Your Weekend Horoscope: Push or Be Pushed

An Emotional Investment

People are prone to taking things to the extreme as amplifier Jupiter collides with power-hungry Pluto. Some might merely be seeking to make improvements or to expand upon what they are doing, while others will be engaged in a full-on grab for power. The ambitious Capricorn Moon igniting this mixture on Saturday makes everyone even more intent on getting what they want because they have made an emotional investment in the outcome. Will you push or be pushed? Are you capable of managing the growth that you are asking for? Before you take action, you need to understand your limits. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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This can be a really fortunate time for partnerships, especially important business relationships. You and a business partner or an important client or customer can make a mutually beneficial deal providing that you don’t overstep certain boundaries. Encroaching upon the territory of a powerful person could start a turf war. Unless you and your ally have what it takes to win, you should probably stay in your lane. When your emotions come into play on Saturday, you will want the world to know that you are calling the shots. Don’t let your ego make a call that you don’t have the chops to respond to.


Something really good is happening in your work life, according to your Weekend Horoscope. You might get a better job, more hours (because you want them), and improved working conditions. It’s all good until you start behaving like a know-it-all or you lock horns with a bossy coworker who wants to tell you what’s what. This is a battle to show everyone who has the bigger brain. It can be easy to get caught up in drama, especially when you feel that someone is challenging your intellect. Are you as smart as you think you are? And what do you win by proving yourself to others? Don’t blow a good thing.


Can there be too much of a good thing when it comes to your love life? Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you might be about to find out. If you are single, you may have more romance potential than you have had in quite some time, while coupled Geminis are having more fun with their mates. Things start to get messy when the abundance of attention just isn’t enough or it fails to validate your desirability. However, sexiness is an inside job. If you’re not feeling it then nothing that your date or mate does or says can make you feel wanted. Maintaining relationship happiness requires a willingness to defeat the urge to self-sabotage.


Certain ingrained beliefs were passed down by your family or adopted in childhood. These ideas are deeply personal and not everyone can understand your faith nor why you feel the way that you do. Your significant other or another important person in your life might find your efforts to uplift him or her with your wisdom to be manipulative or controlling. Sure, you mean well, but don’t forget that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. How can it be a bad thing to try to empower others? Well, a positive becomes a negative when you subtly bully someone into being their best self. Your Weekend Horoscope reminds you that real love involves accepting others just as they are.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that you have a lot of big ideas and that you are feeling pretty enthusiastic about what you are doing. There is a major task that you want to get done, but it isn’t enough just to complete it in a satisfactory manner. You want your performance to dominate the field. It might be a work task, a household project, or even a workout routine. Be careful that your ambition doesn’t exceed the scope of your abilities. It’s cool to have a big goal, but you need to map it out and pace yourself if you want the results to live up to the hype.


You are spending money like it’s going out of style. Your Weekend Horoscope says that it will be hard to resist the urge to use fancy gifts and lavish dates to win over the object of your affection. You might even use special outings and expensive indulgences to buy the affection and loyalty of your kids. Get a hold of yourself, big spender. Are you attempting to take a short cut toward earning the love that you desire? Or are you using money and gifts to compensate for mistakes made in the past? Keep your money in the bank and opt for quality time with the people you care about instead.


Your cheerfulness and lust for life fuel your optimism for even the most daunting tasks. You think you can take on anyone and anything and emerge victorious by mere positive outlook alone. Your family or living situation is undergoing a major transformation, but you shouldn’t strive to make the process better, faster or more involved than it currently is. Everyone gets it that you are hungry for change, but you can’t just will your way toward resolution. Be content to let change happen organically. Even if your intentions are for the best, you will cause more harm than good by complicating the flow.


Your faith in the idea that everything is going your way is at odds with your desire to call the shots and to manipulate events that are happening around you. The more you believe in the benevolence of the universe, the more you feel compelled to persuade others to do things your way. Maybe you feel that the universe can’t be trusted to get things right and that it needs you to direct the flow of events? Or perhaps you believe that your words are the product of divine inspiration? In either case, be careful not to cajole, coerce, or control. Your words may come back to haunt you.


Your social life is sizzling with interesting events to attend and group activities to get involved with. Your Weekend Horoscope says that it will be challenging to keep your expenses at a minimum. You might be tempted by a high-priced event or you might want to keep the festivities going throughout the weekend. You also want to impress friends with your ability to play like a high roller even if it means taking a big financial hit. Don’t confuse self-worth with your spending ability. If you need to use money to impress people, you are running with the wrong crowd.


Your Weekend Horoscope says you might feel pressured to demonstrate how much authority you have because certain heavy hitters want to see what you can do. If you need to flex your muscles in order to gain a little credibility, go for it. Just be careful not to fall for your own hype. Your influence can be used to open doors, but don’t abuse your power. You have what it takes to accomplish great things, but you can work more effectively if you understand your limits. Strive to use your powers for the good of everyone around you instead of merely focusing on selfish gains.


You are on a quest to understand your life’s purpose and to assign meaning to past events that have had a major impact upon your life. The more questions you have, the more spiritual books, teachers, and practices you employ in order to find answers. Sometimes you need to take a break from digesting information and allow room for insight to unfold. Don’t allow your impatience with finding solace to compound your insecurity or fear. If you can get comfortable with vulnerability and not having all the answers, you will have everything that you need to cultivate contentment and peace of mind.


Life has been pretty generous with you lately and so have certain people in your life. Unfortunately, this has also created the expectation that this is how things should always be. Problems with a friend or your significant other might be due to the fact that you are asking for too much. Or the person in question might be seeking payback for gifts and favors previously rendered. No matter which side of the equation you’re on, you need to find a better way to handle issues of control and manipulation in relationships. Don’t give your power and integrity away to others by letting them control you with money, gifts, or other favors.

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