Your September 2011 Astrology Forecast

The nurturing vibration at the start of the month becomes a whirlwind of change and conflict after September 14. That’s when multiple planets start transiting into Libra—and run headlong into Uranus (revolution) and Pluto (transformation). This can create a rocky road for all things Libra, such as relationships, equality, legal matters, artistic pursuits and living a balanced lifestyle. Those of you with placements in early Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn will likely feel the effects of these influences, to some degree.

The main question to ask yourself is: what do I need to change or release so I can move forward—spiritually, mentally, emotionally and/or materially?

Here’s a breakdown of the influences for September…

Transit Tales

At the beginning of the month, Earth placements (Sun and Venus in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn) and Water placements (Mars in Cancer) favor activities that are practical or helpful.

Then on September 14, Venus leads the procession of planets into Libra. Normally this loving sign would favor romantic trysts, but afflictions from Uranus and Pluto can cause disruptions in relationships mid-month, especially if you need to make some changes in your love life. Mars entering Leo on September 18 (through November 9) can bring out your courage, creativity and self-expression, which will help you deal with any problems that come your way.

Toward the end of the month, Uranus and Pluto do battle with the Sun and Mercury in Libra, which can wreak havoc on communications, travel, legalities and relationships (again!).

Planets in Motion

Multiple retrograde planets—Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—can hinder innovation and economic progress. On the upside, they can help you get in touch with your inner life so you make choices that are right for you. Taking some time for introspection will accelerate the process.

Pluto, at least, turns direct on September 16, which will assist your financial/professional growth.

Lunar Magic

The Harvest Full Moon in Pisces occurs on September 12, a time for giving thanks for the blessings of the year.

The New Moon in Libra on September 27 merges with brainy Mercury, which favors communications about relationships, fairness, art/beauty or legalities. However, a square from Pluto, as previously mentioned, is sure to cause some subterfuge or power struggles in these areas at the end of the month.

Planetary Highlights

September 2: Sun trine Jupiter inspires activities that are spiritual, practical or creative.

September 8: Mercury opposing Neptune inspires spiritual pursuits, but can cause muddy communications, especially for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

September 8-24: Mercury in Virgo favors ideas, discussions and analyses about work, health or service-related activities.

September 11: Mercury trine Pluto deepens ideas and discussions about business, money, death or healing.

September 12: The Harvest Full Moon in Pisces encourages you to express your gratitude for the blessings you’ve “harvested” throughout the year.

September 14: Mercury trine Jupiter favors agreements, educational pursuits and discussions about the future.

September 14-October 7: Venus in Libra inspires love, sharing, equality and artistic endeavors.

September 16: Pluto turning direct can help empower your finances and professional activities.

September 17: Venus opposing Uranus can cause an instant attraction or sudden break-up, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

September 18: Venus square Pluto can bring up a relationship issue about power, jealousy, secrecy or money, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

September 18-November 9: Mars in Leo energizes activities that require courage, creativity or perseverance.

September 23: The Sun entering Libra signals the Autumnal Equinox, the beginning of the fall season.

September 23: Mars trine Uranus energizes activities that require innovation, inventiveness or quick action.

September 25-October 12: Mercury in Libra favors ideas and discussions that involve sharing, relating, equality or finding a balanced perspective.

September 25: Sun opposing Uranus can prompt a sudden change of direction, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

September 26: Mercury opposing Uranus energizes ideas that are innovative, scientific, impractical or extreme, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

September 27: The New Moon in Libra conjunct Mercury brings a fresh start for discussions about relationships, sharing, equality, art or legalities, but a square from Pluto can cause subterfuge or power struggles, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

September 28: Similar to the influence above, Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra energizes ideas and discussions about love, fairness, legal matters and art, but a square from Pluto can cause a clash of wills, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

September 29: Venus conjunct Saturn in Libra can inspire a commitment or bring up a fear about commitment, loneliness or poverty.

