Your Money Forecast for 2013

How Will the Planets Affect You in 2013?

Though your money forecast for 2013 will be slightly different from someone else’s, there will be overall planetary movements that affect us all. Finances can come and go through many avenues. There are clues in the stars to guide us—Venus transits through the houses, Jupiter’s luck and expansion, Mercury retrogrades and, of course, eclipses that bring change through external forces. Also, planets in your work or career houses will affect your money forecast, so be aware. Get a detailed forecast just for you from astrologer Psychic Renee ext. 5450. Call her today!

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion has been in Gemini since June 2012 and will remain until June 2013. Jupiter in Gemini brings luck through publications and communications in all forms. In June 2013, it will move into Cancer and making money from your home-base is favored, even as extra income. Jupiter conjuncts the Sun once a year, and this year that lucky day falls on June 19; this is the day to buy a lottery ticket.

Let’s focus on financial highlights for your Sun sign and rising sign. You should read both for a well-rounded view of your money forecast for 2013. There are far more transits that involve you and your money this year—too many to mention here—so be sure to consult an astrologer for the full financial picture.


Overall the May 9 solar eclipse looks like the time when you make room in your life for new opportunities, giving up others. When Jupiter changes to Cancer on June 25, you just might spearhead a whole new enterprise.


Venus, your ruler, suggests that February 2 through the 25th is a good time to ask for a raise at work. And then again, April 15 to May 9, Venus is in your Sun sign and things go your way financially and other ways, too.


Look for a raise in pay. February 25 through March 21 would be a great time to ask. Lucky Jupiter is in your sign through June 25, and it proves even luckier for you when it moves into your house of earned income for a full year after June 25.


March 21 through April 15, Venus is in fellow cardinal sign, Aries, and your career house. You’re the go-to guy/girl, and that equals more money. Look to the October 18 lunar eclipse also in your career house for more positive professional news. Money comes from creativity.


Your biggest boost to finances may be the May 9 lunar eclipse in Taurus, also your 10th house of career, when you could get a promotion or even decide on self-employment. When Jupiter moves into Cancer after June 25, you’ll focus on your relationship with money. Need more specific details on how things will turn out? Talk with astrologer Psychic Shauna ext. 9010 and get your detailed forecast today.


Between January 1 and June 25, Jupiter remains in your 10th house of career; networking can bring financial gain. The lunar eclipse on October 18 boosts finances in joint ventures or finances you share with another.


Your career house is bustling in 2013 with Mercury in Cancer May 21 through August 8 and Venus in Cancer June 2 through 27 (ask for a raise), plus lucky Jupiter is in Cancer from June 25 through July of 2014 making your money forecast for 2013 quite promising—just lay low June 26 through July 20.


January 1 through June 25, Jupiter helps joint finances. Venus is in Leo, your career house, June 27 through July 22, and it’s a great time to get a raise or to come up with money-making ideas. Lucky Jupiter moves into fellow water sign Cancer after June 25, and all water signs benefit.


June 25 lucky Jupiter moves into Cancer to boost your finances, and it forms a great angle to your career house too. You’ll love July 22 through August 16 when Venus shines on your career house—ask for that raise. You’ll love the attention almost as much as the money accessible to you now.


Between February 1 through 25 Venus and Jupiter form a nice angle to one another, and you could receive monetary recognition for a job well done or you’ll start a new career. August 16 through September 11 also looks great for career-related finances.


From February 24 through March 21 Venus is in Pisces where Mars will also be from February 1 through March 12—you earn money through creative projects. In mid-October, Mars in Virgo gives you a break in taxes or money from a partner.


When Venus and Mars pair up in Pisces between February 24 and March 12, you’ll be nose to the grindstone at work but smiling at the bank. However, there’s a Mercury retrograde in your sign during this period, so make sure you don’t spend what you earn—hold on to it. At the October 18 lunar eclipse, you may be emotional about money.

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