Your 30-Day Birth Number Forecast for December 10, 2012 to January 10, 2013

It’s the End of the World, or is it?

December is the month containing the dramatic Mayan prediction of “The End Time” on December 21, 2012. If you have the number 1 for your Birth Number, you will resonate naturally with the new age as it reflects your basic nature. You are an initiator in life. If you have a 9 birth number, you are a natural teacher, international traveler or spiritual leader. You carry the essential wisdom of the previous age into the new age.

Finding your birth number is simply taking all the numbers of the date of your birth and adding them together. You then add those numbers together until you reach a number between 1 – 9. Example: 2-14-1988 is 2+1+4+1+9+8+8 = 33 (3 + 3) = 6. 6 is your birth number. (Note: Continue to add the numbers until you get a single digit. For instance, if you get 11, add 1+1 and you get 2. That would be your number to use for this forecast.)

1s and 9s have a spotlight role in transformational times. 9 is the number of integrating what has been learned over an age and sharing it, while 1 is the number of breaking through to new beginnings.  Yet the fact that everyone counts and has a role is the major theme of the great changes of 2012. 2s will provide the feminine/masculine balance being demanded of humanity. 3s are the loving communicators who share the magic of “the word.”

4s carry ancient knowledge and reflect the four elements of interactive life. 5s express the drama that reveals our ideal roles in life. 6s are the love that serves and motivates all of us. 7s are the mystics and mediums who can envision our new realms of existence. 8s either occupy the director’s chair or are the “power behind the throne.”

The days when you will be the key person effecting change in this pivotal 30-day period are:

1s: On December 11 and December 20, birth number 1s will be electrifying the people around them as they offer the “idea whose time has come.” You’ll have a desire to take flight on December 29. Just take care that no one’s feelings are hurt by your actions—include them! January 3, 2013 will be a great day to let off steam through sports or a great workout.

2s: Love and commitment are your focus on December 12. This can be with your lover or with a cause that has your passion—a healthy planet or the rights of women, children and animals are good subjects. You’ll assert yourself in your personal and work relationships on the 21st. You’ll have pleasant communications with a generous partner on January 4.

3s: There is brilliance, beauty and depth in your communications on December 13. Jot those thoughts down! Know that the powerful feelings that you are having on December 22 are natural and let them flow—just be loving and responsible as you do. Friends will be putting on quite a show this New Year’s Eve, so sit back and enjoy the drama. Are the feelings too powerful? Find out what’s going on with a numerology reading from Psychic Amelia ext. 9772.

4s: Understand that others are stressed around you during the evening of December 14 and can reach a temper flash point. Know that this will pass by the next day and let them vent. December 23 and  January 6 are days that you can organize successful events full of rich pleasures and delights.

5s: December 15 starts with tension and ends with magical romance. You’ll be feeling very passionate and solid about building a future at work and in your love life on December 24. You are in tune with an “ocean of emotion” behind your creative expression and this will allow you to command the notice of others on January 7.

6s: While you love to see that everyone is taken care of, December 16 is a day for you to relax and celebrate the beauty and romance. December 25 brings loving communications to your home, especially in the evening. On January 8 you’ll be feeling optimistic and will begin a new creative venture, in your head or on paper.

7s: Many around you will be a bit confused about love and other issues on December 17. Listen, but use the evening to revitalize your own spirit with your favorite form of inspiration. The 26th is all about love, enjoyment and higher studies. After a week of revelations, you’ll be expressing love and wisdom with a new sense of freedom on January 9.

8s: On December 18 you are really centered on making your own dreams a reality amid others who are confused. Your best plans for December 27 are built around friends, the Internet and community outreach. On New Year’s Day 2013, you’ll be teaching others by your powerful example. While on  January 10 your strength lies in loving language.

9s: Show others how to be fearless by expressing your own spirit on December 10. Then on December 19 you’ll dazzle others with your brilliance. December 28 brings an opportunity to rock the night away, and the world will be a sexier place because of you. January 2 is a great high-energy day for you.