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37 thoughts on “Your September 2011 Astrology Forecast

  1. T-bird

    Violet, I’m glad you took a moment to respond to Kelli because it helped me too, especially the second paragraph and that it takes Libra men ‘a long time to come in for a landing.’ I’m a Leo and have been waiting for my Libra guy for awhile now, I think he’ll be so worth it if he decides to settle down! I’ll certainly take care of him. I’ve got a couple of female Libra friends who are really great people, too! Have a great day.

  2. Violet

    To Kelli, the Cancer who loves a Libra:

    I’m a quintuple Libra woman, and I just want to tell you to protect yourself when it comes to Libra men. We Librans want to be kind and fair, but we’re not the most stable people in the zodiac — and my boys can be way too charming for anyone’s good, including their own. Librans get lost in confusion.

    Just take care of your kind little Cancer heart. The good news is that though they may take forever to come in for a landing, Libra men tend to stay put if they’ve got a woman who takes care of them in style. That said… just thinking about them makes me tired!

  3. Celina

    So looks like I will have alot of changes this month being a capricorn. How do I know what the right choices/decisions will be to make the transitions best for me?

  4. Suzi

    You do not have to be physically hurt to be in an abusive relationship.I walked away from everything lost everything 30 years ago. If you are being verbally Abusiver,,, make a tape, pix, proof, for they always turn it around and blame you.
    You are not at blame:men who had abuse in their family think it’s normal. Please – prepare a secret bank a/c:prepare yourself:quietly and when the time is right…leave. Just walk out, but prepare your self timing and God will protect you. I FIND IF YOU STAY, IT WILL DESTROY YOUR LIFE!

    Think of your future, it can destroy your life if you prolong the agony.

  5. SpicyStreak

    I’m interested in Michelle’s comment about Capricorn. I’m a Cap and I am not necessarily reading it as all that bad. I’ll admit, life isn’t roses, but it has it’s good moments. Am I missing something?

  6. SpicyStreak

    Queen, you seem fairly sure of yourself. You may need to step back and take a closer look at your situation. I’m amazed when people jump out of one relationship into another, especially while having one foot in each. The wife sounds like the lucky one if you ask me! I guess it depends on what you think you are winning! But good luck to you! I hope you find the happiness you seek.

  7. Berndette

    Hi Cortney

    For the last 2 1/2 years has been hard for me, I got fired from my job because I have Multiple Sclerosis and they new what I had befor I started the job, but they fired me anyway and lost everything that I had so I had to get an attorney to fight for my rights, so right now am at the end of the law suit case and the case gose to court this Nov. 2011. My question to you is will the case be settle befor then or will I end up going to court? My birth date is 10-29-67…

    Thank you for your time…Bernadette

  8. Michelle a meier

    Why is it that for the capricorn its always bad news. Ever time i read a horoscope for capricorn its not good.So your saying over 90 percent of the time all we capricorns have to look forward to is heartbreak and dissappointments. So if youre a capricorn might as well end it no reason for living cause nothing good ever comes your way and if it does dont get use to it cause it will not last or it will soon turn to the bad. Well thank you for letting me know i have nothing good to look forward to in my life and im 45 yrs old.

  9. hency


    your forecast about my life.. it help me in many case. just like light in darkness. light which u gives me that helps me to walk properly in darkness. thanks

  10. queen

    Good forcast for the month. I.m dating a wonderful man who is in the process of divorcing his wife. We plan on spending our life together. This forcast gave me hope that this month a bigger seperation is going to occur during the divorce…like reality check on his spouses part. I know that I have to step back and let things occur naturally but be there for my man. I wish those who are in abusive relationships have the courage to end the relationships and find a way out. By years end, I hope that we all can breathe a sigh of relief. What we do now…especially in this month is going to set the standard for next year. I wish everyone peace and blessings.


    you are doing well for common persons and it is really work like providing oxygen for life. i am worried about love, and financial hardship. my date of birth is 06-10-1964. i will be thankful to you if guide me in this situatuion. hopping for favourable response

  12. cmanley

    Hi Cortney,

    I have been reading your Astrology reports for a long time, and this is the first time I have actually said something. I like how everything is written, but I am still trying to understand this. Like ” the moon in Pisces in the house of Scorpio”…what does that mean?? I am a scorpio by the way. And I have no idea if this month even reflects on me at all. I know it does Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer..How do I read this with a better understanding of it?

