Weekend Horoscope: Comfort, Compassion and Love

Weekend Horoscope

Commune and Connect

This weekend’s Full Moon in cozy Cancer aligns with mystical Neptune to heighten the magic of the holiday season. Family gatherings are infused with comfort, compassion, and love. Put professional interests on the back burner and commune with the people whom you connect with the most. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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Chatty Mercury, at odds with Mars, makes you argumentative, especially if someone challenges your authority on a certain matter. Put your differences aside and focus on the things that unite you instead of what drives a wedge between you. Your loved ones will thank you.


Venus, aligned with chatty Mercury and benevolent Jupiter, makes it easy for you to get along with others. Your vibe brings people together and coaxes the best qualities out of them. Coupled Taureans get an extra dose of happiness, while single bulls are more appealing.


You exhibit both competitiveness and generosity. One side of you wants to spar with a child or love interest, while the other wants to welcome family and make them feel at home. It’s hardly surprising for you to have two agendas, but this is a good time to go with the gentler one.


The Full Moon enhances your innate sensitivity and nurturing qualities. Your nature coupled with spiritual wisdom gives you a true sense of the holiday spirit. Don’t be surprised if people look to you for guidance. You are setting an example that others want to follow.


The Full Moon in your house of seclusion indicates a need for a restful holiday weekend. This is a time to contemplate where you are emotionally and spiritually and how to cultivate better relationships with those you feel especially connected to. Plan an intimate family gathering.


The Full Moon in your social sector encourages you to make the most of the weekend by spending time with friends or your significant other. You are in an especially gregarious mood, so everyone feels good around you. If you’re single, your warm vibe attracts someone new.


A super special gift could be coming your way. It might arrive in the form of a physical present or a chance to pursue an opportunity that reflects your life’s calling. Just remember that good fortune might not look the way you expect it to.


The Full Moon in your house of adventure indicates that you might spend the holiday weekend traveling to visit children or a romantic interest. If you stick close to home, you might be in the mood to do something different from the traditional routine. Follow your heart to fun!


The Full Moon in your house of intimacy reveals a desire to spend the holiday weekend with someone with whom you share a deep emotional or sexual bond. If you are on your own, you could benefit financially by focusing on business and getting a jump on the new year.


You’re clamoring for connection with a partner or friend who speaks your spiritual language. This sort of intimacy allows you to open up and share your innermost thoughts and desires. The wisdom that you receive will give you a better understanding of yourself.


The Full Moon in the zone that rules fun and romance promises big-time pleasure for your holiday weekend. Also, with your ruler, Uranus, coming out of retrograde you will feel more in sync with the world around you. Spend time with people who appreciate your unique vibe.


The Full Moon, aligned with your ruler Neptune, enhances your intuition, imagination and interconnection. This weekend can be a time of pure joy if you don’t expect much from others. Not everyone possesses your compassion and generosity. Don’t let grumps get you down.

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