47 thoughts on “Your 30-Day Birth Number Forecast for December 10, 2012 to January 10, 2013

  1. naima

    I’m an 8 and naturally im a leader but the past few years have been devastating my marriage is about to end after 10 years good man but made bad investments and put his family first all the time also I got involved with a younger guy no sex just an emotional affair to just basically get some much needed attention the guy is immature and he dosent want me and does not want anyone else to have me what does the stars have for me in 2013 my birthday is 5875

  2. hkraig

    Hello Folks… After you add up your numbers you still have a double digit (like 10, 11, 22, and so on), continue to add those to numbers to get a single number.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!
    Holly Allender Kraig

  3. Suzi

    To Ginny, your life is full of sorrow,that no psychic can cure. Losing a child is the most devastating experience.For the safe of your children who are also suffering, please seek Professional Help.Two years ago, I was in a deep depression, Through the help of a good therapist and proper medication I am now living a wonderful life. Run do not walk seek the help you need and God will find it for you I will pray for you you are not alone.
    Depression and sadness is all around treated as an illness like diabetes and get the proper help you deserve it as well as the love that we are sending to you May the Lord bless you and keep you.

  4. shahabuddin

    hello iam shahabuddin soomro my dateof birth 18-01-1984 i know about my better life in good chance and mony so can tell me about my life iam msc postgraduate and more try in agr feild or related feild any body not repons in when i will try and when my better life changing in my life tell me what good jobs can give me i wait for email adrss :
    plz tell me in my email adrss thanks god balace you?

  5. Shirley

    Will I ever find a true love partner ? I don’t know how to , I pick married or unavailable ones and hold on forever , I want to give way too much , and then I’m left devasted because it didn’t work born 7/1/69 I like iron on the outside but soft n mushy on the inside

  6. Meghan

    Hey there is no 11 or 0! For the 0 your number is actually 1. And 11, your number is 2. I study numerology and found that it is very helpful in understanding your personality traits, life purpose, and things to overcome. I too have a minimal amount of psychic power that is growing each day. I suggest meditation to set up your imaginary field of vision. This a great way to visualize and to start invoking your abilities. Most people think meditation is clearing the mind, but actually is clearing the outside world to only use your mind for ANY purpose you see fit. I like to ask questions and try to see the answer in my minds eye! And it works! I have seen things that have come true the next day! A great way to start is to find books at your local library that give you a set of meditation techniques that will help you challenge your psychic abilities and find which ones you like the best and come naturally to you.

  7. Val

    To Bob since you birthdate is 10/23/1966. This is the outcome 1+0+2+3+1+9+6+6=28 2+8= 10 1+0=1 that is your number. 🙂

    To Karen, I am sorry to hear that. I am sure there is someone out there who will do exactly that for you. Be strong and learn from your past. You don’t have to go into a relationship right away. Let yourself and your children heal from the traumatic experience. Love is always around you. Don’t forget that.

    To Anne. This is how it works. 5+5+1+9+6+3= 29 2+9= 11 1+1=2 that is your number. Hope this help you understand!

    To Rashida. 11= 1+1= therefore your number is 2

    Personally, I have found the information on this site to be helpul and insightful. I am a number 9. “9 is the number of integrating what has been learned over an age and sharing it” Thanks for sharng!

  8. jennifer

    do u think that an 18 k gold medallion with solid sterling silver can really help the angel hear you and arch angels n Micheal help protect you with this medallion and guide you to a better path? i was told that because i was born july 21, 1983 i was special and the angels are closer to me and hear me when i speak . i was also told that other things about me being different and i need to basically tap into my abilities… not sure what abilities they referring to any suggestions or ideas to anything i just said?

  9. Charollett Dunstan (Williams)

    Help!! I am drowning in debt and unable to pay anything, people in m y past have rippd me off. I am enroled in College so I need help to be free of all debts… help!!!!! ;0

  10. Charollett Dunstan (Williams)

    hello! Williams is my maiden name, now divorced n living with a married man for past 11 years. I am in schol and man my debts are up flooding me and I am just beside within myself trying to get ahead in my life. In the past on this day of my pat brothers birthday if he was still remaining in this life. I did get a sum of money but it never covered enough to do anything. My supervisor released me before my contract was up and he ripped me off, I was seeing a residential school councellor and she too ripped me off. I desparetly need help!!!!

  11. Cindy

    i am a 5 n i just lost a son in a tradgic accident n i get into a deeper depression daily,i am a single mother n i have a severely autististic son @ home needing 24/7 daily functioning on a 3-5 yr old @ 29 n I have not been out or on a date in 5yrs from horrific past expierences n have no peace,no desire to go anywhere,no energy,physically not feeling well n lost,saddened and can not seem to move forward n it has been 1yr.My past from birth until present has been very severely horrible n never feeling love only from my 4 kids and now for reasons unknown my daughters have not spoken to me since my sons death so i am completely alone and only funtion to care for my son.

