Your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope: April 2017

The Power of One on the Many

There are many people who don’t quite understand what Mercury retrogrades are about, but they know enough to be wary. Mercury rules publishing, communications of all types, mechanics, electronics, commerce, and just about everything that keeps the Earth machine moving. When Mercury retrogrades about three to four times a year for about three weeks each time, it’s basically taking a break. Therefore all it rules seems to go unchecked, unsupervised and thereby unpredictable. Mistakes will be made, words can be misconstrued, and mechanical items can break down.

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Give Mercury Retrograde Space

Another important thing to note about Mercury retrogrades is to give them space—about three to four days at the beginning and end of its transit. For instance, Mercury is set to retrograde between April 9 through May 3, so you may feel its effects starting as soon as April 5 and as late as May 7. It will begin its retrograde phase in the sign of Taurus and then move backwards into Aries on the 20th of May.

Here’s What Everyone Should Avoid

Avoid buying big-ticket items and purchases of anything electrical or mechanical. If possible, avoid signing contracts or entering into agreements, as they will likely have to be changed later on. Also, if you’re planning a road trip, don’t just “gas-and-go;” check fluids, tire pressure, etc. Travel of all sorts may be delayed, so pack your patience along with your toothbrush. If you live in the U.S., don’t forget to file your taxes and get proof of mailing just to avoid trouble. Double check your facts and figures and proofread written communications such as emails, so they’re clear and concise.

Now let’s see what this Mercury retrograde horoscope has in store for you and your Sun sign:


During this three-week retrograde phase, it’s important to quell your usually impulsive behavior. Check your account balances and cash on hand before making any moves forward. As long as you look before leaping, your Mercury retrograde horoscope says you should be fine.


As Mercury begins its retrograde phase, news someone shares or gossip you hear about a close relationship may prompt your bull-in-a-china-shop side to come out. However, quiet reflection will provide you with a better direction.


Mercury is your ruling planet, so you always feel its retrograde periods more intensely than others. During this retrograde phase, it’s important to not only keep a watchful eye on spending, but on your wallet as well and have a stash on hand for unexpected expenses.


With Mercury in your career house for the majority of its retrograde period, you may be beating yourself up about not making progress. When it goes direct again in May, things will start picking up. But perhaps not as fast as you’d like. Your Mercury retrograde horoscope advises you to be patient.


Mercury will begin its retrograde in your house of careers, giving you the idea you’d like to improve your financial future. You can use the Mercury retrograde to get your resume and skill set up-to-date and when it’s over, you’ll be ready to cash in on opportunities.


Mercury’s retrograde may leave you feeling a little out of touch; it may even challenge your ability to communicate clearly. The problems or misunderstandings you may encounter—personal or business—will be clear once Mercury moves forward in May.


As the sign representing partnerships, this Mercury retrograde could be challenging if you don’t use it wisely. You may revisit past relationships in your mind, but don’t physically cross that boundary unless you’re positive you can follow through in reality.


Like Libra, Mercury will remind you of a relationship from the past—perhaps one you haven’t thought of in a long while. Wait until Mercury reenters Taurus in forward motion in mid-May before acting on your fantasies, if you’re going to do it at all.


During the first week of Mercury’s retrograde, Venus will be retrograde as well. Your Mercury retrograde horoscope says you should put the credit cards in a safe deposit box and carry minimal cash as it will be all too easy to fall prey to a “deal of a lifetime.” If the opportunity still exists after the beginning of May, then go for it, but do your homework first.


You may get the sense that something’s off in a close friendship or relationship. The usual Mercury retrograde advice prevails; don’t take action until you’ve got it all clearly worked out in your head. It may have nothing at all to do with you personally.


Delays can be frustrating, but they can also be necessary and/or quite pleasant. Before you let the Mercury retrograde test your patience, ask yourself why you’re in such a rush. Sometimes the journey is more exciting than the destination. Live in the moment.


While Mercury finishes its retrograde phase in your second house of money, it wouldn’t be a bad time for you to kick back and take some much needed time off as well. After all, being an emotional creature you know that the most precious things in life are free.

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