Weekend Horoscope: Make Peace With Your Past

Healing and Letting Go

The Sun in driven Scorpio aligned with healer Chiron empowers you to make peace with the past so that you can prepare to welcome the future. Your horoscope will reveal the area of your life that will most benefit from healing and letting go. Are you ready to transform weakness into strength? Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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You have the support you need to heal deep, emotional trauma. Turn to a therapist, guide, or trusted loved one to walk you through the process. You have what it takes to confront your fears and reclaim power from a situation that wounded you in the past.


Problems with a friend or a lack of meaningful friendships have been getting you down. Your ability to express painful emotions allows you to establish common ground with someone that you care about. You will feel less lonely when it is revealed that others are in the same boat.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that it is time to let go of past career disappointments and to work to transform a liability into an asset. Embrace the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and devote yourself to transforming your professional image. You have what it takes to get on track.


If a lack of education is your Achilles’ heel, it could impact your ability to move forward in your career. The only way to overcome this weakness is by pushing yourself to learn more. Find a way to further your education or to update your knowledge and skill set on your own.


Your weakness or wound pertains to sex or money and it might have some correlation to your childhood. The difference between then and now is that you are a lot stronger and you are capable of facing problems head on. Apply your emotional strength toward healing this issue and wiping the slate clean.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals worry over partnership problems. Either you feel insecure about your current relationship or you worry that you will never connect with the person who can give you the commitment you want. Saying no to the wrong relationships makes room for the right one. Don’t settle.


Health issues or job stress might be a cause for concern. Spending money on a gym membership or purchasing healthy foods could prove to be a wise investment in your well-being. When you’re in tip-top shape, you bring your best to your job and you are capable of doing more.


You are pretty determined to overcome a problem in the romance department. You might fear that you aren’t outgoing or fun enough to keep someone’s interest. The problem is that you equate playfulness with being silly or immature. Find a way to let your inner child out for recess.


A childhood wound or a challenging family situation might be causing you emotional pain. If you haven’t been able to resolve the matter on your own, it might be time to seek professional help. If you were in physical pain, you wouldn’t hesitate to seek treatment. Your heart deserves the same level of attention.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that a tendency to worry is disrupting your peace of mind. It takes as much time and energy to feed the negative as it does to focus on the positive. You need to flip the script. Start giving your attention to the things that are going right.


It is frustrating when you come up short in the financial department. Sometimes you just have to buckle down and stay on a budget in order to overcome debt. Your prosperity begins when you start taking practical steps to transform poverty consciousness. Remember that money doesn’t define your self-worth.


You spend too much time focusing on the things that make you insecure or fearful. This self-defeating habit diminishes your sense of worth. Look to spiritual teachings or a self-help book to find the direction and inspiration that helps you transform the way you look at yourself.

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