Your 2013 Astrological Guide

Introducing your astrological guide for 2013!

Create a Personal, New Age in 2013!

An old age ended on December 21, 2012 according to the Mayans and other cultures. They all agree that a major shift is occurring at this time, globally and personally. This leaves each of us with the opportunity to give birth to a personal, new age during 2013. Creating a new life for ourselves is an exhilarating, sometimes frightening experience, but always rewarding in the end. The road to your new life starts with a reading from Miss Krystal ext. 9192. See what’s in store for you in 2013!

This period carries the same world-changing energies of the 1960s and more, with as many shocking and wondrous, new revelations and opportunities. Expect to be living the driving energy of a Stones concert amplified, while opportunities appear that are beyond your imagination. In 2013:

• The revolutionary Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn tension continues through early 2015, creating huge surprises and openings for new ways of living.

• Neptune remains in Pisces, fading boundaries as your awareness of other realms and your ability to tap into them grows.

• Saturn continues through early Scorpio forming a creative flow with Neptune in Pisces, so direct your efforts to put your dreams and beautiful ideas into form. 2013 will be the perfect time.

• Jupiter ends its unusual year-long stay in Gemini on June 25 to enter Cancer, joining the Saturn/Neptune flow. The home, Mother Earth and women in general will have an expanded, important presence in your life.


March begins with inspired thoughts that will bring positive strides forward in career efforts by mid-month. With your Sun sign ruler, Mars, entering your sign to join Uranus, your energy level will be overwhelming and you’ll love the vitality. Challenges arise in July from home and October brings surprises from a lover or other partner.


 Your ruling planet, Venus, enters your sign in mid-April, bringing allure, influence and financial benefits. The great goddess remains with you through the beginning of May when the phenomenal energy of Mars, Mercury and the Sun moves into your sign, making you so sexy a partner may be jealous.


You are the sunshine and generous spirit to friends and lovers through the first half of 2013. Jupiter leaves your sign after a full year and moves into Cancer in late June as your Sun sign ruler goes retrograde for a few weeks. Use this time to reflect on a great period of growth and plan for an even brighter future.


With Jupiter moving into your sign in late June, dreams that you’ve hoped to build over the past few years will begin to take shape. The intense changes in home, career and partnerships that have been happening for the past few years will continue in 2013, but you’ll finally begin to see their purpose and your future.


This is a dynamic year for you in the areas of exciting travel and studies. Workplace demands may be an annoyance at times but there is no stopping your flashes of brilliance and your spiritual insights. Spend time pampering yourself and attending to your health to stay vital.


Take care with health issues to be certain that you have the energy needed to deal with the immense creative surge you’re experiencing in 2013. The end of August brings a powerful drive for physical activities and creativity with outstanding communication opportunities.


2013 continues with events seeming to happen “out of the blue” with partners, your home and your career, but you won’t have the same sense of being overwhelmed and burdened that you had in the past. There will be a particularly positive opportunity in mid-October that will be a complete surprise.


You’ll be experiencing such powerful energies emerging from your subconscious in 2013 that you’ll be exploring new views of life, death and your sexuality. You are opening yourself to a whole new way of life that you learn to not only accept, but to love. Major breakthroughs take place in May and November.


Partners continue to offer financial benefit through June. You are feeling a bit unsettled in your love life or creative expression, but the dazzling moments really are exciting. Money, your values and your sex life become the focus in the last half of 2013.


Your focus and intensity at the beginning of 2013 are truly powerful. Your self-examination goes to amazing depths. While you are self-sufficient, it’s time to find a skilled person who can partner with you. You’re exploring areas of your psyche that are very deep and feedback is always helpful.


During the first half of 2013, you’ll be pouring enormous energy into creative efforts, children or through working with youth and there will be really fulfilling benefits. In May and November you have tremendous energy to work on your home while pursuing your career. You can balance your work obligations and home life with tips from Nicholas ext. 5499.


You continue to enchant others with your self-expression and the beautiful things that you have created in 2013. Special opportunities arise in late April to share your plans and ideas with others. In late July you’ll be deeply inspired through travel, studies and teaching your talents to others.

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  1. Surender Pal

    Surender Pal from India dob is not known age 58 years .
    would you tell me about my further carrier which ruined since two year. as no job at this time to look after …………………

    tks with regards

  2. "Park"

    My sun and mercuy are i the tenth house in pisce while my jupiter is in cancer inthe second house and my neptune is in Librar in the fifth house. I am female andwould like to have a commnt on my writing effots coming to fruition.ThankY\you.




  4. KATHY

    This reading totally inspired me about how positive things are going to be. I am so happy, its like all my questions have been answered!

  5. lucy mckena

    I wrote before . I am 79 yrs. old I take each day as it comes. I have no idea what the furture holds for me at my age.

  6. wILLIAM

    I was told a life changing event that is to soon is to occur.The friend whom I lost contact told me this.She still lives there.Should I go by and ask her when?She does remote viewing vision readings.She calls it a gift.The money releases me from here and I start a new business.

  7. marilyn libiszowski

    Thank you for the insightful astrological reading for 2013. I have been psychic my whole life in the realm of numerology/astrology and an aura energy reader and 2013 is my birthdate energy year bring emotional, spiritual mental as well as pycsical changes to my inner and outer world. Thank you again, Marilyn Lea Bishop.


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