Your Weekend Horoscope: Create Good Fortune

Don’t Wait for a Lucky Break!

Determination and hard work can open doors when the Sun aligns with taskmaster Saturn, benevolent Jupiter, and innovative Uranus. You can either wait for a lucky break to happen or you can create your own good fortune by taking purposeful action while the planets are aligned to support you. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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Diligent study and any pursuits designed to expand your perspective will give you a greater sense of your true purpose. This isn’t about conforming, but it is about developing your unique talents and fully blossoming into the person you are meant to be. Being disciplined now finally allows you greater freedom in the future.


Even though you feel constrained by a lack of support, it also pushes you to become more independent and resourceful. You are probably capable of doing more for yourself and the universe is providing an opportunity for you to find that out. Try tapping into an unusual talent that you have yet to fully develop.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that it is time to get serious about partnership. Maybe you and your mate should make future plans that fit your unique union rather than blindly following tradition. This also applies to single Geminis. When it comes to relationships, it probably pays to think outside the box.


This is a great time to take on a challenging job or task. It seems like your hard work will strike the right note and brand you as an innovator, while your ability to apply cutting edge ideas or techniques to something old or traditional can set the stage for your success. Seems like you’re ready to set the trend.


You are serious about dating and romance, but you probably shouldn’t make it a chore. You need to expand your ideas about what your love life should look like and also be open to trying something different. Coupled Leos should plan adventurous dates, while those who are single should date against type.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that you are intent on putting down roots. This is an excellent time to pursue the financial support needed to move or to make changes in your family or living arrangements that will provide you with greater security and comfort over the long run.


You might need to have a serious conversation with someone close to you. Even though it is difficult, it can open the door to being able to relate to each other in a more evolved way. Say what you mean and mean what you say, so that you can start a new chapter.


You are working hard to get your finances in order. An unusual job or project could provide a new path to prosperity. An angel, in human or spirit form, may assist you or provide a helpful tip. Pay attention to messages that you receive and heed your intuition.


Your creativity will be expressed in an unusual way, and the craft you devote yourself to will be mastered. The same applies to romance. You will work at it until you achieve what you want; this isn’t mere child’s play.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you are giving too much attention to your insecurities. Healing your wounds takes active engagement. If you’re not ready for it, give it a rest. If you need a distraction, consider a spontaneous gathering in your home or with family.


You are pretty devoted to your friends. An enlightening conversation could help to strengthen the bond between you and one of your pals. You know that person whom you can stay up all night with and discuss everything under the Sun? That’s who you need to connect with this weekend.


You are dedicated to getting ahead in your career and earning the respect of your peers. You have a lot of support to take things to the next level, so this is also  a great time to plot your next move. It seems like your hard work could pay off in an unusual way, so be on the lookout for an out-of-the-ordinary opportunity.

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