Your Weekend Horoscope: A Quest for Power and Control

An Ambitious Start

The New Year gets off to an ambitious start with the Sun and powerful Pluto synced in driven Capricorn. A quest for power and control can fuel competition, although stationary Mercury will keep things in check. However, after it goes direct on Sunday, your progress will be less hampered by delays and minor obstacles.

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You are ready to take charge of your career and to make your mark. Therefore, you are flexing your muscles and demonstrating your strongest skills. Just be sure that minor details don’t trip you up. You have a handle on the big picture. Now you just need to organize all the moving parts.


Whether you are a student, teacher, or just someone who wants to sell something to the world, you are in full command of the information that you are dealing with. You are poised to make a huge impact, although it will be easier to reach your target after Mercury goes direct.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows you using your influence to get what you want from others. No matter what you are after, you will also be relentless in your pursuit. Just be careful not to break the law nor to overstep someone’s boundaries. Slow down and let people decide how much they want to give.


In one-on-one interactions, you can be pretty persuasive. You know just the right amount of pressure to exert in order to get your way. However, something you don’t know could make it a challenge for you to fully take control of a situation in the way you want.


Your Weekend Horoscope encourages you to get a handle on work and health matters, as they will be your priorities going into the new year. If frivolousness has previously prevented you from taking things seriously, now is the time to redirect your focus. You have the power to sort through problems and get on the right track.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that you are fully in control of your creative self-expression. This includes how you relate to the people you love and how you choose to deliver your unique gifts to the world. Resolving something from the past allows you to transform how you share your affection.


Reconstructing your home and family life is high up on your agenda. A big repair or renovation could play a part in the picture, although it isn’t just the physical structure that you will attempt to fix. You might decide that it’s time to transform a troublesome family relationship.


Your words have never been more impactful than they are right now. Therefore, you should be especially careful about what you say. Is is true? Is it necessary? And how will what you communicate affect the people around you? Take a moment to think about it before you say what you have to say.


You are not kidding around when it comes to financial matters. You are determined to achieve the income level required to have the lifestyle and status that you desire, but first you will need to let go of limiting beliefs about money. Change your thinking around what you deserve.


You are more powerful than ever and that might feel a little bit scary. Don’t allow insecurity or negative self-talk to undermine your self-confidence. Once you’ve accepted your self-transformation, you will be capable of owning your power and using it to change your world.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that inner transformation is happening in a big way. Confronting your fears can help you reclaim your power from a situation that has paralyzed you in the past. A conversation with a friend could yield a piece of the puzzle that helps you resolve a personal dilemma.


A powerful friend might influence the choices you are making for your future. This can be a huge help providing you are clear about the direction in which you want to go. Take advantage of any assistance offered that will take matters to the next level.

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