    Well thank you for reading this.


  13. Frea Danu

    Although things may seem bleak, I want to remind everyone that like attracts like…as in, whatever you allow your mind to focus on will inevitably become manifest. So, THINK POSITIVELY!!! And believe it! Because this life is what YOU make. Make it good. Stay strong, brothers and sisters.

  14. Kathi

    Some people are missing an important thing you said…Do I need to change or release? Sounds like a question I may be asking myself on a daily basis this month.

  15. Rhonda Louisa

    Thank you for the September forecast, and for me it looks like a rocky month yet again…whats new, my life is full of disappointments at the moment and I try so hard to cope with my every day life, I have a man in my life but he is working away and who knows if he will return or not as he does disappearing acts, where I cannot get in contact with him only by email, his mobile doesnt work where he is and I have been tearing my hair out…but yesterday I got really brave and decided that I will just have to get on with my life, but then I noticed towards the end of September you mention relationships again and that will only leave me having hope once again but I have to be strong…I really wish that you could or would say that everything will work out for me as I truly love this man….and he says he feels the same for me but I have my doubts…thank you for reading this and even though I cannot see you I feel so much better having written it all down…thank you for your good work….xx

  16. shiree

    Anyone in an abusive relationship should get out of the situation ASAP. Things will only get worse. Life is to short to live such a life. I have been there and done that. Beatings for no apparent reason and the hateful words said just broke my heart. Leave now before you get hurt. Not only you but the little one you spoke of. This will damage the childs childhood for life. Not only women are abused every minute of the day. I have seen women beat men up. It is not acceptable for anyone to hit each other.

  17. Deborah Simpson

    Thank you for not holding back in your forecast for September. I am not sure if the doom has already started for me and I don’t see the positive. My husband is very cruel & abusive and heartless. ” a un-healthy enviroment ” but trapped!!

    Unfortunately, reading this month’s forecast seems to prepare me for a month worse than this year has already been.

    So glad that others have something exciting coming up.

  18. Shelby

    This scares me I am a virgo in love with a capricorn and he has never treated me worse than here lately. He is angry and hateful at me and this monthly update makes me think things will only get worse.. especially because you brought up “legal issues”. This scares me to death because I have a 14 month old son, who we have had a custody battle over before. I dont know what to do. My birthday is Sept. 2 and he has already decided not to spend the day with me. Things arent looking good for us this month..

  19. Pam Makie

    Thanks Cortney,
    Am not at all well versed in astrology. Only know I’m a double Leo. Will be mindful of your September Astrology Forecast and check with it daily. Very interesting.

  20. Sylvia

    Hi Cortney,

    thank you for not holding back in your forecast for September. I am not sure if the doom has already started for me and I don’t see the positive.

    Unfortunately, reading this month’s forecast seems to prepare me for a month worse than this year has already been.

    So glad that others have something exciting coming up.


  21. Nick Payne

    Thank you so much Cortney, for sharing your understanding. I shall keep the details and follow them closely as this promises to be a humdinger of a month for me.



  23. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Cortney,

    Loved the part about the Lunar Magic : ” The Harvest Full Moon in Pisces occurs on September 12, a time for giving thanks for the blessings of the year ”

    My moon is in Pisces in the house of Scorpio……. I can’t wait !!!!!!!!! My favorite full moon of the year is always the harvest moon.

    Thank you for such a splendid monthly update !


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