Your Weekend Horoscope: Determined and Pushy

When Enough is Enough

Determined, pushy, and super intense are some of the ways to describe how people will respond to this weekend’s planetary picture. The Sun syncing with warrior Mars makes you drive hard to get what you want, while over-the-top Jupiter clashing with forceful Pluto suggests that there is no limit to how far you are willing to go. Will you know when enough is enough? On Sunday, relationship woes can inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to your love life. You will need to look beyond disappointment to find a different way to relate. Can you stay open to love when vulnerability makes you want to shut down? Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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Romance and other fun pursuits will bring out the competitor in you. It won’t be enough to just play the game. You are in it to bring home the prize. You can be pretty sexy when you get all worked up about getting what you want. Just make sure that you don’t pull any dirty tricks. Your reputation may rest upon your ability to make it a fair fight. On Sunday, fear or insecurity could make you say something hurtful. Or you might take your date’s or mate’s words the wrong way. Instead of blindly reacting, try to respond in a way that allows for further dialogue. This could help you to turn a corner in your love life.


A kerfuffle at home or with a family member could strike an unsettling note. You can let your frustration turn into anger or you can use this energy to push toward a solution. You can’t always control what happens, but you can determine how you allow events to affect your outlook and state of mind. If the issue pertains to a repair or home-based project, you need to consider whether you have gotten in over your head. On Sunday, a clash with a friend over money or values could create problems in your relationship, but there’s a different way to frame the story. Take a deeper look and allow what you see to shift your perspective.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you are likely to give everyone within shouting distance an earful. If you have a problem, you want the world to know about it. Raising the volume might get someone to give in in order to shut you up, but it won’t make you right. Is it possible that you are asking for too much? On Sunday, you might feel that your flaws and faux pas are on public display, but don’t let it make you self-conscious. Your more interesting friends appreciate your quirks and individuality. Spend time with someone who makes you feel good about your eccentricities.


When it comes to money matters, your behavior is pretty manic. Whether you are making money or spending it, you are pushing pretty hard to get your way. Slow down, Cancer. Unless a deadline is looming, it won’t pay to be in such a big hurry. Certain matters are destined to work out in your favor, but you can’t push them to fruition before their time. On Sunday, you may question whether the universe is responding to your relationship desires and you might wonder if you will ever get what you want. Here’s a tip: it will soon be time to venture out of your shell and let the world see a more unusual side of you.


You have more energy, motivation, and determination than you have had in a couple of years, so don’t let it go to waste. Go find a mountain to climb or a big challenge that you can commit to conquering. There is one caveat—don’t tell your cohorts what to do, show them. No one wants to be bossed around. People will be more inclined to follow your lead when you set the right example. On Sunday, you might feel disappointed when a friend doesn’t understand you or fails to offer the support you think you deserve. Hopefully, this will point you in the direction of a higher source of guidance.


It is frustrating when circumstances prevent you from taking action or getting credit for what you do. You can’t always be at the center of things. Sometimes you have to be content to do what you can backstage. Resist the urge to throw money at a problem that pertains to your love life or children. You can’t buy affection. Nor should you try to control people with money. It is an expensive move that won’t bring you any closer to completely dominating your world. On Sunday, you might feel like throwing a public pity party, but you will feel better if you just stop expecting people to support you in weird ways.


Get out there and connect with your people! You bring big-time energy and motivation to group activities and to collaborations with friends. Your excellent leadership skills make you the perfect person to take charge of this weekend’s festivities. Your buddies are likely to welcome your enthusiasm, but your family or roommates not so much. They might be sick of you bossing them around and behaving like a drill sergeant on the home front. On Sunday, you might feel frustrated at your inability to step outside of your romantic box and have a new and different experience. Perhaps you are looking too far out? Someone exciting might be closer to home.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that you won’t be shy about muscling your way forward in your career. You would rather break the door down than wait for someone to offer you an invitation to enter. It’s cool provided that you are working in a field where bravado is an accepted part of the culture. You will need to tread more lightly if people expect a certain level of decorum. On Sunday, you might feel rejected if someone doesn’t respond to your romantic or sexual advances. Chances are that you are coming on too strong. Maybe it is time for a more enlightened move?


You won’t be shy about letting people know where you stand on the important issues of the day and you might even feel that it is your duty to enlighten them on certain matters. And you won’t care whether or not people agree with you on big topics such as politics or religion; you just want to spread your viewpoint. Here’s a newsflash, Sagittarius—not everyone shares your beliefs and values. Search for common ground instead of focusing on differences. You might feel hurt if your significant other doesn’t understand why you feel the way that you do. Why make it an issue? Can’t you still enjoy each other without being 100% in sync?


Whether it is sex or money that you are after, you are super intent on getting what you want. The problem is that in both scenarios, you have to find someone who is willing to give it. You have a bit of power or leverage and you won’t mind throwing it around, but is this really the way that you want to go? Know the difference between persuasion and coercion. On Sunday, you may brood over a lack of appreciation on the job. Press the pause button on work concerns while you spend time with loved ones who appreciate your unique way of doing things.


Are you coordinating your efforts with an important person in your life to achieve a shared goal? Or are you trying to force your significant other or a close colleague to do things your way? Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that a concerted effort has the potential for tremendous success. Resist the urge to demonstrate how right you are or to feel that you need to do something big in order to prove yourself. Trust that you will get your just desserts if you show up and do your part. On Sunday, romance might be hampered by money problems, but surely you won’t let that slow you down. You are clever and you can come up with an unconventional solution.


Whether it is work or fitness that is consuming you this weekend, your attitude is “Go hard or go home.” Even if you’re only trying to outdo yourself, you are apt to be super competitive. Unless you are physically prepared for the task at hand, you might want to take it easy. Doing too much too fast can set the stage for accidents. However, don’t expect that someone should feel obligated to lend a hand if you get in over your head. On Sunday, you might feel that you fall short of the expectations of loved ones, but you are looking at things in the wrong way. Consider the unique contributions that only you can bring to the relationship.

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