing & power flows on me also am asking God to review to me tools that i will use to serve him God,thanks & shalom unto you all


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