Your Numerology Forecast: Futuristic Ideas

Week of February 15 – 21, 2010

It’s a fairly peaceful week, with not much to either create drama or provide an extra boost, beyond the added energy you get during a day that’s compatible with your personal numerology. The continuing combination of a 3 Universal Year and a 5 Universal Month encourages all of us to vigorously promote our out-of-the-box and futuristic ideas, which seem so plentiful this month. The week’s strong, dreamy Pisces influence infuses it all with the desire to add spirituality and selfless service to those visions of the future.

Monday – This visionary 11/2 (1+1=2) Master Number Day blends beautifully with the Piscean Moon, Venus, and Jupiter. Dream beautiful dreams, devote yourself to the highest possible ideals, but keep your credit card locked away because beautiful dreams in a 3 Year can end up being extravagant.

Tuesday – It’s Mardi Gras, and what better way to begin than with a sociable, sparkly 3 Universal Day? Even if you’re not in New Orleans, don’t be too rigid about getting things done today. Relax and enjoy friends, beauty, or your favorite entertainment.

WednesdayKarma Number 13/4 (1+3=4) invites you to spend the day peeling away unnecessary embellishments to find and strengthen the structures at the core of your favorite projects.

Thursday – Find a way to honor your desire to be free of restrictions on this double-5 Day (5 Day in a 5 Month). You can keep your promises and still let your mind, imagination, and heart go adventuring.

Friday – Gather friends or family for a cozy TGIF celebration. Gathering at someone’s home, or enjoying concerts or community events together will be especially appealing.

Saturday – If you’ve been putting off sorting through any complex professional or creative problems, ones which require insight and cleverness, there’s no better time to tackle them than this 7 Day.

Sunday – If you found solutions yesterday, let today’s dynamic and achievement-oriented 8 energies support you in putting them into action. Strategic skills are always at their peak on 8 Universal Days.

Want to know your personal day, month, and year? Here’s how:

First, calculate your personal year in 2010 by adding your birth month and date to 2010. If you were born November 16, 1979, then add 11+16+2010 (don’t include your birth year). 11+16+2010 = 2037. This is your Base Number for 2010 calculations. For your personal year, reduce your Base Number by adding the digits together, 2+0+3+7=12, 1+2=3. For your personal month add the current month (February/2) to your Base Number (2037 in the example), and then add the digits (2+2037=2039, 2+0+3+9=14, 1+4=5, a 5 Month). For your personal day, add the month and day (let’s say February 8th) to your Base Number (2+8+2037=2047=13/4, or a 4 Day).

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