Your Weekend Horoscope: More Serious and Intense

Holding Ground

Stationary Mercury in Capricorn is making a powerful alignment with potent Pluto before it goes retrograde on December 19. The tone of conversations and interactions are apt to be more serious and intense than usual and won’t be quickly resolved. People will hold their ground until the truth is revealed. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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Your reputation could be at stake when you speak publicly on a certain matter. Will you demonstrate your powerful communication skills? Or will you come across as someone who doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone? You can’t hide your true intentions, so check your motivation before you speak out.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that there is a soapbox with your name on it, just waiting for you to climb aboard and let the world know how passionately you feel about a particular issue. It could pertain to politics or religion. Be careful that dogma doesn’t cloud your perception.


You are intent on initiating a conversation that someone doesn’t really want to have. It could be about money, sex, or another sensitive topic. Just remember to be mindful of the other person’s boundaries. You wouldn’t like it if you were the one in the hot seat.


Casual chitchat won’t suffice when you are talking to your mate or business partner. You want to get down to the nitty-gritty and bring problematic issues out into the open. You are apt to be pretty persistent and won’t drop the conversation until you find out what you need to know.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals your obsession with understanding everything that there is to know about a matter pertaining to work, health, or fitness. Research will uncover the information you need, but you lack the objectivity needed to utilize it. Take time to digest what you have learned before taking action.


You feel that you will have more control over your relationship with your love interest or your children if you know all their secrets. This kind of crazy-making pursuit will neither bring you satisfaction nor give you the upper hand. Obsess over a creative project or favorite pastime instead.


You are on a mission to find out more about a matter that relates to your home or family. This isn’t just idle curiosity, but a quest to find information that will give you peace of mind. The story that you uncover might yield bigger questions rather than providing the answers you seek.


No matter what the mystery is that needs to be solved, Chief Investigator Scorpio is on the case! If interrogation fails to yield the info that you seek, your keen ability to read between the lines will help you understand what someone might be trying to hide.


You are pretty shrewd when it comes to matters pertaining to money or possessions. You’ve done your homework, so you know how best to negotiate a deal in your favor. You are apt to be relentless in getting what you want, so your chances of success are excellent!


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you have a way with words. Whether you are using words designed to persuade or to manipulate, you will go directly to the heart of the matter. Only the most shrewd listener will realize that despite all this talk, you are giving nothing away.


Like a needle stuck in a groove, you just can’t get past a certain troubling feeling. You might think that analyzing the matter will provide a deeper understanding, but what it is actually doing is making you feel more stuck. Know when to drop obsessive thinking and move on.


Your obsession with finding out something about a friend could be troublesome. No matter how close you are, each person deserves to have his or her secrets. Curiosity could kill your friendship. Similarly, if confidential information has been shared between you, you should keep it to yourself.

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