Your Weekly Love Horoscope: Flirtatious or Brainy?

Think Things Through

Starting on Tuesday, Mercury moving through clever Gemini will inspire flirtatious or brainy chats during the next two weeks. On the same day, Venus transiting into Taurus (through July 3) can evoke your need for physical pleasure and trustworthiness in love. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday encourages you to see the bigger picture of your love life (and other areas). Finally, Moon in Capricorn throughout the weekend favors slowing down the pace to think things through. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday late afternoon through the evening. Here is your love horoscope!

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Aries Love Horoscope

Whether it’s sex, food or nature, sharing physical delights with your love can be the gift of Venus in Taurus. You’ll have a more grounded view of love too. This makes it a good time to talk about money with your love. The Full Moon in Sagittarius will inspire you to think about the spiritual connections in your relationships.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Your sensuality and genuineness will make you irresistible as Venus travels through your sign. Therefore, now is the time to share what’s in your heart to revitalize your relationship or attract a new love. Expressing your true self will surround you with love. The Full Moon in Sagittarius can evoke some soul-searching about your sex life (or lack thereof).

Gemini Love Horoscope

Mercury moving through your sign will fire up your brainpower. You’ll be curious about everyone you meet. This will draw admirers who appreciate your openness, intelligence and quick wit. Your intuition will guide your heart as Venus travels through Taurus, so pay attention to your gut instincts. The Full Moon in Sagittarius will awaken your feelings about love or your need for a committed relationship.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Connecting with your friends will bring out the best in you as Venus travels through Taurus. You’re likely to meet someone special through a friendly matchmaker or while socializing with your pals. Participating in group activities can also bring a potential love. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is energizing your work projects. Taking breaks occasionally to have some fun will keep you going.

Leo Love Horoscope

Venus moving through Taurus can bring love through a person or activity connected to your career. You may find yourself drawn to someone in your field while networking with your contacts. Toward the weekend, the Full Moon in Sagittarius will fire up your fun-loving side. This is sure to trigger your powers of attraction. Look for love during an event or party.

Virgo Love Horoscope

A broadening of your relationship ideals will be the gift of Venus in Taurus. You’ll be considering what it means to have a soulmate with whom you share not only an emotional/physical bond, but also a spiritual connection that is aligned with your life’s purpose. Meanwhile, the Full Moon in Sagittarius will energize activities surrounding your home and family. Hosting a party would certainly lift your spirits.

Libra Love Horoscope

Your Venus ruler moving through Taurus will awaken your deepest feelings about love. A relationship (or your desire for one) can get intense. This may also trigger an emotional issue that hinders intimacy. It can be a time of healing that unblocks the flow of love in your life. Participating in a friendly gathering or collaborative effort will bring delight around the time of the Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

You’ll be focused on your closest relationships as Venus travels through Taurus. Shared activities and heartfelt chats with your love will sweeten the connection. A girls’ (or boys’) night out with your best pal will bring out the best in you too. It’s all about sharing your heart with the people you love the most. The Full Moon in Sagittarius in your money zone will energize your earning power.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Venus in Taurus can bring love through a healthy or helpful activity, such as the gym or a volunteer project. This influence will also heighten the harmony in your relationships with the people you work with. The Full Moon in your sign is awakening your desire to express your passion through your words, actions and, of course, your love life!

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Venus moving through Taurus will spark your desire for love and play. The planet of love can open a door to meeting someone special, if your heart is ready. Look for love during activities that focus on socializing or entertainment. At the very least, an evening out with friends will satisfy you. The Full Moon in Sagittarius will awaken your intuition, along with memories of your past.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Home and family will warm your heart as Venus travels through Taurus. This is an ideal time to create an ambiance that reflects your personality. Host a party, either for a group of people or just for two. The Full Moon in Sagittarius can bring love (or another kind of opportunity) through a friend, activity or event.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Your flair for words will bring admirers during Venus in Taurus. Sharing your ideas and feelings will inspire love with your sweetie or someone new. So open up and express yourself, Pisces! Look for love through an online source or while learning something new. The Full Moon in Sagittarius will shine a spotlight on your work and motivate you to achieve a goal.

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