Your Weekend Horoscope: Find Your Flow

Be Flexible and Adaptable

You can give more, you can withhold, or you can find your flow somewhere in between as expansive Jupiter dances with limiting Saturn. Finding your rhythm will involve being flexible and adapting to changing circumstances rather than expecting you can hold your stance and have the world respond in a predictable fashion. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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The rules that govern how you handle relationships may feel too restrictive, so you might need to bend them a little in order to have more fun. Just remember that this works both ways. So don’t get mad if your significant other also starts doing things a bit differently.


You have a lot of work on your plate and you might want to take on even more. There is only so much you can do without getting more support at home or on the job. An older person might be able to help. Just know that rules may apply.


Are you interested in a committed relationship? Or are you still exploring your options? Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that if you’re single and serious about love, it might be time to settle down. However, if you are already committed, you might need to work harder at making your relationship more fun.


You have lot of home and family plans. However, you need to choose one goal, lock it down, and devise a strategy to make it happen. All your plotting will prove to be a waste of time if you can’t put one foot in front of the other and move things forward.


You talk a good romance game, but are you really prepared to back your words up with action? Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that it is time to get serious about walking your talk. That means you need to take steps to move things forward and stay focused until your efforts bear fruit.


This is a more prosperous time for you, but don’t let it become a case of more money, more problems. If you have been thinking about moving, renovating, or taking on home repairs, do it while you have the funds to finance it. It’s an investment that will pay off over the long run.


You are pretty confident and optimistic now, but that doesn’t always come across in your communication with others. Don’t feel pressured to make a certain kind of impression. You only need to be yourself and give people a chance to get to know the real you. Speak your truth!


It’s great you’re feeling optimistic about your finances, although you need to act on your faith to make something happen. Your intuition and dreams are providing clues about future prosperity. Taking action on the inspiration you receive will change your trajectory and set something new into motion.


You will benefit from spending time with a compassionate, wise, and generous friend. His or her influence may inspire you to be more disciplined and to work harder at the things you care about. Unfortunately, you might have to cut back on socializing to attain the desired result.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals there’s a wider variety of options available in your career and that a benefactor could be reaching down to pull you up the ladder. You may feel a bit insecure or fearful, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from exploring an opportunity for advancement.


You are going places, literally. Although, an obligation to a friend or group could keep you from heading off on your adventure. Maybe this should be a shared escapade? Get creative and figure out a way to make it work. You are way too restless to just stick to the usual routine.


You are entering the final stages of an important career project or goal. Make use of whatever resources or support are available while you still have time. Matters could become more challenging in the weeks ahead, so make sure that someone is standing by to offer you backup.

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