Your LOVECAST™: Earthy Sensuality

Earthy sensuality makes passion percolate this weekend. Look for flirtatiousness to skyrocket after the New Moon in Gemini on Tuesday.

Week of May 31 – June 6, 2008

Gemini: Slow down to enjoy love in a leisurely, romantic atmosphere this weekend. Communicating your desires is difficult on Monday, but Tuesday’s New Moon energizes your self expression and helps you get what you want. Don’t make a hasty financial decision on Wednesday. Sexy talk heightens passion on Friday!



Cancer: Passion escalates during a down-and-dirty romantic encounter this weekend! Tuesday’s New Moon illuminates your inner life, so do some soul-searching about the past – and future. A me versus we scenario may arise on Wednesday. Your charisma attracts admirers on Thursday. Show off your sense of style on Friday.


Leo: A cozy rendezvous for two can bring delight this weekend – if you avoid a clash of wills. A friend may irritate you on Monday. Look for opportunities through friends or group activities after Tuesday’s New Moon. A co-worker’s hidden agenda can throw you off on Wednesday. You’re on fire on Friday!


Virgo: Your sexy side roars to life during a merger that ignites passion this weekend! A clash with someone in authority may arise on Monday. Tuesday’s New Moon brings a new career cycle, so promote your ideas. Socializing may bring a clash of wills on Wednesday. Expressing your heart inspires love on Friday.


Libra: Getting earthy between the sheets can make passion soar this weekend! Travel and spiritual activities can bring romance after Tuesday’s New Moon. Family tension stresses you out on Wednesday. A cozy ambiance inspires love on Thursday. Your flair for drama (in the bedroom?) heightens a lusty twosome on Friday.


Scorpio: Lust escalates this weekend, but it’s focusing on compatibility that brings fulfillment. You may need some alone time on Monday in preparation for Tuesday’s New Moon, which brings a new cycle of sexy encounters. Emotions are extreme on Wednesday so take a breath and chill! Passion and willfulness escalate on Friday.


Sagittarius: The great outdoors and healthy activities inspire romance this weekend. Others may try to restrict you on Monday. Tuesday’s New Moon can heighten your chances for attracting a partner. If you’re attached, it brings a new cycle of partnership activities. Feelings are abrasive on Wednesday. Friday is hot hot hot!


Capricorn: Your inventiveness in the boudoir heightens lust this weekend, so be creative! A coworker may be a pain on Monday. The New Moon on Tuesday is an excellent time to rev up your exercise routine or start a diet. Your relationship may prompt you to act rashly on Wednesday. Intimacy heats up on Friday.


Aquarius: Show off your skills for entertaining for two (or more) this weekend. Romance feels blocked or too serious on Monday, but it escalates after Tuesday’s New Moon. Look for opportunities to show off your creativity, too. Work is irritating on Wednesday. An unexpected rendezvous brings delight on Friday.


Pisces: Romance is earthy and sweet this weekend, when you attract (or heighten!) true love. Your partner or family member challenges you on Monday. Tuesday’s New Moon energizes your creativity, especially in the home arena. Willfulness or jealously can derail love on Wednesday. Reveal your artistry to inspire romance on Friday.

Aries: Love is deep and soulful this weekend, when getting physical in a natural ambiance heightens passion. Communications are blocked at work on Monday. Tuesday’s New Moon inspires your way with words, so be expressive to attract or enhance romance! A family member may annoy you on Wednesday. Romance escalates on Friday.


Taurus: Your sensuality is irresistible this weekend, when love and lust are yours to enjoy! Money fears or restrictions may arise on Monday. The New Moon on Tuesday, however, heightens your earning power, so look for moneymaking opportunities. Watch rash talk on Wednesday. Throwing a party can energize you on Friday.

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