  12. Caroline

    Broke up with my boyfriend 6 months ago. He owes me alot of money taking him to small claims next month. He was served two weeks ago. I’m nervous to go to court , it’s something I have to do. I feel like he just can’t get away with it. Tried to call him he hung up on me! I feel so stupid. He said I was the love of his life. Any advice??? Best regards, Caroline please respond I feel so helpless. Thank you.

  13. ginny

    Hello. I just read many of the comments along with your article. First allow me to thank you for offering your insight into numerology, I do believe that there is significance in your work and there is guidance for those who stop and listen to wisdom. I am a number 3, and I do like writing. I do not know if I have much of interest to say to others however over the years I learned that there is no point in anger, hostility, and harsh words they only leave bitterness. Love and compassion do have favorable affects on people and by changing negative comments into those of love or compassion you can change the energy that surrounds you bringing into your life positive influences. So, the next time you think of complaining, telling your partner what you “really think of them”, or any other hateful thing, stop and think. Once words are spoken you can never take them back….no amount of apologies can make things better. You reap what you sow.

  14. Marian

    Is there anywhere I can get an in depth reading for Pisces, not just everyday usual.. but more intense. Date of birth Mar 19 1954?

    Joan Heady if you know this answer I am interested as I too am a pisces.

  15. Bonita

    Hi! This is Bonita! I would like to know more about number 2’s in numerology. My fiance is a 7 and I am a 2. Can you tell me a little bit about this, sounds very interesting and close to us,except I am a little intuitive to. Thank you so much!! Bonita!

  16. Gary Tompkins

    Im sorry but this is bull it says I am a 3 and I have magic words…..are you serious?
    Sorry I just disproved your theory I hope whoever came up with this bunk has REAL day job because your no phyic.

  17. Gretchen Swisher

    I was born 10-10-51. I Have had nothing but bad luck from childhood-teenhood-adulthood-senior And Have COme Into small/Large Sums of Money But some how i’m talked out of it(Daughter’s father got $47.000 out of $57,000 which he borrowed to start up a training center and he gambled it up(I didn’t know he gambled etc.)and when my real father died/dad’s father dad i was to get my a portion of my dad’s inheritence but was never given tome by my step dad whom is my uncle whom married my mom after my dad died because the bible says marry within husbands family if they never been married and he was a great died until he passed away last yr. by negelience of military doctor/hospital in MO last year 20011. My son real father died of a dragic death no faul to fo his/my onnly son when he was 16 negelience of a dgerman doctor and his fhis father had a tragic death. Wi And A Rich Jewish LAdy Wanted me To Manage All her Properties In DC Whom Was Up In Age But Again Lost That Opprtunity And i could have been a millionaire perhaps and she may have willed me her properties but i was in usar and in military etc n too busy but all i had to do is collect rent each mont. I could kick my self for being so naive not doing it now i have illegally not working after getting hurt on my fed govt job here in dc 1991 and nvr illegally rtn to work now wcp trying to cut me off from trying help me. i have lost my coop illegally al the contents what more? Will my numbers really bring me luck/how where what do i have to do and where i use them for etc.

  18. Karen Kowas

    Been hurt deeply by the love of my live. He is a lier, cheater, abuser and alcoholic. Destroyed mine and my children’s lives. Divorcing. Will I ever find a man who will treat me and my children with respect and love me truly? Don’t trust right now. Just want my heart to heal and move on.

  19. Karen Kowas

    I’m going thru a very difficult time right now. Going thru a second divorce from a man who is an alcoholic, a mental and verbal abuser. He was the love of my life. He treated my children from my first marriage horribly, he treated me horribly. He lied to me, he cheated on me – he has allowed our home to go into foreclosure while promising me he would save the house for us. Always had an excuse why he couldn’t give me child support. We separated March of 2010 on a restraining against him for assualting my 19 year old son. He has destroyed my life, tore my heart out. Over the past almost 3 years as we lived separately, he kept telling me how much he missed me, missed us, wanting me and our two children to spend the night, wanting to fix things. All this while he was seeing another woman – how did I find out – she called my house several times.

    I want my heart to heal. Although I have a trust issue right now, I’m in defense mode to protect myself and my children, I was to find true love. I want to find happiness. I want to find a man who will treat me and my children with respect and the way we should be treated. Someone who won’t force alcohol on me.

    Is there any hope for me? Is there someone out there for me? I feel lost right now in the love department. This time of year is hard. I find myself missing him – knowing I can never live under the same roof with him.

    I just want to move on.

  20. kenneth

    i want to no my lucky numbers for the power bal in the uited states of America MY BRITH DATE IS 8/02/1960 I WAS BORN IN CHIAGO ILLINOIS COOK COUNY TIME OF BRITH 12;27 AM


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