Your New Moon Forecast for March 2013

Healing the Soul

The New Moon in Pisces on March 11 brings with it resolution to things that heretofore seemed unresolvable. The energy of Neptune sweeps in and with it, a certain kind of healing occurs—the healing of the soul. There are three ways to make the most of this miraculous influence. Read on to learn more about them!

Clear the Space

In the days leading up to the New Moon, make a conscious decision that you’ll be letting go of whatever it is that no longer serves you. If there’s something obvious that’s been holding you back, start there. However, if the wound is buried and you’re simply struggling with a deeper sense that something needs clearing, set your subconscious to recognizing it. It’s amazing what we’re capable of with intention. So if you acknowledge your desire to make room for release, whatever it is you need to release will come to you. It may not be obvious, but there is something you need to release. Learn what it is and how to release it during a chat with Fiona ext. 5178.

Elevate Your Consciousness

Pisces is the sign of the psychic. Emotionally, this is a time when we’re all naturally in tune with intuition. The veil between plains is at its thinnest, allowing us access to knowledge we might not regularly harness. It would be worthwhile then, to create a New Moon ritual for yourself. Do yoga, meditate or whatever it is that calms your body and mind, allowing you to access your spirit. Ask the universe for a clearing of consciousness so that you can move to the next level. The results might not be immediate, but the progress will begin instantly. Get more tips on moving to “the next level” from Psychic Sonja ext. 5071!

Change (or at least progress) Your Karma

As a part of this ritual, decide that now is the moment you will no longer buy into patterns that are detrimental to your advancement as a soul or an earthly being. With the kind of transformational power at hand during this New Moon, your pure intentions and follow through can help transform your life in meaningful ways, including relinquishing of lessons that you can now prove you’ve learned.

We are spiritual soul energy beings, made up of pure energy, only on the earthly plane to grow and learn Karmic life lessons, inhabiting the earthly plane in physical form.” – Psychic Gina Rose ext. 9500

15 thoughts on “Your New Moon Forecast for March 2013

  1. Leslie Ann Warren

    All Of Us Jus Need 2 Keep The Faith & Give God The Glory All The Time, By Believin Our Almighty Father Will Get Us Through This By Listenin 2 Ur Inner Self & Heart Where The Holy Spirit Is Always Guidin Us Frm Negaivity, While Up Liftin U Always Through His Son Our Big Brother Jesus In His Name Blood & Luv Always!!

    Thank U 4 Inspirin Us 2Day Gina w Blessings Always!!

  2. Tammy

    I think this page is amazing. I also had a clear vision today of what I need to release and will be working on doing just that and alot of gut instincts came with it. God works doesnt he:)

  3. Gina Richards

    Last year someone at California Psychics was 100% right when they told me who I thought was my boyfriend actually got another pregnant!!! Thank you so very much and as soon as I can I will talk to one of your gifted psychics. 🙂

  4. Daci Armstrong

    I had a huge “light bulb” moment a few days ago so I guess I am a little ahead of the forecast. Is this normal for a Capricorn like me since we usually move so slowly?

  5. romel

    hi . I am pleased to receive regular updates which I read every day. I am a Geremini and I am down and out with no job. I pry for some thing can you advice me

  6. Emily

    Hi I was borned in Mexico City October 21 1949, between 5 and 7 am I had Saturn for about 3 years now when is it going to get better….. thnak you

  7. missran

    i totally agreed to u that subconsious works miricale and no words to describe i have experience it many times and it works wonderfully. thks missran

  8. Laura Bure

    Funny how you are righton the point! I saw a psychic yesterday for I was being bombed by the spirits and my energy was completely drained. After seeing her I completed lifted and did several things to cleanse not only myself but my home and this morning what a difference. I also forgave my daughter and aske her to forgie me. Now the healing can begin……

  9. Kristina

    Hi there!
    i’m seriously going through the worst year of my life. I really ask myself is it ever going to get better? and what did I do to deserve all this pain in my life and sadness constantly. Is this Karma for my sins? I am so in love with my ex who constantly makes me feel like im not good enough for him to commit to, and yet wants to have control over my life and calls all the shots. The truth is I for some reason really feel like he is my ultimate soul mate and cant seem to ever let go. I found out that he is not being honest with me and is still involved with his ex. then I met this other good loooking guy and really felt a connection, but it turns out he is a huge drug addict and uses needles. he kicked me out the other day and treated me like absolute dirt. Im so lost what should I do?

  10. Nancy

    Hi Gina I agree we are all energy but intelligent energy,we come from a higher source called God the maker of the flesh for the purpose of learning so we can go on to a higher planes. My problem is that I want to stay with this higher person he is the one after I die up the spirit I want to be with. I don’t want to come back here as my life was one living hell since birth. I never want to come back to earth Staying with the life force called God would be better for me I would never get hurt ever again I would be protected from the evil that comes with living here.In this world I how ever would like to for once find a man to love me and be nurturing as I have been perhaps I have been to nurturing . It always seems that men want to be treated like animals dogs or stepped on and I have problems doing this. I have always been the nurturer I want a strong man to defend me and care for me and treat me like I was worth living.You sound like a great person out of most I read about do you e-mail or just do phone? Nancy To God be the glory!!!

  11. sally

    thanks for this today. i need this as i must move on from an unpleasant situation. this will help me clear away as i leave my prsent residence.


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