Your Weekend Horoscope: A Formidable Opponent

Will You Keep Your Power?

The weekend begins on an easygoing note as chatty Mercury syncs with sociable Venus. On Friday and Saturday, you will get the most out of spending time with friends and engaging in conversation with your date or mate. Get-togethers and social events promise to be lively under this influence and you could meet some interesting people. Sunday’s powerful Full Moon in Capricorn in sync with potent Pluto packs a super intense vibe. People will grab at whatever power they can get and will push to seize control. Will you keep your power? Or will you lose it to a more formidable opponent? Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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Romance is cool when you keep the vibe lighthearted and upbeat. So, plan a date that allows you and your mate to participate in an activity that you both enjoy or that gives you the chance to have a long talk without distraction. This easygoing approach can help to smooth over any difficulties. If you’re single, your focus should be on having fun. Sunday’s Full Moon pushes relationship matters to the back burner and puts the spotlight on your career ambitions. Therefore, you will be determined to succeed by any means necessary. However, you have a major battle ahead of you. Before you make a bold move consider whether you truly have what it takes to win.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that you may enjoy spending money on things for your home that will be conversation starters. Impressive books, electronic gadgets, games, and other fun tchotchkes might be on your shopping list. On Friday and Saturday, hanging out at home chatting with friends and loved ones will be pleasurable, so get your place ready for guests. However, discussions can take on a darker tone under the influence of Sunday’s Full Moon. You may feel compelled to hit someone over the head with an ideology you hold dear and this could spark a dangerous debate. If you aren’t willing to hear the voice of opposition, then you should certainly steer clear of potentially divisive discussions.


You always have interesting things to say and you are even more of a delight to be around when you also allow others the space to share their stories. On Friday and Saturday, a stream of calls, messages, and impromptu get-togethers will catch you up on the goings-on of friends, relatives, and neighbors. You will be in a good mood, so you won’t mind the interruption. However, an interaction with someone close to you could take on a heavier vibe under the influence of Sunday’s Full Moon. One person may push for more than the other is willing to give. Tread carefully, especially if sex or money is the cause for the conflict.


Your bargaining skills are pretty sharp, so you should be able to negotiate the right price for something you have been secretly lusting after. You deserve to splurge, especially if the price is right. Pampering yourself is good preparation for a battle that could ensue under Sunday’s intense Full Moon. You may need a little something that reminds you of your worth. A partnership problem could also escalate and push you to the edge. The stronger partner might take his or her control for granted and take things too far, while the party in the weaker position may tire of being pushed around. Which person are you and what are you going to do about it?


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that a conversation with a friend or a new acquaintance on Friday or Saturday could bring a crush to light. Or a social event may connect you with a potential romantic interest. In either case, socializing could certainly be the key to making a love connection. Have fun while you can, Leo. Sunday’s intense Full Moon could also bring an employment or workplace problem to a head. This situation has the potential to become more explosive than it appears on the surface, so caution is advised. If you have a complaint or issue that needs to be addressed, you should postpone it until the atmosphere is more conducive to a calm resolution.


It’s cool if you don’t really feel like talking. Your look will certainly tell the world everything that it needs to know about you. You can make the right impression without even saying a word. However, when it comes to your love life or your children, it might be helpful to communicate your thoughts. Sunday’s Full Moon could trigger jealousy, possessiveness, or other controlling emotions. If you can find a way to calmly express your feelings, it may help to ward off a potential meltdown. Just remember that you can’t force other people to feel or act the way you want them to.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that you will enjoy yourself when you get out of the house and connect with people who share your interests. You might be drawn to joining a book club or spending time with people who are on your spiritual wavelength. A person from a different culture or background may have an interesting point of view to share. Sunday’s powerful Full Moon could also spark a conflict with a roommate or relative or it could escalate a home repair from a minor job to a major undertaking. The bottom line is that domestic matters are volatile and that you would do well not to fan the flames.


You won’t have any qualms about demonstrating your affection for someone you care about, nor will you be shy about discussing your feelings. You are certainly at ease with how you feel, so that makes it a breeze. But how will you respond if the other person doesn’t feel quite the same way? Sunday’s potent Full Moon could convince you that it is perfectly okay to bully the other person into submission. You might think that you are merely being persuasive. However, the words that you use and the energy behind them could come across as a manipulation or a threat. Don’t be your own worst enemy.


You are the perfect person to guide someone through an unfamiliar experience or to teach a friend something new. You will receive positive feedback when you share your wisdom on Friday and Saturday. A trip to a local destination might be in the works too. You may visit a cultural spot or check out a breathtaking vista. Sunday’s intense Full Moon could certainly spark a conflict over money or values. It can be tempting to exert your will, although you should be aware that your opponent is likely to respond with equal force. The problem could be even worse if it involves a friend. Be careful.


A sympathetic coworker might be just the person to turn to if you need to discuss a sensitive matter. He or she might be going through a similar experience, so your disclosure may help you both out. Life feels a bit easier when you know that you are not alone. On Sunday, you probably won’t be feeling quite as patient or understanding, especially if things aren’t going your way. The Full Moon in your sign makes you keenly aware of the power you hold and could tempt you to use it to control a person or situation. However, there won’t be any going back to how things were if you unleash your worst behavior.


You have a good chance of making a romance work on Friday and Saturday. Openly expressing your affection and sharing your thoughts can do wonders. However, if you are single, this is an ideal time to connect with a potential mate online or to go out and meet someone new. Sunday’s powerful Full Moon could trigger some very intense emotions. If there is a painful personal matter that you have been struggling with, it might suddenly feel larger than life. You might be reluctant to share it with someone, but hiding feelings of shame, fear, or guilt will only make matters worse. Find a trusted confidant who can listen and offer a different perspective.


You could find yourself immersed in a home improvement project on Friday or Saturday. If you are entertaining or planning a romantic evening in, you will want your space to be warm and inviting. Get your dates and socializing in well before Sunday’s powerful Full Moon. This energy could also spark a conflict with a friend or within a group that you participate in. It won’t be easy for people to reach an agreement about who should be running the show and matters could get pretty heated. Don’t try to manipulate or control others and don’t allow yourself to be pushed around.

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