Your Weekend Horoscope: Ego-Driven Pursuits

Aries’ Assertive Nature

A gentle alignment between the Sun in Aries and Neptune in Pisces ignites creativity and romance and brings empathy to ego-driven pursuits. The assertive nature of Aries empowers you to act on your Piscean visions, while the compassion and understanding of Pisces soothes and tempers the sometimes aggressive Aries style.

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Your dreams and waking epiphanies are providing very specific insight. Take some action, no matter how small, to honor them before you lose the connection. You will always be your fiery, impulsive self, but it doesn’t hurt to offer empathy and compassion when and where it is called for.


An interaction with a friend or group that shares your artistic or spiritual interests will provide a lot of food for thought. Spend some time in silence unpacking these insights. What you learn will teach you something about yourself that could be incredibly healing. Both creative and spiritual pursuits will be therapeutic.


Your true friends recognize your gifts and make you feel like a star. Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that right now you are a guiding light for one of your pals, so you should set the sort of example that will bring happiness to the person who follows it.


Allow your spiritual beliefs and wisdom to inform the choices you make in your career. Success isn’t only comprised of the actions you take, but also the level of integrity behind them. Putting your ideals into action will get you where you want to go in your professional life.


An interest in metaphysics or healing should also be followed up with a course of study. This is an ideal time to connect with a teacher, spiritual guide, or a path that will help you cultivate your gifts and deepen your understanding. Water the seed that has been planted.


You don’t connect with people in a casual way. When you bond with someone, the connection goes deep. These special relationships bring a lot of blessings into your life, but are you truly open to receiving what people have to offer? You bless others when you accept what they give.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests a karmic need to be in service to your mate, business partner, or someone else with whom you share a commitment. It isn’t about being a doormat, but offering them the compassion that allows their best self to shine through. They will behave differently when you acknowledge their highest qualities.


You are super creative and your work will flourish when you approach it in a more creative way. This isn’t necessarily about being artistic, but about finding a way to instill beauty and pleasure in what you do. This could also prove to be profitable. Let passion lead you to success.


Believe or not, the spiritual foundation provided in childhood plays a part in who you are today. Non-belief is also a belief that has an effect. Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that it currently influences matters pertaining to romance and children. What was instilled in you can provide answers about a current dilemma.


You will get a lot out of spending time with the siblings, relatives, or neighbors you feel spiritually connected to. These karmic connections are inexplicable, yet you know it when you experience it. It can be incredibly healing to spend time with the people who really understand you.


Exploring your spiritual connection to money can provide clues about how to prosper. Are you operating from a space of poverty consciousness? Are you designating people or jobs as your source, instead of acknowledging that all gifts come from Spirit? Changing your mind about money will ultimately change your financial reality.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that you should find a way to prosper from your innate talent. You are pretty aware of who you are and what you have to offer and there are people who will value what you have to give. It is time to make that connection.

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