Weekend Horoscope: A Breaking Point

Confrontation Leads to Change

Multiple planetary power struggles make for a challenging weekend. The Sun clashing with Mars pushes frustration to anger. Venus vs. Pluto brings obsession, jealousy, and power struggles to relationships. And Saturn squaring Neptune makes you wonder if all your hard work is for nothing. In all areas, a breaking point has arrived, but confrontation leads to change. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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You just want to do things your way and there’s really nothing wrong with that. It only becomes a problem when you bully others into playing by your rules. Don’t make a scene, especially if this kerfuffle involves your significant other. You stick to your plan and allow others to stick to their theirs.


You feel pretty passionate about something that you are working on now. Some might even call it an obsession. Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that your extreme enthusiasm could be too much for others to bear. You could also get fanatical about a diet or fitness plan. Know when to give it a rest.


Trouble with your mate or a close business ally is not good for your reputation. Do your best to avoid airing your dirty laundry in public. You might not be able to avoid confrontation this weekend, but you can do your best to keep it a private affair.


You could have a conflict with your mate about a home and family matter. If he or she has been dominating the situation, you aren’t likely to be so easily controlled now. Single Cancers could find that family or a domestic situation is creating interference in their love life.


You are making a big investment in romance or children, so you won’t be a happy camper if things don’t go your way. Trying to buy affection is a big no-no. You aren’t really being generous if your gifts come with strings attached. Don’t get mad if your efforts don’t produce results.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that obligations to home or family could put pressure on your relationship. You might feel that you partner isn’t doing enough to ease your burden. Or a domestic issue might interfere with your ability to attract or maintain a healthy relationship. Something has to give.


It shouldn’t be a problem to have things your way some of the time, although a roommate or family member might disagree. You could reach your breaking point with someone who always wants to control what is happening within your home or family. This time you won’t just keep quiet.


You are good at keeping secrets, but you might not want to continue keeping a romantic matter in the dark. You have been playing along in order to get what you want, but it might appear to be a futile effort. You are tired of games and you are ready to reveal the truth.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you are under considerable pressure and that it has probably reached its breaking point. You no longer have what it takes to play nice. You have a right to feel aggravated, but don’t allow stress to cause you to behave in a way that you are likely to regret.


Mental and emotional stress have been building up for some time, yet you act as if nothing is wrong. Admitting that you are going through a rough patch is not a sign of weakness. Being open about what you are experiencing will make you feel less isolated and help you to move toward resolution.


A friend might do something that annoys you or leads you astray. Right now, certain affairs are dependent upon the support of others, yet you can’t entirely depend on them to follow through. If you are between a rock and a hard place, you will have to wait this one out.


You don’t have time for a pity party. When the going gets rough, you have to push yourself to be tougher. All eyes are on you, especially in the workplace. You can give up or you can show the world that you won’t go down without a fight.

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