Your New Moon Forecast for July 2012

Nurture. Pamper. Grow.

Each new moon brings with it a chance to start fresh. Questions and problems that first reared their heads at the last new moon (In this case, the new moon in Gemini on June 19.) are due to come to a head and be answered or at least lead us in another direction. So what does the new moon in Cancer on July 18 mean for you?

Here are some tips for maximizing your benefits of this brand new life cycle!

Take Time for You

Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, encouraging us to nurture ourselves and others (but more on that in a moment)! This new moon shines a light on the areas of our lives that need tending to. Are you neglecting your health? Working too much at the expense of family or social time? These are things that will be brought to the forefront and now is your chance to address them.

Cultivate Self-Awareness

Like fellow water signs Pisces and Scorpio, Cancer is a sensitive sign—perhaps the most sensitive of the entire astrological spectrum. The new moon in Cancer offers us each an opportunity to take what we’ve learned about ourselves since the last new moon and digest it, turning it into a new modus operandi. Pay attention to your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Consider your patterns and how you’ve come to them. By acknowledging where you’re currently situated, you’ll be able to forge ahead (once Mercury retrograde is over in August) and flourish!

“Astrology brings so much to the table, it gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Quinn ext. 5484

Make Time for Loved Ones

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and neglect those who mean the most to us. The new moon in Cancer encourages putting a little TLC into the relationships that form our foundations. So if your closest friends aren’t your go-to hang out buddies or you tend to forgo your family in favor of work obligations, take a moment out this month and honor those who love you. Fostering the connections we can count on is a surefire way to ensure our health and happiness for the long run.

Relinquish Judgments for Sympathy

While there will always be those who act in ways you don’t approve of or understand, now is the time to treat them with kindness. If you can’t empathize, sympathize. By letting go of judgments and embracing the unconditionally loving maternal spirit of Cancer, you attract the same level of understanding and acceptance in return.

“By knowing what your partner is made of astrologically, you can better gauge your relationship.” – Quinn ext. 5484

30 thoughts on “Your New Moon Forecast for July 2012

  1. joni

    Was told my youngest has a rare disease wilk they find a cure,will she live and be with her unborn baby?will I find love?

  2. renee caron

    sometime its meant for me and not?looking to see what the world has to offer me in love and working life?????? well see what comes up next ?.

  3. deb

    i’m on the cusp of libra/scorpio and in love witha very sesnsitve cancer are there any suggestions or feedback about the two of us???

  4. Christina

    Hey my name is christina n im in love wit a pisces I would like to kno if we go good together I really love him

  5. Dennis George

    I am Pisces, she is Libra. Once we were lovers. I’ve carried her in my heart for all these years. Have I waited in vain?

  6. Lucy Jane

    Apparently many of your gazette recepients fail to understand that you are not sending them a horoscope for a person born under the sign of Cancer. This article is about what to expect with a New Moon in Cancer, folks, regardless of your personal sign. The movement of all planets and signs applies to all of us as they change. Geesh!!!!

  7. Poetry in Motion

    Virgo and Pisces is a match made in heaven if each individual is balanced. This post is not for just Cancers, but all signs. This month the New Moon is in Gemini, and we are in the month of Cancer.

  8. Jhanene

    I always enjoy reading what’s in store from your planetary observations
    It helps give a better understanding when watching the rhythms of life.
    Thanks for the wise
    interpretations 🙂

  9. Konchan

    I’m a Aries, in love with a Leo. Due our union compatible? I’m wild, fun, active and love to talk, but he is conservative, kind, attentive and can he keep up with me?

  10. Chevis

    Please show my name as Chevis Only. Also u keep sending me info on cancer, I’m a PISCES. Plz advised as to what the problem is all of a sudden. Thx, CHEVIS

  11. CR

    Wow. How true. Words said in haste, or in an emotional moment can cause great grief and pain when received by your love if they don’t accept your frailty as a human. I suffer from his staunch Capricorn soul.

  12. aix otero

    Itry to sign in for vaious reason and alway get the wrong answer I’ll give yu a ry it can not hurt right is yes or no but feel free to do so agai thank yo fon you patients aix otero

  13. Martin Nolan

    Hi, I ask you about Can I love anyone on this month or soon? Please sent your message to me soon and thank you.


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