Your Weekend Horoscope: Merging Method and Imagination

Coloring Inside the Lines

Sunday’s Full Moon in detail-oriented Virgo sets the tone for the weekend. Everyone is striving for perfection and maximum productivity, although challenging influences from rule-maker Saturn and a pileup of planets in fanciful Pisces could make that hard to attain. Try merging your method with imagination while still coloring inside the lines Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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Reaching an important work or fitness goal will require a leap of faith while also being mindful that the rules do apply to you. You are a courageous soul who likes to buck the guidelines when you can, but not doing things according to the book could result in failure. Straighten up and fly right.


Romance is only fun when you are getting what you want. Someone saying no to you could move you to put that person on the back burner. It’s easy to do when there is so much action in your social life, but are you aiming for long-term love or short-term pleasure?


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that you will need to use your imagination in order to resolve a home or family problem. Getting people to agree is almost impossible, although someone might be willing to change his or her tune if standing their ground will make them look like the bad guy.


Completing important paperwork and tending to communication could be a lot more labor-intensive than you think, although that doesn’t mean it won’t be worthwhile. The chances are good that you will acquire valuable information if you persevere. Be on the lookout for an experienced teacher or mentor.


A financial matter is ready to be brought to a successful conclusion providing you don’t take any risks. Even if the potential payoff is meager, it might be the best that you can hope for under current conditions. Trust that if you do things right, you will get what you need.


Emotions run high when the Full Moon is in your sign and partnership will be front and center in your heart and mind. Consider whether your deepest needs are being met. You deserve to feel fulfilled and it begins with being honest about your situation. You don’t need to feel ashamed of your needs.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that you are keeping your true emotions under wraps, especially if you are feeling lonely or misunderstood. This too will pass. Feel your feelings, but don’t dwell on them. Focusing on work, exercise or other practical tasks will distract you until this blows over.


You need to do something fun with friends, although you might be afraid that you can’t afford to socialize. Companionship is essential to your happiness, so you need to find a way to make it happen. You wouldn’t deny yourself food, clothing or shelter. This too is something you can’t do without.


You could feel insecure about receiving so much attention, but you might find it hard to avoid the spotlight. Don’t be hard on yourself. You have what it takes to survive any scrutiny you might endure. When you focus on your positive attributes, that is what will be reflected to others.


The only thing stopping you from trying something that you have never done before or traveling someplace new is insecurity or self-imposed limitations. Talking to people and acquiring information can help to allay your fears, although at some point you have to stop thinking about it and just do it!


It can be frustrating when a friend doesn’t understand your emotions or why you feel so strongly about something. However this shouldn’t cause you to doubt your experience or deny your feelings. Some experiences are so personal and so profound that not everyone will get them or understand their significance.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that connecting with someone who gets you is super important, but be careful that you aren’t looking for validation or approval. You are pretty quirky, but you are perfect as you are. The people who get you will get that. You don’t need to pretend to be someone you’re not.

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