Your 2012 Soulmate Forecast

Recognize Your Soulmate Encounters in 2012

In astrology there are three main places to look for indicators of soulmate relationships, and in June of 2012 there’s a lot of action involving two of them.

The first indicator is the North/South Node axis, which can indicate past life connections and soul agreements in chart comparisons, although it’s a minor player in 2012.

The second is Pluto, whose birth and transiting positions in your chart show where karma is at work. And keep in mind as you read further that “karma” is neither good nor bad, but simply a balancing action which occurs over multiple lifetimes.

Venus in the Headlines

The third soulmate indicator is the planet Venus, symbolizing the goddess of love and beauty, and ruler of the signs Taurus and Libra. She essentially describes how we each handle love and money. Venus confers grace, charm and beauty, and her sign and house placement in an astrological chart tells us about artistic inclinations, how we demonstrate love, what we value and what makes us happy.

How Venus interacts with Pluto and the Nodes, in your astrological chart and in chart comparisons, tells us about soulmate connections.

In 2012 Venus takes on extra power and significance because of its rare, twice-in-120-years transit in front of the Sun, extraordinary in itself, but given more importance by several surrounding astrological events.

Many astrologers believe this rare transit of Venus over the Sun, completing what was begun by the first of this pair on June 8, 2004, heightens the influence of the spiritual Feminine Force, which oversees relationships.

Add an exceptional combination of encounters with outer planets, and June-July 2012 becomes a time when soulmate relationships are likely to surface, face challenges and/or find resolution.

These events will have particular significance for people with planets or 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house cusps in early to middle degrees of cardinal Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn or mutable Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces.

The Details

Here are the events in sequence, so you can be alert for significant occurrences and encounters around these times, along with the flavor of the dominant planetary players and energies of each encounter to help you understand what’s at work.

If you’re fairly new to astrology, just let this wash through your intuitive knowing rather than struggling with details.

We begin on June 4 – with a powerhouse Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon promising success after hard work and subtle quests for truth at 15 degrees of Sagittarius/Gemini, almost on top of …

June 5 – a square (challenging aspect) from Venus to Mars (ego, action) at 17 degrees of Gemini (communication and soulmates) and Virgo (health, service and order), just before …

June 5-6 – the rare transit of Venus across the Sun described above, at 17 degrees of Gemini.

June 16 – Venus has a challenging encounter (square) with retrograde Chiron (the wounded healer) at 11 degrees Pisces, sign of the dreamer.

This powerful series is also linked to the first exact square of revolutionary Uranus to symbolic death/rebirth power broker Pluto on June 24, the beginning of a transformational dance which extends through 2015. This proximity is intensified by direct contact from Venus to Pluto and then Uranus on …

June 20 – when Venus has a stressful, draining encounter (inconjunct) with Pluto in Capricorn (structures, both physical and social), and then a cooperative meeting (sextile) with Uranus in Aries (self actualization), all around 8 degrees, on either side of the Summer Solstice moment.

And, last but not least,

July 3 – Venus, now moving forward or “direct,” and Mercury in Leo (creativity, inner child) encounter Pluto at the same time that Mercury and Pluto encounter Chiron the wounded healer near 8 degrees again, and both encounters form an unusual configuration called a “yod,” known as the Finger of God, and usually considered karmic, followed by …

July 4 – cooperative encounters (sextiles) between Mercury (mind and communications) and Venus, and Venus and revolutionary Uranus, providing a completion of this arc of transformation to help you to integrate and act on what has occurred.

Astrologer Assistance

Your intuition and gut instincts are always heightened in soul agreement encounters, so it’s important to recognize and pay attention to them.

However, the way these astrological relationships knit together is complex, and you may want to gather your date, place and (if possible) time of birth and consult with one of the psychic astrologers at, such as Phillip, Amelia or Kinsey.

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97 thoughts on “Your 2012 Soulmate Forecast

  1. Melodee

    I was born 3/7/58 @ 5:40am in Los Angeles,CA. My hubbys dob is 5/1/54 time of birth, between 5&6am -in Alameda,CA .I want to know if he’s is my soulmate or not?. He isn’t a take charge go get’em
    type. I wanted a mate who had goals and aspirations for his/self and family.While dating he displayed these qualities.
    He has became content with not being financially stable,and he is not motivated to improve the quality of our family lives now or for the future. He procrastinates, and is not dependable. Why I stay ???
    the Pisces syndrome. Lol I really don’t know ??? Hopeing and believing that things will change.I’m in hopes that one of the psychics on this site can help me out,and shed a bit of light on my
    dilemma. I enjoy reading my daily forecasts, it’s very imformative.Happy
    Year (2012)

  2. Babe

    when i can recover & what will be your advice do you think i can still get my losses wherin I’m still fighting in court about financial betrayal done by a certain bank employee/s
    she’s now hiding & nowhere to be found ive lost a lot. Please predict my future this 2012 I was born 03/08/60

  3. Shirley

    I wanna know if I will find true love and marrige with the man I’am involved with in 2012, I was born 02/05/1950 and he was born 08/11/1958. I know we do have deep concerns for each other, but we are both a little confused about our future.

  4. Tara

    Hello, Happy New Year, I was born 9/29/73, around 11:18 am, I have been single for 8 years, out of the 8 years divorced for 1 year. During this time struggled financially, emotionally, careerless, and relationshipless. I would like to know when in 2012 I will receive two key things: love(a great relationship) & my career(financial gain & stability). Will leaving this type of reply allow me to get answers to my questions?

