Weekend Horoscope: Fussiness and Intense Attention to Detail

Lots of Moving Parts

Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter joined in perfectionist Virgo can bring fussiness and intense attention to detail. It is a great time for projects and activities that involve coordinating a lot of moving parts. Mars joined with Saturn in idealistic Sagittarius pits action against constraint. A clear sense of purpose can transform this conflicting energy into tremendous strength. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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You feel compelled to beat others over the head with your beliefs, especially about religion and politics. Word to the wise; you don’t have to show up at every fight that you are invited to. You have mad technical skills now, so why not tinker around with a project instead?


You are feeling super romantic and might be inspired to plan the perfect date. However, you shouldn’t throw a tantrum if your effort fails to produce the desired results—especially in the bedroom. Use this time to communicate and to get to know your mate or date a little better.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that you are better off making your plans a family affair instead of a one-on-one engagement. Aggressive Mars joined with demanding Saturn could create conflict between you and your significant other, while family activities promise to be pleasurable and relatively stress-free.


You could be pretty busy running errands and catching up on emails and phone calls. There are more busy-making tasks on your to-do list than there are hours in the day. This hectic pace could definitely stress you out. Make self-care a priority and get the rest you need.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you might be considering making a major purchase or a big financial move. If it will serve a practical purpose then you should definitely give it a go. However, gambling or other speculative ventures could be risky, so proceed with caution if it’s not a sure thing.


You feel energized with so many planets in your sign. This is an ideal time to work on personal projects and to make changes that will enhance your appearance. A family matter could be complicated and won’t be resolved right now, so you will be better off putting you own priorities first instead.


You might feel stressed or depressed because you can’t be open about a romantic matter or can’t express your feelings. You will soon be able to reveal what is happening, but now is not the time. Keep it behind closed doors until the moment is right to make a big reveal.


You have lot of social activities on your calendar this weekend, although you might not have the funds to do everything you want to do. Your finances are precarious now, so you shouldn’t blow your budget. You won’t enjoy yourself if you are worrying about expenses, so do something thrifty.


There is no doubt that you will make a positive impression in your professional world or your community because you are determined to do whatever is necessary to make an impact. It is great that you are feeling so ambitious, but be careful not to be too hard on yourself.


You are working through some major issues behind closed doors. Religious or spiritual teachings could shed light on a dark situation and provide the solace that you seek. Read your favorite spiritual text or connect with a teacher or guide who can put you on a path that provides answers.


You have a tremendous amount of support right now, but that might not stop you from throwing a tantrum when a friend or group doesn’t give you what you want or go along with your program. Ease up, Aquarius. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude will help to keep the peace.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that this can be a beautiful time for relationships providing that you make your most important one-on-one connections a priority instead of being obsessed with your career. Even if you’re not working, you could drive your significant other crazy with your non-stop plotting and planning.

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