Your Weekend Horoscope: Proving a Point

Green Light What You Want

Skillful Mercury syncing with steadfast Saturn provides the mental stamina and strong communication skills needed to prove a point, although Saturn clashing with stationary Venus still halts the fulfillment of desires. Translation: You will persist in coming up with clever ideas designed to get someone to green light what you want. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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No one can say you haven’t done your homework. You know everything there is to know about a matter that is important to you now. Nevertheless, you could still find it hard to get an authority figure to give you the approval you need. Just hang in there a little longer!


A serious discussion could involve sharing secrets or sensitive information. However, you shouldn’t assume this allows you to take certain liberties with the person in question. This is a first step toward cultivating trust, but you haven’t yet arrived at that destination. Don’t be bullish, Taurus. Tread carefully.


A long and meaningful conversation with a friend or your significant other will set some things straight, but you shouldn’t count on receiving acknowledgment for solving a problem. In fact, this is likely to be a preliminary step to more challenging negotiations. Don’t make it about getting your way.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows you will get a lot of chores or work tasks completed when you stick to what you know. There might be other concepts or techniques that you feel pretty passionate about, but they aren’t ready for prime time. Don’t make more work for yourself.


This is an ideal time to hash some things out with your love interest. Things have been a little intense in the romance department and a serious talk may need to happen in order to find out where things stand. A hookup might not be an option until you clear the air.


A discussion with a relative could result in family secrets and sensitive information being shared. It’s great to have an open dialogue, but you should avoid discussing your relationship or your love life. That conversation may fail to yield the nod of support you would like to receive.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests you will do your best brainstorming when you pair up with a study buddy. He or she can let you know when a supposedly good idea is actually a bad one and can thus prevent you from promoting something disastrous. The more brainpower, the better.


This is an excellent time to get money matters in order and come up with a long-term strategy for financial stability. Just be careful you don’t spend so much this weekend that it puts your new plan in peril. Opt for cheap dates and low-keyed entertainment.


Despite your attempts to keep things light, you will get pretty intense and serious when talking to your children, date, or mate. You will find it hard to mask your frustration when you don’t get to have things your way. No matter who did what, only you are responsible for your happiness.


Discuss a nagging problem with your therapist or a trusted friend or family member. It may be difficult to express your thoughts, but you should still give it a go. Don’t worry about making sense. You just need to connect with an understanding person who can hold space for you to vent.


Look to an older friend for advice on an important matter. He or she might not share your values, but can provide a perspective that will help you to see things in a different light. Don’t try to force him or her to validate your opinion. Just listen.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that this is a good time to negotiate a work or money matter. The solution might not be a glamorous one, but it could improve your finances or your standing in the workplace. Do you want to look good? Or do you want to get paid?

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