Your March 2016 Money Horoscope: Life Changers

Life Changers

Unexpected and Life-Changing Events

The most notable astrological events in your March Horoscope are the first eclipses of 2016. The first is a new moon solar eclipse in Pisces on March 8 and the second is a full moon lunar eclipse in Libra on March 23. Eclipses are said to bring about unexpected and life-changing events and each of these eclipses will affect different sun signs in different areas of life.

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It’s a Pisces Kind of World

March 8 is an important day to circle in the March Money Horoscope, not just because of the solar eclipse in Pisces, but because on this day we will also experience what some astrologers call a “Crown of Stars.” It’s when five (or sometimes more) planets come together in one astrological sign—this time all in Pisces as well. With so many planets imbued with Piscean energy, you can bet that we’ll be in the midst of a flexible, fanciful and no-boundary kind of existence. In other words, the borders around some circumstances will be vague, and lines can be blurred and easily crossed. Here’s how this energy affects your sun sign below:


There’s a lot going on in March, but your Money Horoscope has a big circle around the 20th when Venus and Neptune rendezvous in footloose-and-fancy-free Pisces. Treat your money like it was your child—keep one eye on your spending and one hand on your wallet.


As we enter March, your career house is still lit up with Venusian charm, lasting until the 11th. That makes the first days of March a good time to list your accomplishments at work and remind the boss what a valuable asset you are to the company. Translation: Go for a raise if you’re sure you’ve earned it.


One Mercury enters Pisces on the 5th, money matters may enter a perplexing phase, especially when it comes to your career. Before you turn your confusion into combustion or voice your displeasure over a work-related matter, make sure you know the facts. Things become clearer after the 21st.


The solar eclipse on the 8th brings a gaggle of planets to Pisces and away from your house of shared money. This is a good thing. Your cash flow should improve exponentially—a relief after the last two months. Eclipses herald life-changing events, and this eclipse will certainly feel like one.


If you plan on signing on the dotted line or entering into a contract of any sort, try to do so before March 12. After that, Venus will be dizzily distracted while swimming in Pisces’ pool and you’ll need a pro to navigate and translate the fine print for you.


Your personal relationships might be a little less than supportive in March. This includes your relationships with bosses and coworkers. Venus will be in your sixth house until the 11th, helping you handle conflicts with grace. After that, just keep your eye on the prize/paycheck and keep your cool.


Your March Money Horoscope has two days that center around your career. On the 8th the eclipse brings news or events at the workplace that could propel you to take the rest of the day off and perhaps ponder the future. On the 16th planets align to help you find new opportunities. It’s your choice.


With Mars and Saturn in your house of money, your March Money Horoscope’s first duty is to warn you about making large or impulsive purchases. Sometimes it’s more fulfilling to fill up the piggy bank and save for a rainy day. Saturn rewards good intentions.


March 16 could bring good news on the cash and career fronts. Your generous ruling planet, Jupiter, now in your career house, will form a beneficial angle to Pluto in your money house. Together their energy is large and in charge—anything could happen.


Circle March 14 on your March Money Horoscope—a day when planets gathered in your communications house are at odds with your sign’s ruler, Saturn. If you’re an entrepreneur, make sure your appointments are confirmed and bills are paid. If you’re someone’s employee, clear up any miscommunications at work before they get blown out of proportion.


With the eclipse on the 8th occurring in your house of money, you’ll want to take care and keep watch over money matters of all kinds. Don’t be careless with spending and keep an eye on your wallet too. On the upside, it’s a great day to organize a plan to be debt-free.


As far as your March Money Horoscope goes, you’ll probably be busy spending on entertaining and celebrating. Just remember that friends and family make the party, not what you spend. Keep it fun, lively and slightly frugal and you’ll avoid a not-so-minor miscommunication on the 23rd.

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