Your Mars Forecast for December 2013

Your Mars Forecast: Sexy and Passionate Energy is Coming Your Way!

December is a crucial month for a sexy, energetic Mars vibe, as the planet goes into its opposite sign Libra on December 7, remaining until late July 2014. This is an extremely long time for Mars to be in a sign as far from its “natural habitat” as it can get.

Mars’s raw passionate style is transformed in Venus’s sign Libra into a “peaceful warrior” for justice, like Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi. We all begin to get the message that loving co-operation is what works for humans, as Mars treks back and forth with three passes over points in Libra – three opportunities to get it right by the end of July!

Each sun sign experiences December’s Mars energy in different ways:


The first week of December is a fabulous time for sexy encounters, particularly on the 5th. December 10-11 will be exciting and challenging. Communication/cooperation is essential for success. Use a playful, creative approach to love and life on December 21-22 and New Year’s Eve.


Savor the luscious romantic and inventive time during the first week of December. Work, health, your partner’s money and investments become a bigger focus beginning December 7. Go for that higher degree in education or seek personal awareness to enrich your future. Your action days are December 4-5, 13-14, and 23-24.

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Mars is going to be pouring its massive energy into your creative and love life beginning the weekend of December 6-8, a perfect for an inspiring getaway. Brilliant new ideas on the 10-15 bring benefits through socializing/networking on the 20th through the Christmas holidays.


On December 7 Mars will enter the area of your life centered on home, parents and your “roots” for an extended stay. You’re in a good position to “go with the flow” over the next 8 months through a number of big changes that will ultimately benefit you and your future. The best days to show your stuff and enjoy the magic others feel from your intuition and warmth are December 1, 17-18 and 27-28.


When Mars enters Libra on December 7, you’ll begin an 8-month period when positive actions come through communications and local travel. Changes during the coming year are manageable thanks to your steady, vital qualities. Your best days to shine and inspire others are December 2-3, 10-11, 20-21 and the 29 through New Year’s Eve.


On December 7 your Mars energy shifts from personal, physical/health action to focusing on finances and those things you value most – like your treasured relationships. Your love life can be your own beautiful creation and your creative efforts bring love. Your most brilliant days are December 4-5, 12-14, 18, 22-24 and New Year’s Eve.


Mars enters your sign for a phenomenal eight-month stay on December 7. This will be an amazing time for you, as you’ll be in the interesting position of being more self-assertive than you’ve ever been. Libras tend to be so focused on what’s good for and fair for everyone that you often forget to take care of yourself. These qualities are what succeed through next July and so do you. Your action days are December 2, 6-7, 15-16 and Christmas Day.

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With your sun sign ruler, Mars moving into the area of your chart that explores mystery and depth on December 7th, you’ll find inner power and strength over the next 8 months. December will open the opportunity for rich soul-searching. December 1st is a day when study and creativity go hand-in-hand. December 4th-5th, 8th-9th, 18th-19th and 27th-28th are perfect for passionate and inspirited action.


Use the inspired Sagittarian new and crescent moons of December 2 and 3 to present your new idea and for an exciting, surprise romance. On December 7th Mars’s dynamic energies are shifting to your social life for the next 8 months. Prepare to take action through networking during this time to reach your dreams. Your best action days are the 6, 10-11, 15-16, 20-21 and the 29 through New Year’s Eve.


Vibrant, energetic Mars moves into the area of your career and public image on December 7 for an 8-month stay. You know that changes in your home and career are on the horizon and you are ready to move forward. Your December cutting-edge days are the 4-5, 8-9, 12-13, 18 and Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


When Mars enters Libra on December 7 you’ll begin a period of being a source of change, innovation and inspiration. You begin a period of being the visionary others seek during December. Travel or explore ideas with your lover. Your best days to provoke others’ thoughts and ideals in December are the 2nd, 6th-7th, 10th-11th, 15th-16th, 20th-21st, Christmas Day and the 30th.


December 1 is a great day for travel, communicating your highest ideals and for creative efforts. When Mars enters Libra on December 7 it will be impacting your investments – not just financial but in relationships and your desire to reach your goals and leave a legacy. Your key days in December to inspire and succeed are the 8th-9th, 14th, 17th-18th and 27th-28th.

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