Weekend Horoscope: Before You Move Forward

Staying the Course

Both the Last Quarter Moon and the Sun ending its four-week sojourn in Libra signal a change. This is a time of transition. However the future hasn’t arrived yet and there are things that need to be attended to before you are free to move forward. Can you stay the course? Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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You are eager to be done with a home and family matter, yet a commitment to others will demand that you stick it out and see things through to completion. You need to keep things cool with your mate and other loved ones, so don’t leave them to pick up the slack.


Responding to messages and running errands is time-consuming, but necessary. You are so ready to kick back and relax, but you need to take care of business first. If you don’t attend to chores now, you will waste the weekend dreading the moment when you have to complete them.


You feel a sense of urgency around bringing a financial matter to completion, but doing so in haste could cause you to take an unnecessary risk. Slow down and consider what is at stake. You can’t afford to be flippant where money is concerned. Take time to do the right thing.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you might be feeling emotional about a family matter or something from your past. Even though you would prefer to sweep the issue under the rug, you need to make peace with the situation. You can’t change what has happened, but you can change how it affects you.


Not being in touch with your emotions creates problems in your communication with others. You need to figure out how you feel before you can discuss your needs and desires with clarity and conviction. Take time to sort through confusing emotions. Even you are likely to be surprised when your true feelings are revealed.


It is hard to relate to your present circumstances when your attention is on the future. It is great that you have a plan for what comes next, but first you will need to focus on the here and now. An important money matter needs to be dealt with before you can move things forward.


You are working the spotlight and pushing to make an impression while you still have the chance. You are eager to please others, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your own priorities or well-being. Focus on what you really want instead of what others expect of you.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals your restlessness and a craving for adventure. However, you might not have the energy required for these sorts of shenanigans. You have been dealing with a lot lately. You need to relax, recharge, and process recent events. You will have your mojo back in no time!


You have been pretty intensely engaged with your mate, friends, or colleagues and now you are seriously ready for some alone time. However, before you can break loose and do your own thing, you need to honor a commitment or make good on a promise. Don’t disappoint someone who has been there for you.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals your eagerness to put a partnership matter to bed, but going about things in the wrong way could cast you in an unfavorable light. Be patient and allow matters to unfold. You are sure to make a mistake if you make a decision in haste.


Lingering over an uncompleted task could rob you of the opportunity to do something fun and adventurous. Don’t be boring, Aquarius. You can resume your routine at any time, but you might not always have the opportunity to step outside your box and do something different.


You are all about sharing your gifts and you feel an urgency to make your contribution. However, right now you should be more focused on shared activities than solo projects. You will get credit for your own thing soon enough, but for now it’s important to acknowledge what others bring to the table.

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    I understand what you’re saying she’s not in my life right now but my heart still says can’t let go So see how things play out The strangest thing in the world I should be mad I’m not to be angry not deathly scared I love her forever


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