Your Weekend Horoscope: A Desire for Distraction

Stick to Your Commitments

This weekend’s Last Quarter Moon in adventurous Sagittarius will make it tough for you to stick to your commitments when restlessness and a desire for distraction set in. Be careful not to jump ship just before something that you have worked on over the past few weeks is about to come to fruition! Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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The “me” time that you promised yourself is about to take a backseat to your need for adventure. Do you really have the energy to do something crazy? If you can’t relax, then focus on a solo escapade. You will be less stressed if you don’t have to negotiate plans with others.


An important goal or career-related project is about to gain traction with a team or group who can take it to the next level. However, you might be so caught up in emotional or sexual drama that you don’t participate. Priorities, Taurus. You didn’t come this far to drop the ball.


You have been studying up so you can handle yourself in the spotlight. Your moment is about to arrive. Be careful that a partnership issue, either personal or professional, doesn’t distract you from the matter at hand. Your window of opportunity might not be open indefinitely.


You have been dying to break free from your routine and do something different, yet you are adding chores to your to-do list instead of finding something interesting to do. You can do your chores later. Get out of your head, get out of the house, and get set for adventure!


It has been your mission to invite more passion into your love life. The time is right to act on your desires, but instead of getting serious about intimacy, you want to play around. This certainly isn’t the moment for fun and games. You will benefit from taking a more mature approach to love.


According to your Weekend Horoscope, forging a connection with a partner requires a level of openness and emotional intimacy that you may find a little daunting. This could cause you to retreat when you should be making an effort to get closer. Invite your beloved into your world instead of shutting him or her out.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that you are easily distracted by phone calls, text messages, and emails. A pressing job or task won’t get any easier if you keep putting it off. Unless you are getting instructions on what to do, it might be helpful to turn off the phone and stay focused.


A fun date or an entertaining activity should be number one on your list, especially if you made this plan a while back. Don’t start freaking out about finances and telling yourself that you can’t afford it. You’ve certainly earned this, Scorpio. Do yourself a favor and sign off on that splurge.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals a need to put home and family first, although this is probably at odds with your desire to do your own thing. You need to step up, especially if you have made a commitment to loved ones. Don’t let selfishness undermine your good intentions.


Conversations, email, and impromptu meet-ups will demand your full attention and participation. The problem is that you would much rather turn off your phone, close your curtains, and hide away from the world. You can sleep when you are dead, Capricorn. Right now the world needs your input!


Be careful not to blow a financial commitment that you have made to yourself by splurging on an event or a get-together with friends. Your budget is only as strong as your ability to stick with it. You will have fewer financial regrets if you find a less costly way to have fun.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that fulfilling the expectations of others (especially a boss or parent) can come at the expense of your own happiness. You don’t need to make a big deal about it, but right now you should be putting your own interests first. You can’t please all the people, all the time.

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  1. Shana

    Nothing is ever good or goes well for mr and im talking from age 10 to my 30’s on! I alway am possitive then for milleth time im knock down again, how do i stop bad thoughts i have now all the time?
    Ready for next life,ready to take chance it be better.


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