Your Birth Number Forecast for 2013

Find Out What Lies Ahead for Your 2013!

6 is the number vibration of 2013, a year focusing energy in the areas of creative beauty, loving service and the riches of everyday life. Family, dining with beloved friends and your career all bring fulfillment. Your loving interaction with others, whether it is in your work environment, with your lover or at home will arouse your joy in living.

6 is the number of joyous relationship and the beautiful. It carries the image of a harmonious, inspired life. There is an earthy quality to the vibration, particularly when you consider the beauty of our planet. You’ll find the true spirit of this 6 year by watching the world around you brighten through your devoted service to others, your art, your craft or your calling in life. This is a year when there will be major changes, yet as you adapt you can see more clearly what you have to contribute to the world.

Us the following formula to find your birth number: Take all the numbers of the date of your birth and add them together. You then add those numbers together until you reach a number of 1 – 9. Example: 2-14-1988 is 2+1+4+1+9+8+8 = 33 (3 + 3) = 6, so your birth number is 6. Note: Continue to add the numbers until you get a single digit. For instance, if you get 11, add 1+1 and you get 2. That would be your number to use for this forecast.

#1: 2013 is a year of massive change and many opportunities for action—just the way you like it! Your love of initiating and organizing others will be in harmony with what is needed in the world right now. The beginning of February is a great time to reach others through communications to attract them to your projects. August will be the month when you can really present your plans and ideas with good reception.

#2: 2013 will be a rich year for finding the balance and powerful bonds that you want in life. March offers an idealistic romantic period, followed by April’s truly sexy and rich time of beauty. July and August offer you that balance and harmony with partners you have been working so hard to achieve. Find out what’s going on with a numerology reading from Psychic Amelia ext. 9772.

#3: February 2013 brings a time of reflection and the reworking of an important creative project. By May and June you’ll be able to express what’s in your heart and mind in a way you’ll find satisfying, rich and full of promise. August brings important changes—possibly even a new job offer. Late October offers the harmonious flow in life that you thrive on.

#4: Spring and summer of 2013 will be your period of major breakthroughs in career and home life. There will be a peacefulness you haven’t enjoyed for some time beginning in May that will help you thrive. You’ll feel more in harmony with nature and friends culminating in July and August.

#5: In early April 2013 you will be shining in your work and will tend to be the star of the show wherever you go. Late May your creative efforts will really surprise others as you show a whole new side of yourself and work in a realm others didn’t know you could conquer. New ideas and technologies will serve you well in late October.

“Don’t get in a hurry to choose and stay open to all of the good things the universe will bring to us if we allow it.” – Psychic Maryanne ext. 9146

#6: With the entire year of 2013 resonating with your number, you’ll find yourself growing and expressing yourself more fully. An old romance may come back to life in March, or you could resolve old relationship issues. You’ll find some very special new friends and networking opportunities during June, July and August.

#7: 2013 is a year offering you breakthroughs in a number of areas. January events will clear the way to really pursue your path by being in tune with your spiritual needs and those of others. You are on the course of creating deeper relationships during the months of April and May. During July, August and November you’ll be enjoying great energy and direction for building your personal and spiritual future.

#8: The potent year of 2013 brings the challenges you love. This year is about mastery and you are willing to face the challenges throughout the year in order to clear the creative flow that you find so natural to use and to build upon. The months for your biggest and best accomplishments are July and August. These will be followed by new inspiration in November.

#9: 2013 is your year to guide others. You use writing or a form of teaching to share what you’ve learned during the first half of the year. Then beginning in July the manner in which you reach others will require a more emotional approach. You’ll find that you succeed through fascinating and stirring others’ emotions to something higher, no matter what field you are in.


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  1. Deep

    my date of birth is October 9th 1988. and that of her is June 22nd 1992.
    please let me know about my love chances… will she love me?

  2. Sweety

    My birth number is ( 6 ) 3-2-1963. Whats my future, finance, and will I ever fine the love of my life or will I ever get married?

  3. Reeta Paul

    Who is answering here people ask questions but I dont see anybody answering them. I think one has to call psychic for answers. This minute payment thing for calling (telephone) and talking with psychic is expensive.


    I fond myself with 8# , I am afraid of facing challenge this year again. Please what will I do? Thanks Sir/Ma.


    Thank you, i fond myself with 8# , I am afraid of facing challenge this year again. Please what will I do? Thanks Sir/Ma.

  6. Rumana

    When will my money problem be over , i am so tried of it and am i going to get a job soon in my field which is retail.

  7. lelani labrador

    Its wonderful to know, whats going on in the future days,im so crazy watching and reading this updated events of my everyday life, thank you so much, its me lelani

  8. thimira

    thank u very much n i want about my family life too my wife stil srilanka bt m here at canada we want be together as soon as possible,tks take care

  9. J. Shunmugham

    I have born on 15-04-1952. What is my lucky number . On which date, I can start an export business, as I desire. What will be the suitable title to my business institution for a lucky favour and what commodity is to be dealt in the business.


    I really inspiredbout y readig this 2013. I hope al my dreas and wishes will be fulfiled this year.
    California Psycic

  11. abosede

    I appreciate your wisdom, knowledge and understanding that God Almighty gives to you, keep it up. I checked my mail everyday to know what my sign says about me, and i discover it was true. Please, what i want you to go deep into, is about my marital life, the man in my life now is MR. SUNDAY OLANREWAJU, i wants to know if he truly love me and will not jilt me. I was once in a deep relationship but the man traveled abroad and never look back (Gabriel) despite all my suffering when he was nobody. Now, i want to be careful and be watchful. Please, i need your assistance. God will continue to be with you now and forever in Jesus name. Amen.

  12. baroque

    I found it interesting that birth number of 2 but my total numbers were 2 plus 9…. when I looked at both 2 and 9… I am a combination… amazing… now going to look at those around me..


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