Your Weekend Horoscope: Conflict and Tension

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Communicator Mercury clashing with warrior Mars makes people super opinionated and some will be vying for a fight. This edgy energy amplifies disagreements and brings conflicts to a head. Tempers will rise and things will get heated, so do your best to keep your cool!

With love or money you are apt to take a risk that has consequences for other people. This might not go over well with someone close to you and an argument could ensue. If you’ve done something wrong, then own it. It doesn’t pay to blame others for your mistakes.

A tense situation pertaining to home or family can’t be swept under the rug. You and your mate or a family member might not be in agreement about how to handle a domestic situation. Agree to disagree and work to find a way to meet each other halfway.

Your weekend horoscope reveals that bragging could cause problems on the job and stir up conflict with co-workers. Better to demonstrate what you can do rather than to try to impress others with tales of your glory. Do you have what it takes to back up your claims with skilled action?

You are on the verge of wrapping up a financial matter, but could blow it by making an aggressive move. Be careful that greed doesn’t inspire you to take a foolish risk. Your worth isn’t determined by what you have, but by who you are. Keep your priorities straight.

Pretending that there isn’t something bothering you isn’t likely to make the problem go away. You need to acknowledge your irritation before you completely lose your cool. You can get your point across without being hurtful, provided that you don’t withhold your thoughts until you are ready to explode.

An angry outburst could reveal your true thoughts on a sensitive issue. Until now, you have been content to keep quiet about what you really think, but you don’t want to continue keeping secrets. Be careful not to reveal more than people really need to know. Know when to zip it.

Your weekend horoscope indicates that there could be a conflict over the cost of an event or activity that you participate in with friends. It could prove to be more expensive than you thought, or there could be a problem when someone doesn’t pay his or her fair share.

Last minute plotting and planning with a career matter could make you feel pressured to make a move. You might be in a hurry to meet a deadline, or you could be rushing to make up for lost time. Even though it might seem counterintuitive, it’s best to slow things down.

It can be pretty frustrating when circumstances prevent you from acting on a big idea or grand plan that you are ready to explore. You will be able to move things forward sooner than you think. Don’t blow it by pushing ahead before the conditions are right to proceed.

You can get awfully pushy when you don’t get what you want. Even though someone may have promised you something, it doesn’t give you license to be demanding. You can’t always get what you want exactly when you want it, Capricorn. Sometimes you just have to be patient.

A public disagreement will attract more attention than you really want and could make people view you as a hothead. If you can’t keep your cool when a discussion becomes heated, then you should probably take it behind closed doors. The less you say amongst spectators, the better.

You definitely have a few skills under your belt, but that doesn’t mean you know everything. Your weekend horoscope shows that you could get a little obnoxious or defensive when someone challenges your knowledge or experience. If you have talent, then your ability will speak for itself.

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