Your Weekend Horoscope: Love Heals and Frustrates

Your Weekend Horoscope:Love Heals and Frustrates

Your Weekend Horoscope

Happy Valentine’s Weekend! The romantic forecast is mixed with goddess Venus and warrior Mars in transcendent Pisces. Venus is at home in this dreamy sign and seeks to heal everyone with love. Even the most broken and downtrodden will be offered her embrace. However, Mars becomes passive-aggressive, indicating that sexual desires may be frustrated under this influence. Here’s your Weekend Horoscope!

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You may be harboring feelings for someone who is not in a position to return your affection. Before you put your heart on the line, check to see if the party in question is really capable of fulfilling your romantic dreams. Be careful not to squander your love on the unworthy.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that a friendship may hold the potential for a deeper bond. If you decide to cross that line, there is no turning back. Make sure that you are prepared to go all in, as changing your status not only affects the two of you, but also your social circle.


You are very concerned with projecting the right image and making a good impression upon people you look up to. This is definitely a good thing but be careful not to come across as unapproachable. If you are too intimidating, you could lose out on a shot at love.


When it comes to love, you are looking for something different. A foreign lover could be appealing or a long-distance love affair could supply the intrigue you crave. If you are going to make an emotional investment, make sure the situation is a good fit for your everyday world.


You are all revved up for romance and intimacy, and chances are you will succeed at fulfilling at least one of those two options. At this time, the universe is asking you to take a look at your values pertaining to sex and intimacy. Your Weekend Horoscope indicates a need to make a more meaningful connection.


You are ready, willing, and able to start a new partnership or to take an existing relationship to the next level. However, you shouldn’t allow your critical nature to focus on your partner’s faults. Love your mate exactly as he or she is right now and resist the urge to force improvements.


You are feeling less romantic than usual. However, there might be someone special in the workplace who catches your eye. Mixing work with pleasure is risky business. Make sure that you both are on the same page before you make a move. Work is crazy enough without adding a romantic complication.


You have high expectations for romance and you will go all out to create your fairy-tale evening. Putting yourself or your partner under too much pressure can reduce your chances for fun. Take it easy, Scorpio. Keeping it low-key increases your chances that things will go according to plan.


If you are going to entertain at home, then you might want to take time to spruce up your space. Your home life has been a little chaotic lately and you don’t want domestic drama to ruin the mood. Make it a priority to have a cozy and distraction-free evening.


You and your special someone may spend hours talking late into the night. This is a good time to discuss your feelings and intentions and to find out exactly where things stand. It may be a challenge to express yourself, but there are certain things that need to be said.


Your evening may prove to be a much more costly affair than you had intended, especially if you wait until the last minute to make plans. Being generous with your emotions is likely to impress your mate a lot more than a lavish evening. Find out how much love you have to give.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you are in your element, spreading love wherever you go. Instead of focusing on one particular person, you are more concerned that people who are lonely or suffering know that they are loved. You understand what love is really all about and it shows.

One thought on “Your Weekend Horoscope: Love Heals and Frustrates


    Thank you for your article Krishni. I myself am frustrated and very disappointed with the whole dating seen, It is getting worse and worse. Men are just looking to see how much money you have and a free ride. I am sure it is vise a versa for men with women. But, I
    did give it a good go and all I got was disappointments after disappointments I am done.
    I am going to concentrate on me, thou people keep on telling me to continue to date that something will turn up. Well, these people have life partners for a lot of years put up with them, what do they know about dating these days.


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