  5. Ishtyn

    Hi there,

    I am leo, is there any change that i’m gonna meet my right guy this year? And any trace also to my work, good nor bad? any success thing will go on? Pls, help and tell me, whats else should i do…

  6. Jess

    I want to know, and I don’t. To know eases my anxiety. it’s my simple act of desire that makes meaningless moments of misery. Life is so fleeting, beautiful and perfect… if I could only appreciate what IS right now and stop wanting the greener grass of tomorrow… Yet I can’t help to be curious JB born in Mia 2/11/84 at 515pm…. I miss my husband, I miss my home

  7. Jackie

    Hi, I’m an aries, born 3/24/1956 at 8:09 am, my on and off boyfriend, born 3/20/1957, no time known, we’ve been in this on and off relationship, since 05/2009. any info you can give me will be appreciated. Thank you!

  8. terry

    Could you tell me when I will meet my soul mate, and how will I know,, my birthdate is 9-5-49,
    at 4:05 pm. Having problems with age differences, always meeting someone much younger than me, give me a clue please.

  9. Michelle Bennett

    My birthdate is 4/29/75 at 8:00 p.m. I wish I could know if I will ever find a true love for me. I feel like I will be alone forever.

  10. shannon

    Very interesting. Shauna at ext. 9010 has told me that the person I am in love with is indeed my soulmate and we reincarnated together in this life. We are not communicating right now, but she has predicted that we will be together again this summer. Others have predicted June as well, so I think that this article really reinforces what i have been told and gives the explanation to why I have to wait so long to be reunited with him.

  11. Phindile

    I hv bn receivin best advise 4rm u,thnk u.I wz born on the 28 november and Bhekani my boyfriend wz born on 13 march,we hav a daughter 2geda,cn u pls tel me wat d future hold 4 us in 2012 and hw wil my career b,wil i find a job.

  12. Beckie

    I was born on 4/30/1964 and would like to know what is in the stars for me concerning love and marriage.I am not currently in a relationship.

  13. Kalpana

    Hi, I am a Kalpana, my birth date is 6/12/1975 at 3:30 pm, please tell me How get I married? and my life partner kaisa hoga?

  14. Kandi

    For a few years I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster with love. I read your articles daily and they are always informative and on the money. I need your guidance in helping me find love and my soulmate in 2012. My bday is 9-28-76 @9pm. Will I meet my soulmate soon or have I already met him?

  15. tammy

    I would like to know where my life is headed , or will thing’s in my life stay as they are?
    born 7-19-64 not sure on the time of day

  16. Louse

    I was born July 1 1965 would love to know if I will find my soul mate in 2012 & also about my financial status and if iI will change my job???
    Thank you and all the in 2012…:)

  17. Melissa

    2011 has been very difficult both financially and emotionally. I look forward to 2012, but I would like to know what I can expect from January to June. Will I find a good job? Might I find my soul mate this year? My D.O.B. is 04/11/1985 at approximately 3pm. I have been active with astrology for many years now, and this sight is close to dead on. I look forward to any information you might be able to give me. Happy New Year and God bless!

  18. Beverly

    Birth date 7/14/64, around 11:15 am. I have never had good luck with men. Not one good relationship and I’m so very tired of being alone. I’m a good person, smart, fun to be around, great friend, attractive, but I’m baffled. Why don’t men want to be with me? I have a lot of male friends that all say they don’t understand why I alone, I’m a great catch….so where are the fishermen???

  19. Irene

    My life is so hard at the moment. I have hurt my back, on workcover, and financially, Im not in a good place. What will happen in 2012?

  20. Bobbi

    I found my soulmate in August of 1972 and married him in November of 1973, I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like with out him.

  21. brandi

    I wanna know love, money, and healing letting go; forgiving myself from my past. I lost my fiance 3 yrs ago in a car accident. Miss him every minute. D.O.B 3/3/75 born 7am

  22. brandi

    I wanna know love, money, and healing letting go; forgiving myself from my past. I lost my fiance 3 yrs ago in a car accident. Miss him every minute. D.O.B 3/3/75 born 7am

  23. cynthia

    2010 and 2011 has been tough career and 2012 going to be better.need a job d.o.b saturday 10/18/1958 about 4am

  24. Pia Charlotte Clausen

    Will my brother move to Denmark where I live, he is living here in USA, and if yes, when ? we just found eachother and we feel like we are soulmates.
    And what obout love in 2012 for me ?
    I am born 25. december 1959 kl. 18 05 41 in Copenhagen Denmark.

  25. Never

    You sometimes feel you have met your soulmate and if the person doesn’t understand it – you will feel the pain more. So it is better you don’t start believing in all this. It spoils everything for you.

  26. tiffany

    my birth date is april 26 1988 ill been gettin sum good news about 2012, i wonder do u no wat i got n store for me, an happy new years and may god bless everone dats n need….:)

  27. micelle

    Hi I met my partner in may this year we planned the date for the date we was given and it went pear shape from there. I felt like she was my soul mate. We wanted the same to eat. Her birthday is oct 19th which makes her a libra and I’m a virgo can u please tell me why it went wrong and do u have a furture? I still feel as she’s the one thanks

  28. Stacy Peterson

    I just left a marriage of 28 years and hope to meet my soul mate in 2012. I think this will be a good year spiritually, financially and in the love department. Your site is informative and insightful and I enjoy reading it everyday.

  29. ashley

    is my fiance jake malcolm foxworth birthday 12-16-1974 is he cheating on me i have an feeling that im getting played or doe he just need some pace and time away from me becuase we have not been on the same page lately

  30. Annmarie Tromblee

    I was born jan 8, 1942, in Brooklyn New York, Kings County…Is there a bureau of records in Brooklyn? I would like to find out my time and day of birth………

    Thnk you,



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