Weekly Love Horoscope: Passion or Prickliness

Rash Words

Passion or prickliness is the theme for relationships as Mars in Sagittarius takes center stage. Rash words can upset romance at the start of the week due to a brainy Sun-Mercury merger that clashes with Mars. On Friday, the Harvest Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces would normally energize empathy, but a Mars influence will likely trigger impulsive, elusive or addictive behavior. What’s more, Venus opposing Uranus this weekend can prompt some hasty hookups and breakups in the romance arena. Best days for socializing: Wednesday and Friday evening. Here is your love horoscope!

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Aries Love Horoscope

Your highly aroused Mars ruler is bringing out your inner warrior. You’re willing to fight for something you believe in or someone you want. Your boldness will ignite passion or irritation, so turn up the sensitivity if you want to engage the heart of your paramour. Your powers of attraction will skyrocket this weekend, as romance becomes a roller-coaster ride.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Your emotions will likely turn from hot to cold and back again as Mars energizes your sector of sex and transformation. The sex part of the equation can be amazing as long as you and your lover are on the same page. Transforming/healing an emotional issue is also on the agenda and can trigger your need to be alone to process it. Expect a stormy, stimulating weekend!

Gemini Love Horoscope

Mars in your partnership zone can evoke some demanding behavior between you and your significant other. Argumentativeness can derail the connection, and you’ll need to get out of your intellect and into your feelings to get it back on track. This weekend, your smart remarks can attract an admirer who appreciates your brain, but it can turn off a potential love interest who wants your heart.

Cancer Love Horoscope

All this Mars energy can make you want to hide until the ruckus is done. You can use this turbulent influence to speak your mind and do your own thing. You’ll get loads of work done on a project you’re passionate about. Still, a sexy tryst can bring delight on Wednesday. If you’re solo, you may meet someone special from afar or through your work.

Leo Love Horoscope

To say you’re ready for romance is an understatement. You’re all about indulging your passion, which can prompt a sexy encounter or, if a date isn’t on your wish list, fire up your inner muse for a project you’re working on. You’ll want to have the freedom to make your own choices, so don’t tie yourself down to someone who’s needy or demanding.

Virgo Love Horoscope

Mars energizing your home life may inspire you to throw a party. Expect sparks to fly as the conversation gets lively (rowdy?). A date with your sweetie at your abode will likely end in a sexy romp or an argument that leads to a sexy romp (maybe). If you’re solo, Wednesday is a good time to meet someone compatible.

Libra Love Horoscope

Your intellect is taking charge this week, which will earn you kudos for your brainpower but may override your heart and cause you to miss out on romance. Or, you might attract someone who is only in-tune with your ideas. A show of your feelings will bring a deeper connection. Expect some fireworks in the form of lust or contentiousness with your date this weekend.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

The Full Moon Eclipse is energizing your love life, but things can get complicated. Money may cause a blowup, so be aware of any financial issues you have in a close relationship. An unexpected expense involving entertainment or recreation may arise. Still, love will be sweet on Wednesday, but willfulness can derail romance this weekend.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Afflictions to Mars in your sign are triggering your fight-or-flight response. You’ll likely fight for your right to do your own thing and run from anyone who makes demands on you. You’ll need to hook up with someone highly independent who accepts your need for freedom. You may meet that someone this weekend, but the connection will be highly unpredictable, which will be just fine with you.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Emotions you thought were dead and buried will likely come out to play, especially around the time of the Full Moon. You’ll need to be aware of your inner world to avoid blurting out something in anger, lust or some other tricky emotion that’s fueling your words. Still, a sweet message will inspire romance on Wednesday, but you’ll get irritated easily this weekend.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

A group gathering can get contentious as differing opinions heat up the conversations. That won’t bother you a bit because you thrive on diverse ideas, but an argument with a friend can get you down. Just remember to stay connected to your heart if a problem arises. This weekend, your originality can attract someone who is brilliant, eccentric or unstable.

Pisces Love Horoscope

People may see a side of you they’ve rarely encountered—your ability to say no, succinctly and directly. Staying aware of your feelings will help you make decisions that are right for you as various demands from other people head your way. You’ll be ready for some fun on Wednesday, a good time for a date with your sweetie or to meet someone new.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope: Passion or Prickliness

  1. Rebecca Rodriguez

    Hi everyone
    Lately I’ve been getting these strong feelings bout my husband keeping a secret from me..he comes home late from work..we always argue because he has a problem of lying to me to much..I dnt know what to do.. I just want to know if it is just me or there’s something he’s really doing..

  2. Stephanie cunningham

    Hey guys im in desperate need of prayers for my love life I met this guy 9 months ago our whole relationship has shot problems at us but we remained Happy during the unexpected hard times he’s the only one I can confide in.
    I love this man slot please pray for happiness for us during hard times thank you for reading!

  3. Blue Butterfly*

    Love is always interresting & amaizing; & true love is hard to find ;just like a true freind is hard to find ;but those true ones, are worth more than a millian aquaintences; & the so called- “fair weather freinds”- (the ones who lie to you to your face & talk about you behind your back)- & those ones truely arn’t your freinds at all: but it’s good to know: -“,& “: your true freinds; don’t let people treat you like crap☺!

  4. Happy Blackburn

    I suppose since my love is on the edge of being over I will get the contentious lady. I am stuck between two worlds yet part of neither. Surrender is my only option but to whom?

  5. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

    Hi Cortney –
    Love the title of this article “Passion or Prickliness”.
    It is a Feng Shui thing not to have cactus in the house, talk about prickliness LOL.
    In love passion is sure a winner, trying to hug a porcupine is not easy… moral of the story, don’t be prickly if you want to be hugged.


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